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Living in a cleaner environment in India: A strategic analysis and assessment

Report on Yamuna, the poisoned river Tata Energy Research Institute Yamuna The river Yamuna, the lifeline of Delhi, is gradually dying. Rampant industrial pollution and untreated sewage is choking the river. Despite government norms, the sewage treatment plants continue to be underutilized. The city generates 650 million gallons of sewage per day against an installed capacity of 512 million gallons. But only 350 million gallons of sewage reaches the treatment plants. A deadline of 2012 has been set to ensure no untreated sewage goes into the river. Efforts are also on to check the pollution levels from the neighbouring state of Haryana. The seriousness of the contamination was highlighted in […]

Chemical fertilizers in our water – An analysis of nitrates in the groundwater in Punjab by Greenpeace

Source: India Water Portal  This study by Greenpeace India Society is an initial investigation into the effects of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer on groundwater pollution in intensive agriculture areas in Punjab. The level of nitrate in drinking water was tested from groundwater artesian wells located within farms and surrounded by crops (mostly rice and wheat rotations). Nitrate pollution in groundwater is associated with nitrogen loads in the environment. In urban areas, it is associated with sewage and in agriculture areas, with livestock sources and nitrogen fertiliser inputs. Nitrate pollution in drinking water can have serious health impact on humans, especially for babies and children. The most significant potential health effects of drinking water […]

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