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Does ‘No Pesticide’ Reduce Suicides?

Lakshmi Vijayakumar SNEHA and Voluntary Health Services, Adyar, Chennai, India,dr_svk@vsnl.com R. Satheesh-Babu Mamata Medical College, Khammam, India Abstract Introduction: Ingestion of pesticides is the most common method of suicide, particularly in China, Sri Lanka and India. Reported pesticide suicides in India numbered 22,000 in the year 2006.z Method: Four villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India that had stopped using chemical pesticides in favour of non-pesticide management (NPM) were visited to assess any change in suicide incidence before and after discontinuation of chemical pesticides. Four similar villages in the same region that continued to use chemical pesticides were used as controls for comparison. Results: In the pesticide-free villages […]

The Special Economic Zones Debacle of left front in West Bengal

http://protestagainstneo-liberalpolicies.blogspot…. The “Special Economic Zone” Debacle of the Left Front in West BengalHarry Magdoff, refuting the myth of bourgeois social science that capital and technology are the magic which will bring the entire world into the Garden of Eden, wrote:Since the obstacles to successful capitalist development (in third world countries) are today so gigantic, the pursuit of industrialization inevitably involves the accumulation of capital at the expense of keeping the masses down. Agriculture remains backward, investment is insufficient to cure unemployment in urban and rural areas, and wages are kept at pitifully low levels to provide adequate incentives for entrepreneurs. Production decisions are, and must be, made to satisfy the […]

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