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Suicidal tendency among the Indian farmers: How much we know about it

http://subhan.blogspirit.com/archive/2007/01/23/suicidal-tendency-among-the-indian-farmers-how-much-do-we-kn.html Subhan India is considered as a fast moving economy with good potentials in human development and massive industrial advancement. Despite this economic achievement, desperate farmers in some region s of the country are committing suicide with the hope of getting relief from their enormous debt and ill-fated life. It’s gradually turning into an epidemic in India, where farmers find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty with frequent drought and but on the other hand the outside world sees India as the next Asian Tiger. Since 1997, more than 25,000 farmers have committed suicide across the country, many consuming the chemical that was supposed to make their crops […]

The cotton farmers nightmare

DIONNE BUNSHA AMRAVATI, MAHARASHTRA: For weeks, Lakshman Gadwe (65) watched helplessly as his cotton crop was ravaged by pests. He could not afford to buy pesticides to salvage his crop. When he finally bought a bottle of the potent chemical, he did not use it to save his crop. He swallowed it and took his life. After spending almost Rs 70,000 on his land holding of 28 acres his returns were less than Rs 30,000. His crop yield was 20 per cent of the normal crop. “Since the cooperative bank loan did not cover the costs, he had borrowed from money lenders and relatives. To repay the debts, he forced […]

Alcoholism also a cause of farmers' suicide

UNIMumbai, January 22, 2007In a shocking revelation, a group of journalism students on a study tour of Vidharba district, plagued by farmers’ suicides, have come to a conclusion that besides indebtedness, another precipitating factor for their tendency to commit suicide is alcoholism, which has affected even minors in a big way. The students of the Department of Journalism and Communication of the University of Mumbai, recently visited some of these villages to understand the social and political structure of the place and their problems. Mr Sanjay Ranade, veteran journalist and head of the department, explained that every village had a unique reason for farmers committing suicide. After going to Waifad, […]

Indian Economy: Ready for High Gear ?

[Analysis] Old ways of policymaking unsuited for 21st century development Ranjit Goswami (ranjit) Twenty-five farmer suicides in five days in the small region of Vidarbha — approximately 24,000 square km (9,266 square miles) — in Maharashtra, one of the fastest-growing and richest States in India, made no big headlines in the Indian news dailies. When a news story is repeated day after day, its drawing power subsides (as can be seen from the global press coverage of Iraqi civilian deaths). At best, it will get a cursory mention on the umpteenth page of some local daily. Vidarbha reflects the dilemma and pain of the “India Story,” as the nation continues […]

MH: Farmers threaten to suicide

Saturday, January 20, 2007 (15:40:59) MH: Farmers threaten to suicide Palshi village: Hundreds of farmers in Maharashtra’s Amravati District on Friday threatened to commit suicide en-masse over the State Government’s failure to redress the problem of irregular power supply. Farmers of Amravati District’s Palshi village climbed atop a 150-feet high water tank to protest against irregular electricity supply. “We demand that we be provided uninterrupted electricity supply for 12 hours every day, and at a proper voltage. Currently we get electricity for just four to five hours everyday, at low voltage levels,” said Rajendra Marade, Deputy Chief of the Palshi Village Council. They descended after a few hours, but only after […]

The rich got richer, the poor took their lives

MUMBAI: If India vs Bharat clash is for real, then Maharashtra was unmistakably its epicentre in 2006. The year saw the industrially progressive Maharashtra regain its leadership position by bagging a slew of big-ticket investment commitments, including a record number of SEZs, whereas its rural underbelly kept bleeding. When urban Maharashtra was chanting the makeover mantra, its rural hinterlands were in the throes of an agrarian crisis. And all this, notwithstanding the Union agriculture minister representing the state. The worst-hit was the cotton belt of Vidarbha-Marathwada-Khandesh, which reported more than 1,500 suicides in 2006. In relatively prosperous western Maharashtra, sugar-cane growers fought a losing battle for better prices from sugar […]

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