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Knowledge, technology, and the politics of rice

http://fes.org.in/common-voices-8.pdf by Harro Matt The current financial crisis in Europe brings out politics as we know it. The political leaders of nation states deliberate lessons from the past and negotiate solutions for a new future. We are intrigued by the moves of presidents and prime ministers and expect their decisions to affect our personal economic situation. Reversely, we blame the politicians for the loss of jobs, increase of rent or governmental restrictions. It helps to express anger and frustration, but does it help in negotiating with our employers, landlords or administrators? The gaze towards the top is a common feature in our understanding of political processes. The politics of knowledge […]

Tech That Predicts Farm Disasters Can Help Save Indian Agriculture

BY LAKSHMI SANDHANAToday Farming in India is a brutal business. mKrishi makes it a little easier, by giving farmers predictive data about how to save their farms–and their lives. A farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in India. In 2009, 17,638 farmers took their own life. Low yields, extremely reduced profits, and mounting debt make leading an agricultural life incredibly difficult. When a disaster–like an infestation or drought–strikes, it can be the last straw. But a new technology platform that connects farmers to agricultural experts hopes to give farmers enough information to keep surviving. Arun Pande of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Innovation Labs and his team are designing a system called […]

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