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Seeds of injustice

http://www.deccanchronicle.com/editorial/dc-comment/seeds-injustice-563 Published on Deccan Chronicle (http://www.deccanchronicle.com) There is an intense scramble for the earth’s resources and ownership of nature. Big oil, big pharma, big food, big seed companies are joining hands to appropriate biodiversity and biomass — the living carbon, thereby extending the age of fossil fuels and dead carbon. Corporations view the 75 per cent biomass used by nature and local communities as “wasted”. They would like to appropriate the living wealth of the planet for making biofuels, chemicals and plastics. This will dispossess the poor of the very sources of their lives and livelihoods. The instruments for this new dispossession are technological tools of genetic engineering, synthetic biology […]

Living Queues: Price farmers are paying for our self sufficiency

In Andhra Pradesh crop season used to start with Eruvaka….as it is called, farmers used to celebrate the onset of crop season and prepare their land. Days have changed. Monsoon don’t set as usual so…it starts with praying for a raingod… marrying frogs…carrying water to god…etc…in today’s world frogs are more dependable than the Meteorological department. Then, by April end the farmers have to stand in queues for the seed of cotton, groundnut or paddy. the queues would be longer…in Ananthapur the queues for Groundnut seed would 4-5 km long and farmers have to stand for 2-3 days the queues. In nights…some leave chappals, bricks to mark their seat…government never […]

Seeds of Change

Seed is the only part of the agricultural chain that is growing at 20% a year and is insulated from both government subsidies and weather vagaries. And, in the clamour for higher yields and greater farmer acceptance, seed companies are hitting a sweet spot in innovation, reports Nidhi Nath Srinivas  Economic Times (New Delhi), 28th June, 2011. At his plush Banjara Hills office in Hyderabad, India’s seed-industry capital, M Prabhakar Rao, chairman and managing director of Nuziveedu Seeds, is drawing up plans for an IPO next year. Whatever the timing, he knows it will be a cinch. “It’s a recession-proof business,” he says with the quiet confidence of a CEO […]

Maharashtra agriculture minister warns black listing of Mahyco

PUNE: Maharashtra agriculture minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said that his government is considering black listing Mahyco company for severe irregularities in sale of seeds, especially the Bt cotton seeds. The state government has also issued written instructions to big fertiliser companies like RCF, Zuari and Dipak Fertilisers for linking sale of their other agricultural inputs with the fertiliser sale. Mahyco has denied the charges of the agriculture minister. “Mahyco produces its seeds in this state. Yet there are so many complaints against them from the farmers and the delears. We have already filed an FIR against the company and may even suspend their license to sale seeds in the state […]

Farmers told not to depend on MNCs for seeds, fertilizers

  ‘ The native varieties of seeds are better suited to Indian conditions’   ‘Form network to exchange information’ Dependence on MNCs has pushed farmers to brink Steps towards liberation:Kadidal Shamanna handing over a packet of native variety of seeds to a farmer in Shimoga on Thursday. Shimoga: Kadidal Shamanna, farmers’ leader, has urged farmers not to depend on multi-national corporations for seeds and fertilizers. He was speaking at a programme organised here on Thursday under the aegis of Sahaja Samrudha organisation to distribute native varieties of seeds among farmers. High yield He said farmers should exchange the native varieties of seeds and free themselves from the clutches of MNCs. […]

Success story of Ankapur Village Part-3

Success story of Ankapur village Part-2

Success story of the Ankapur Village Part-1

Great seed robbery

http://www.deccanchronicle.com/editorial/dc-comment/great-seed-robbery-394 The seed, the source of life, the embodiment of our biological and cultural diversity, the link between the past and the future of evolution, the common property of past, present and future generations of farming communities who have been seed breeders, is today being stolen from the farmers and being sold back to us as “propriety seed” owned by corporations like the US-headquartered Monsanto. Under pressure from the Prime Minister’s Office, various state governments are signing MoUs (memorandums of understanding) with seed corporations to privatise our rich and diverse genetic heritage. For example, the government of Rajasthan has signed seven MoUs with Monsanto, Advanta, DCM-Shriram, Kanchan Jyoti Agro Industries, […]

Games the Centre plays

http://www.downtoearth.org.in/node/1736 States used Essential Commodities Act to lower the price of Bt cotton And states fight back For the past five years, the Centre and the states have been fighting a battle over seed pricing with Delhi frequently changing the rules to outsmart state governments that had decided to clamp down on predatory pricing. Although agriculture is a state subject, the power to fix prices had remained with the Centre—until the states decided to take matters into their own hands. They passed enabling legislation that allowed them to regulate prices as and when required. Andhra Pradesh has been most tenacious in safeguarding its farmers from what it terms the exploitative […]

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