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Gluts abound as farmers go crop-hopping

Sreelatha Menon & Sanjeeb Mukherjee / New Delhi January 03, 2012, 0:12 IST http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/gluts-abound-as-farmers-go-crop-hopping/460541/ Desperate to make money in an increasingly unviable industry, farmers have begun allowing crop prices, yields and margins to solely dictate growing patterns. If wild weeds were to fetch Rs 6,000 per quintal this year, farmers would instantly abandon all other crops to grow weed next year. Then, if weed prices were to fall the following year, farmers would undoubtedly go bankrupt and look for the next big thing. This has been the ‘hit and run’ story in Indian agriculture, where instead of adopting stable, multi-cropping strategies, farmers have begun putting all their eggs in one crop […]

Monsanto To Push Price Amid Food Crisis

http://www.dailymarkets.com/stock/2011/09/13/mon-to-push-price-amid-food-crisis/ By Zacks Investment Research on September 13, 2011 | More Posts By Zacks Investment Research | Zacks.com World’s largest seed company, Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MON), announced to raise prices for its DeKalb brand of corn seeds in 2012 by an average of 5% to 10% amid the present worldwide food crisis. The price rise reflects higher cost of production for the high-yielding corn genes. These insecticide- producing biotechnology seeds have been depicting improved performance and higher sales of crops for the growers over time. The company anticipates that more and more farmers will shift to the new, higher-yielding seeds rapidly. Higher prices of corn seeds are anticipated to help Monsanto […]

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