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Plant growth-promoting traits of biocontrol potential bacteria isolated from rice rhizosphere

PGP and biocontrol traits bacteria download paper Subramaniam Gopalakrishnan, H D Upadhyaya, Srinivas Vadlamudi, Pagidi Humayun, Meesala Sree Vidya, Gottumukkala Alekhya, Amit Singh, Rajendran Vijayabharathi, Ratna Kumari Bhimineni, Murali Seema, Abhishek Rathore, and Om Rupela Abstract Seven isolates of bacter ia (SR I-156, SRI-158, SRI-178, SRI-211 , SRI-229, SRI-305 and SRI-360) were earlier reported by us as having poten tial for biocontrol of charcoal rot of sorghum and plant growth promotion (PGP) of the plant. In the present study, the seven isolates were ch aracterized for their physiological traits (tolerance to salinity , pH, temperature and resistance to antibioti cs and fungi cides) and further evaluate d i n the field for their PGP of rice. All the seven isolates were […]

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