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Pesticides worsening water contamination

Apr 11, 2012 – Rashme Sehgal | http://www.asianage.com/india/pesticides-worsening-water-contamination-895 Increasing use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture is playing havoc with the farming community apart from resulting in increased levels of water contamination. A recent epidemiological study has shown the presence of arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury apart from much higher levels of pesticides in the water across Punjab, Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The situation has got exacerbated with the unavailability of rural workers during the peak harvesting and sowing months forcing farmers to use pesticides/herbicides and opt for rapid mechanisation. Agriculture expert Devinder Sharma warns, “Increased mechanisation and pesticide use has raised investment levels for even small farmers. But since most of […]

Pesticide Exposure in Womb Affects I.Q.

By TARA PARKER-POPE, Editor Pesticides on fruits, vegetables and other household products may lower a child’s I.Q. Babies exposed to high levels of common pesticides in the womb have lower I.Q. scores than their peers by the time they reach school age, according to three new studies. The research, based on data collected in New York and California from about 1,000 pregnant women and their babies, is certain to set off a new debate about the benefits of organic produce and the risks of chemicals found in the food supply and consumer products. The pesticides, called organophosphates, are commonly sprayed on food crops and are often used to control cockroaches and […]

Are Neonicotinoid insecticides Killing Bees?

A Review of Research into the Effects of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Bees, with Recommendations for Action By Jennifer Hopwood, Mace Vaughan, Matthew Shepherd, David Biddinger, Eric Mader, Scott Hoffman Black, Celeste Mazzacano A possible link between neonicotinoids and honey bee die-offs has led to controversy across the United States and Europe. Beekeepers and environmentalists have expressed growing concern about the impact of neonicotinoids, concern based on the fact that neonicotinoids are absorbed into plant tissue and can be present in pollen and nectar, making them toxic to pollinators. This report details potential negative impacts of neonicotinoids insecticides to honey bees and other important pollinators. It also makes recommendations on how […]

Bangladesh: Pesticides in dried fish processingBangladesh: Pesticides in dried fish processing

(The Financial Express-Bd) Allegations of widespread pesticide use in dried fish processing have once again been coming in from various coastal regions in Bangladesh. As reported in a contemporary on Saturday, 25 Feb 2012, many involved in the trade have been found soaking the raw fish in pesticide (ripcord, submicron, DDT, NOGOS, basudin, diosgenin, formalin, etc) solutions prior to putting them up to dry. This goes to show that there has been precious little in the way of raising awareness against the dangerous practice although successive governments have been alerted long ago — ever since this health hazard was reported in the early 1980s. According to the Bangladesh Fish Development […]

Can we have the pesticide menu, please?

http://www.dnaindia.com/analysis/column_can-we-have-the-pesticide-menu-please_1634428 G Sampath | Saturday, January 7, 2012 G Sampath I’m not very adventurous in my drinking habits. I generally stick to wine. And while I’ve had whiskey, brandy, feni, cognac, chang, gin and arrack, besides several other region and country-specific spirits and sub-spirits whose names I don’t remember now, I’d never tasted pesticide. So when I was invited by Pesti Cola, a leading MNC pesticide manufacturer, to attend a pesticide-tasting workshop, I accepted immediately. The venue of the workshop was a luxurious resort in the heart of Vidarbha. As you would know, pesticide is a really popular drink in these parts, and people run up huge debts to indulge […]

CSE comments on Pesticide Management Bill

Factsheet-Pesticides management bill, 2008

Insecticide usage on cotton in India 1999-2010 (Rs crores)

  Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 % Bt Cotton 0.38 1.2 5.59 11.51 41.42 67.1 80.8 82.43 90.67 cotton, Insecticide 879 839 1052 597 925 1032 649 579 733 791 834 880 Cotton fungicide 11 10 6 3 8 6 8 11 25 31 52 67 Cotton herbicide 2 1 1 1 3 4 8 12 22 26 45 87 Total Insecticides in Agrl. 2128 2052 2268 1683 2146 2455 2086 2223 2880 3282 3909 4283 % share of cotton 41 41 46 35 43 42 31 26 25 25 21 21 Total Pesticides in Agrl. 3004 2972 3207 2622 3147 3581 […]

Researchers Follow Pesticides’ Migration To The Arctic

December 1, 2011 | Latest News Researchers Follow Pesticides’ Migration To The Arctic Persistent Pollutants: Four-month cruise finds traces of endosulfan and five other widely used pesticides By Naomi Lubick Department: Science & Technology Keywords: pesticides, endosulfan, trifluralin, Arctic [+]Enlarge Arctic Pollutants Researchers spent four months aboard the ice-breaker R/V Xuelong measuring pesticide levels in water and air. Credit: Polar Research Institute of China, courtesy of Zhiyong Xie [+]Enlarge Pollutant Trek Seawater concentrations of six pesticides varied along a path from East Asia to the Arctic. Credit: Environ. Sci. Technol. Six pesticides used in high volumes for agriculture travel from farm fields to the Arctic, researchers report in Environmental Science & Technology (DOI:10.1021/es202655k). Every year, farmers in countries including India, China, Russia, the […]

Panel seeks ban on plastic, pesticides

http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Mumbai/Panel-seeks-ban-on-plastic-pesticides/Article1-774921.aspx The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) has recommended a blanket ban on plastic in the ecologically sensitive Western Ghats on the lines of the ban that is currently in place in hill stations such as Ooty and Mahabaleshwar. The panel has also suggested phasing out of pesticides and using the organic farming model that is being used in Kerala as an alternative. Confirming the recommendations, VS Vijayan, WGEEP panel member and ex-chairman of Biodiversity Board, Kerala, said, “Plastic is detrimental to the natural flow of water, growth of indigenous and rare plants in the Western Ghats, one of the most unique biodiversity hotspots. There’s a complete ban on […]

Supreme Court reserves order on exporting raw endosulfan

Author(s): Savvy Soumya Misra Issue: Nov 18, 2011 Decision on exporters’ plea on November 21 Pesticide manufacturers pleaded for permission to export raw endosulfan on November 14 when the Supreme Court took up the case for hearing. The court, on September 30, had allowed the export of only endosulfan formulations  (chemicals combined with raw endosulfan) to countries from which they had received export orders prior to the ban on May 13 this year when the apex court had imposed a complete ban on production, use, sale and export of endosulfan. The three judge bench, comprising chief justice S H Kapadia, Swatantar Kumar and K S P Radhakrishnan have reserved their decision on whether to […]

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