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PepsiCo to make Bengal hub for new products

PepsiCo India Executive Director (Agriculture) Vivek Bharati said the company would soon expand its farming operation in the state to more than 10,000 farmers. “We are developing special potato seeds in the US which will be brought to West Bengal. This special variety will increase the life of the potato,” he said. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/9877938.cms?prtpage=1 KOLKATA: PepsiCo India will make its food plant at Sankrail near Kolkata a hub for making newer products as it expands its portfolio of health and nutritious food. “We plan to make this plant as a global benchmark,” PepsiCo India Holdings CEO (Foods) Varun Berry said. “We have already invested more than 450 crore in the state, including the plant, […]

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