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Grain Train

Ravish Tiwari Posted online: Tue Jun 28 2011, 01:17 hrs In 2007-08, staring at a global food crisis, a nervous government banned export of wheat and non-basmati rice without bothering to create the space for the stocks the country would hold back.Today, with the granaries overflowing, the government is struggling rid itself of stocks that it just cannot manage. Thanks to the export ban and a bumper wheat harvest, the government is staring at 65.5 million tonnes of foodgrain stocks, already more than the 63.36 million tonnes it can accommodate across the country, and twice as much as the buffer norm of 32 million tonnes for June. Damage control Last […]

Managing a Rich Harvest, Urgently

We need to both extend procurement, using private or cooperative agencies, and export surplus stocks There is a good news on the farm front. After the dip in 2009-10 due to severe drought, agri-production in 2010-11 has bounced back on its rising trend. The third Advance Estimates for 2010-11 indicate a rich harvest with foodgrains touching a new peak at 235.9 million tonnes. Of this, more heartening is the production of pulses which has registered a quantum jump of more than 18% to touch 17.3 million tonnes, an all-time high. Oilseeds production has jumped by 20% to cross 30 million tonnes, and cotton by a whopping 40% to touch 34 […]

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