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DNA investigations: Marathwada region beats Vidarbha in farmer deaths

http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_dna-investigations-marathwada-region-beats-vidarbha-in-farmer-deaths_1657782 In 2011, the highest number of farmers’ suicides in Maharashtra was not in Vidarbha, but unexpectedly, in Marathwada. This region and Khandesh, where farmers suffered crop failure and massive debt, have emerged as the new epicentres for suicides in the state. The numbers: Marathwada had 435 farmers’ suicides, Vidarbha 276 and Khandesh 133. Overall, 860 farmers killed themselves in 2011, the highest figure in the last four years, according to Maharashtra’s law and order department. (In 2008, there were 771 farmers’ suicides, in 2009 535 and just 363 in 2010). Within Marathwada, Beed district (represented by a BJP stalwart) had the highest number of farmer suicide deaths. The reason […]

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