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Monsanto maize seeds hit roadblock in Gujarat

http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/monsanto-maize-seeds-hit-roadblock-in-guj/472683/ Monsanto maize seeds hit roadblock in Guj BS Reporter / Mumbai/ Ahmedabad Apr 27, 2012, 00:24 IST The Gujarat Government has decided to stop procuring double-cross hybrid maize seed made by seed major Monsanto, which were distributed among the farmers in the tribal areas of the state under the tribal a development scheme. The seeds sold under the brand name ‘prabal’ were being distributed to farmers in the tribal regions under the Sunshine Project, which falls under the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yogna, since 2008. It is estimated that the seeds were distributed among half a million farmers by the Tribal Development Department. “The decision was taken during the Cabinet meeting […]

Genetically modified corn affects its symbiotic relationship with non-target soil organisms

Experimental evidence reveals a reduction in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal colonization of Bt corn  IMAGE: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) colonizing corn (Zea mays) roots as viewed with a compound light microscope (400x). Roots were cleared with 10 percent KOH and stained with 0.05 percent trypan… Click here for more information. An increasing number of crops commercially grown today are genetically modified (GM) to resist insect pests and/or tolerate herbicides. Although Btcorn is one of the most commonly grown GM crops in the United States, little is known about its effects on the long-term health of soils. Although there are many benefits to using biotechnology in agriculture, such as potentially reducing insecticide use, there […]

States are sowing seeds of discontent with hybrid maize

The push to popularise the crop benefits only seed companies and not our hungry citizens Kavitha Kuruganti Green Activist Food for thought A fact-finding mission found that villagers don’t like the taste of hybrid maize Photo: Reuters DIFFERENT STATE governments are falling over each other in their haste to get into large-scale public private partnerships (PPPs, with some minor variations emerging in states like Odisha, as public pressure builds up) to promote hybrid maize in the name of food security. Hundreds of crores of public money go into these PPPs whereby seed companies might as well shut down their marketing departments after securing these huge tie-ups; the government and NGOs […]

Seed of Contention

Posted: Fri Jul 01 2011, 01:40 hrs Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has termed the proposed seed bill as a “black” bill, saying it does not safeguard the farmers’ interests and will increase the domination of multi-national seed companies in the country. In a letter to Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, Nitish cited his state’s “bitter experience of private hybrids” in maize in December 2009-10 on account of “non-formation of grains”. The private companies had disowned their responsibility, he said, and the state had to step in to provide assistance, taking on an extra burden of Rs 61 crore. “The problem of the non-setting of grains was not observed in […]

Feed-grade maize turns costlier than wheat

New Delhi/Chennai, June 15: Chickenfeed is far from that. Today, it is probably as, if not more, expensive to feed chicken than humans! Feed-grade maize, or corn, sells at Rs 1,230-1,240 a quintal, which is more than the Rs 1,150-1,200 for wheat in most mandis near key producing centres.A year ago, maize ruled at Rs 960-980, while wheat quoted over Rs 1,250. . On the futures market, too, maize is ruling above wheat. The most actively traded maize contract for July delivery quotes at Rs 1,306 a quintal against Rs 979.30 during the same time last year. In the case of wheat, the actively traded contract for delivery in July […]

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