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Cane farmers' suicides in CM's home district rocks state council

ECONOMY BUREAU Posted online: Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 0140 hours IST MUMBAI, MAR 26 :  The issue of increasing suicides by sugarcane farmers in Latur, the home district of Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, on Monday, rocked the state legislative council. The proceedings of the council were adjourned for almost 35 minutes. BJP state president, Nitin Gadkari, Shiv Sena legislator Divakar Raote, leader of the Opposition in the council, Bhausaheb Phundkar, alleged that the chief minister’s son Amit Deshmukh was responsible for the farmers’ suicides. Farmers have committed suicides when sugar factories failed to procure their sugarcane in the ongoing crushing season. The deputy chief minister and home minister, […]

Indian farmers abandoning cotton

By Zubair Ahmed BBC News, Vidarbha http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/south_asia/6434957.stm Powar, 26, works as a farm labourer and is getting ready to leave for his day’s work. Others are preparing to take the cattle to the field. Until recently, the Powars – like all others in their neighbourhood – were cotton farmers. But things have changed now, the family no longer grows cotton. Powar’s father committed suicide last year due to mounting debts and Prakash Powar decided to become a farm labourer. The tiny Kulzari village of 500 people predominantly grows cotton, and the farmers here, as all across Vidarbha, are caught in a cycle of debt and there have been several suicides. […]

Three more young dalit farmers suicides on the Maharashtra budget day

Nagpur-23rd MARCH 2007,Three more young dalit farmer suicides reported on the day when Maharashtra Finance Minister Jayant Patil was presenting annual budget in maharashtra assembly i.e.22nd March, 2007 taking toll to 75 in this month of march as earlier in feb.88 and Jan. 70 farm suicides reported taking total toll to 233 in year 2007 which all most double in comparison same period in 2006 this followed by the more than 1400 farm suicides in year 2006 as per govt. of Maharashtra official figure.Names of the farmers who committed suicides on 22nd march, 2007 are two from amaravati and one from bhandara district, they are.1.RAJU PISE OF VILLAGE ASHTA IN […]

How many deaths will it take till the state government knows?

Smita Deshmukh Tuesday, March 20, 2007 23:59 ISThttp://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1086129It was a relief package meant for the debt-ridden farmers of Vidarbha, but co-operative banks seem to have reaped the most from it.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a Rs 3,750 crore package to bring the farmers back from the brink. But out of it, Rs 810 crore has been earmarked as interest waiver to co-operative banks, Rs 2,410 crore for kickstarting irrigation projects, and the remaining Rs 530 crore for relief packages and projects, such as quality seed replacement for the farmers.Frustrated with the gross anomaly in the disbursement of relief money, farm activist Kishor Tiwari is planning to move the court.Rubbishing the […]

11782 farmers commit suicide: Report

Parliament of India http://www.headlinesindia.com/archive_html/20March…New Delhi: Asking states to abrogate a law that provides for arrest of defaulting farmers, a Parliamentary Committee on Tuesday said the suicide of 11,782 farmers during last five years is attributable to distress sale of their produce and continuous crop failures. “The Committee is shocked to learn that in some states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, there is a law to arrest farmers who default in repayment of loans. Moreover, they are not only kept in jail but the expenditure incurred on their food, transport and others things in jail is also said be to recovered from them”, the report tabled in Parliament said. The Standing […]

Deaspair, haplessness everywhere: no succour in sight

http://lokayan.blogspot.com/2007/03/despair-haples… I have just recently come back from Yavatmal. This is the district in Maharashtra that is the epicentre of suicides by farmers. I had gone there with a 9 member team for studying the implementation of the relief packages announced by the Honourable Prime Minister and Chief Minister. What I saw will be part of a report that will be available soon. I wish to share what I felt… I have come back with despair. To me it is increasingly evident that farming is not a sustainable livelihood option for 90% of the farmers in India. They can only get enough yield to survive and satisfy hygiene factor needs […]

six more cotton farmers suicides on the eve of Farmers' new year 'Gidu Padwa' 18-03-07

http://andolan.blogspot.com/2007/03/six-more-cotto… FROMKISHOR TIWARIVIDARBHA JAN ANDOLAN SAMITIvidarbha@gmail.comcontact-09422108846SUB- SIX MORE COTTON FARMERS SUICIDES ON THE EVE FARMER’S NEW YEAR “GIDU PADWA”18TH MARCH . 2007 –AID IS MISSING AND DEBT TRAP FARMERS UNDER COTTON CROP FAILURE IN VIDARBHA THIRD YEAR ROW.Nagpur-19TH MARCH,Six more suicides reported on the eve farmer’s new year known as “gudi padwa” i.e.18th March., 2007 taking toll to 56 in this month of march as earlier in feb.88 and Jan. 70 farm suicides reported taking total toll to 216 2007 which all most double in comparison same period in 2006 this followed by the more than 1400 farm suicides in year 2006 as per govt. of Maharashtra official figure. Names […]

VJAS termed Maharashtra CM move seeks spiritual help to stop vidarbha suicides

Friday, March 16, 2007 (NAGPUR):Vidarbha Jan Andolan samiti to termed Maharashtra chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh move to seek spiritual helpFacing severe criticism over farmer suicides in Maharashtra,as a popular spiritual leader from the south, Mata Amritanandamayi, visited the CM on Thursday to discuss the issue of farmer suicides as failure of administration to tackle farmers suicide issue.Spiritual teaching is must but maharashtra chief minister vilasrao deshmukh not for vidarbha farmers who healthy tradition of spiritual binding and this is not answers to food starvation and economical problems of cotton farmers who are being forced to commit suicide due the wrong policies of state ,kishor tiwari farm activist of VJAS informed […]

Indian Money and Credit

Subroto Roy from The Sunday Statesman, August 6 2006, www.thestatesman.net One rural household may lend another rural household 10 kg or 100 kgof grain or seed for a short time. When it does, it expects toreceive back a little more than the amount lent ~ even if thatlittle amount is in services or in plain goodwill among friends orneighbours. That extra amount is “real interest”, and the percentageof its value relative to the whole is the “real rate of interest”.So if 10 kg of grain are lent for two weeks and 11 kg are returned,an implicit real rate of interest of 10 per cent has been paid overthat short period. […]

Vidarbha widows forced into prostitution

http://www.ndtv.com/morenews/showmorestory.asp?category=National&id=102079#________________________________Monday, March 12, 2007 (Amravati):The families of suicide hit farmers in Vidarbha are being forced into prostitution and into the hands of sex trafficking network.Every day a cotton farmer commits suicide in the region and every day a new widow is born.Twenty-six-year-old Rekha has two sons and lives in Amravati district – Vidharbha’s suicide centre.Two years ago, pushed to the brink by moneylenders and a debt of Rs 30,000, her husband drank insecticide and killed himself.That changed Rekha’s world forever. Today she is a prostitute. Her clients include truck drivers on the highway linking Amravati to Mumbai.She has to get to work from nine in the morning and has no […]

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