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Jadhav is running a rent-a-report service: Sainath

After PM’s advisor Naresh Jadhav attacked Magasaysay-winning journalist over his report on Vidarbha farmers, P Sainath retaliates with an equally vitriolic counter attack Posted On Sunday, September 14, 2008 Deepak Lokhande Picking up the gauntlet thrown by the PM’s economic advisor and Pune University vice-chancellor Naresh Jadhav, Magasaysay award-winning journalist P Sainath on Saturday tore into him for his claims that the farmers’ plight in Vidarbha is not as bad as it has been made out and said that the V-C was running a ‘rent-a-report’ service for the state government. As head of the one-man committee appointed by the state government to study the benefits of the Prime Minister’s relief […]

CM orders probe into Vidarbha scam

14 Sep 2008, 0302 hrs IST, Prafulla Marpakwar,TNN MUMBAI: Embarrassed by the facts revealed by the RTI query, chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Saturday ordered a high-level inquiry into the multi-crore scam in the PM’s and CM’s relief package meant to help poor and bereaved families of farmers who committed suicide in the Vidarbha region.Gopal Reddy, the director of the V P Naik Mission for Farmers, will be in charge of the probe. “Deshmukh has asked for a comprehensive information on the beneficiaries of the special package for the entire Vidarbha region. Once we get the details, we will decide on the course of action to be taken against those […]

Four Vidharbha farmers kill themselves on their biggest day of the year

Indo Asian News ServiceMon, Sep 1 12:30 PM Nagpur, Sep 1 (IANS) Four debt-trapped Vidarbha farmers ended their lives last weekend on the day of Pola – the year’s biggest religious festival for farmers in Maharashtra, according to reports received here Monday. The farmers were anguished by their inability to celebrate Pola in even a symbolic manner, said the reports, reviving sad memories of the Pola day two years ago, when two farmers had committed suicide. The four suicides this weekend were reported from Soneri village of Amravati district, Muktapur of Nagpur district and Pendhri and Kona of Yavatmal district on the day farmers in the region worship their bullocks […]

Vidharbha in flames

http://dionne-bunsha.blogspot.com/2007/03/vidarbha… A local legislator attempted suicide in the legislative assembly, frustrated by all other methods to alert the state to the farmers suicidesDIONNE BUNSHAIn Vidarbha, MaharashtraIt was time for a reality check. In the safe confines of the legislative assembly, Maharashtra’s politicians witnessed a dose of the real world last week. Gulabrao Gavande, a Shiv Sena legislator, wanted them to wake up to the daily tragedy of the Vidarbha countryside. So, he rushed to the floor of the assembly and poured a bottle of kerosene on himself. Then, he opened a bottle of pesticide and was about to swallow it when other legislators rushed to stop him. Gavande was banned […]

Vidarbha farmer suicides highest in march

pradipmaitra@hindustantimes.comhttp://epaper.hindustantimes.com/artMailDisp.aspx? Despite CM’s claim that suicide rates were going down, 95 farmers ended their lives last month 2007 March-95, February-88, January-70  2006 July-90, August-111, Sept-125, Oct-112, Nov-107, Dec-105  Nagpur April 1st 2007WITH EVERY passing month this year, more farmers are killing themselves in Vidarbha – belying Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh’s claims that the suicide rate has decreased. With four more farmers ending their lives in the last 24 hours, the suicide figure in the region has touched 95 this month. It was 88 and 70 in February and January respectively . According to reports reaching here on Saturday evening, one farmer each committed suicide from Nagpur, Bhan dara, Wardha and […]

Drowning cotton's lifebouy

Frontline, Jan 19 – Feb 1, 2002 Also available here The Maharashtra government has refused to pay the full cotton procurement price immediately. This has left farmers at the mercy of trader-moneylenders. In a region where farmers suicides are frequent, the state is withdrawing support, pushing farmers closer to the edge.DIONNE BUNSHAin Vidarbha, MaharashtraThis season, Nirmala Nehare was thrown to the wolves. Not only did the climate fail Nirmala, a cotton farmer in Wardha, but the state government has also let her down. She was compelled to sell her meagre crop at lower prices to trader-moneylenders because the state refuses to pay farmers the full amount immediately while procuring cotton. […]

Meanwhile in Vidharbha 250 farm suicides

Friday, March 30, 2007 P. Sainath http://www.thehindu.com/2007/03/29/stories/2007032904471000.htm There have been some 250 farm suicides in just the first three months of this year. Things could be a lot worse after June. And, as always, the farm suicides are a symptom of the crisis, not its cause.FARM SUICIDES in Maharashtra rose by over 354 per cent between 1995 and 2003. That’s if the data of the National Crime Records Bureau are anything to go by. Strictly speaking they are not, being gross under-estimates. They draw from local machinery, which from region to region leaves out thousands from the lists of farm suicides. Yet, they still present a clear trend — a […]

Opposition to SEZ pays dividends for PWP, sena in Raigad

http://www.hindu.com/2007/03/28/stories/2007032800911400.htm Meena Menon Tie-up between Peasants and Workers Party and Shiv Sena led to a thumping victory in the Zilla Parishad polls in Maharashtra ——————————————————————————– “PWP has a long tradition of grass roots work in the area”Congress wins 6 seats compared to 5 last time——————————————————————————– MUMBAI: The opposition to proposed Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and industries, including the Reliance Group-promoted Mumbai Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) in Raigad district, has paid political dividends for the two parties in the area who tied up for the recent elections to zilla parishads. While load shedding and farmers’ suicides did not prevent the Congress from performing well in the State, in Raigad, a tie-up […]

Farmers' suicide issue rocks Maharshtra upper house

http://www.hindu.com/2007/03/27/stories/2007032716… Special Correspondent Very little relief reached farmers: BJP Fall in suicide rate: Government MUMBAI: The Opposition on Monday expressed fears in the Maharashtra Legislative Council that the incidence of farmers’ suicides could grow at a faster rate as the trend was spreading from the cotton-growing belt of Vidarbha to sugar cane-growing areas of the Marathwada region. Tempers ran high as Leader of the Opposition Pandurang Phundkar (BJP) and others said as many as nine debt-ridden farmers ended their lives in Vidarbha in the past 24 hours as very little of the relief packages announced by the State and the Centre had reached the farmers. Forces special debate The Opposition […]

Farmer committed suicide on dais of daughter's marraige

NAGPUR-27TH MARCH 2007 SUICIDE OF COTTON FARMER ON SUNDAY IN MARRIAGE CEREMONY OF HER OWN DAUGHTER HAS ONCE AGAIN BROUGHT THE HIGH COST MARRIGAE IN RURAL VIDARBHA HAS BEEN COMING OUT TO BE MAJOR REASON OF DISTRESS AND SUICIDE ,DEVIDAS TAYADE IS NOT FIRST TO DO SO MORE THAN 4500 FARM SUICIDES HAS SAME OR THE OTHER STORIES OF ECONOMIC CRISIS TO BRING THE ATTENTION OF INDIAN ADMINISTRATION. “A Debt bidden farmer ended his life after solemnising the marriage of his beloved daughter .the deceased farmer devidas tayade (45) was a small farmers of village Brahman Wada thadi in amaravati distt.the incident occurred on Sunday at Savarkheda village in Morshi […]

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