Mahaboobnagar reeling under drought

150811 Mahaboobnagar rainfall

The crisis is further aggravated by the changed cropping patterns. today Mahaboobnagar has 30% area under cotton, about 30% area under orchard crops and 15% each under paddy and hybrid maize which are water guzzling.

The district which receives on average 500 mm rainfall is increasingly seeing deficit in no. of rainy days. for example in July, Amangal dist received 25% of the monthly average rainfall only in a day and rest of the days were dry.

Government should immediately focus on

  • protecting any crop which is surviving. this needs plans for protective irrigation. any tubewells in the village should be blocked for use to grow water intensive crops like paddy and be shared with other farmers to protect the crop by paying suitable compensation
  • planning short term pulse crop like greengram or horsegram in areas where sowing have not happend or where crop has already failed.
  •  completely stopping paddy cultivation in rabi season
  • discouraging organge plantations
  • provide relief in terms fodder and water to support livestock

and as a long term measure plan for

  • shift from cotton, maize and paddy to millets, pulses and oilseeds
  • insitu water harvesting at the farm level

Fact finding report on farmers suicides in Mahaboobnagar by HRF

S No Cr PC & PS Deceased Details Family Details Date of death Land and Debt Details Details mentioned in FIR Our report Contact numbers
3 41/11 A Ramakrishna, s/o Ramachandraiah, 32 yrs, C/Golla, Occ: Agril, r/o Nekkonda Village of Jadcherla mandal 20.01.2011 3 acres own land, 3 acres lease, Rs 164000 amount expended on cotton crops He was suffering from financila crisis due to debts and attempted suicide by consuming insecticide poison on 14.1.2011 at 1000 hrs at his home and He died at OGH, Hyd. Informant: wife, mother and others; Wife: Mamata; 2 girl children (4 yrs; 13 months); took 15 acres on lease; no irrigation facility; cultivated cotton; lost crop for 2 yrs; debts 180000;  struggled for life for 8 days in Osmania hospital; incurred exp for hospitalisation Rs.40000; MRO visited after 10 days and spoke to all moneylenders; family got Rs.5000/- under NFBS but has not received any support under 421 GO; Mr. Satyam – brother of Ramakrishna: 9505528019
4 366/2011 Smt Gorla Laxmamma, w/o Late Narayana, 48 yrs, C/Telugu, Occ: Agril, r/o Kurvagadda village of jadcherla Mandal, One son 20.10.2011 3 acres land on lease basis from Panthulu, 45000 Rs borrowing She was facing financial crises and incurred debts too, n thi way the deceased consumed poison and died while undergoing treatment on  at 1210 hrs, at Govt Hqrs Hospital, M’nagar Informants: son; 2 acres of own land; 4 acres on lease for Rs.10000/-; dug 2 borewells; 2 failed; Son bought tractor with 3.5 lakhs from Sriram Finance; loans to the tune of Rs.3.5 lakhs; MRO has not visited so far; Got Rs.4000/- under NFBS (Rs.1000 bribe) Mr. Anjaneyulu – son of Laxmamma; 9640905145
5  421/11 Kothani Chinna Jangaiah, s/o Jangilaiah, 55 yrs, C/Kurva, Occ: Agril, r/o Nekkonda village of Jadcherla Mandal. Has one wife and 2 children 26.11.2011 2 acres own land, Rs 60000 borrowings for borewell in his own land  He was cultivating cotton seeds and incurred loss and not capable to clear the debts amount. due to which the deceased frustrated over on life and committed suicide by hanging Informant: Son, wife and others; 5 acres on lease; 2 borewells – 200 feet – failed; Spent Rs.44000 on borewells and 90000 on cultivation and 10000 for lease – total 1.44 lakhs; out of this only 20000 is from Grameen Vikas Bank; his son Mr. Nagarju is not into cultivation but surviving as auto driver; daughter got married; MRO  has not visited so far; No MLVC so far; Mr. Nagaraju – son: 8497914269;
6 459/2011 Golkond Chinna Jangaiah, 40 yrs, Occ: Agril, C/Golla, r/o Gangapur village of Jadcherla mandal. Has one wife, 2 children 27.12.2011 The case is under investigation He was facing financial crisis and committed suicide by hanging Family members are not available and we spoke to his brother and neighbour. As per brother’s information – 3 acres of own land; cultivated cotton and tried 6 bore wells and all failed; last borewell was dug upto 390 feet; loans to the tune of Rs.6 lakhs; out of this 30000/- is bank loan; 3 children; wife: Suvarna; There is suspicion about the death. As per Sarpanch information post mortem report confirmed it as murder.
Peddamandadi PS
7 .07/2011 Sinsetti Chiranjeevi, s/o Balramsagar, Age:22 yrs, C/ Uppara occ: Agril, r/o Manigilla village of Peddamandadi. one brother and one sister Own land Loss in agriculture and Heavy debts House is locked; Nobody is available at home; Relatives informed that Chiranjeevi who used to live in Hyderabad for studies came to village and committeed suicide; this does not appear to be a farmer suicide. No contact number
8 .10/2011 Boini Buddaiah, S/o Kondanna, 36 yrs, C/Golla, Occ: Agril, r/o Veeraipally (V), of Peddamandadi. wife and sons 5 acres of agri land Two borewells failed in 2 years. Due to shortage of borewell water, His groundnut crop damaged. An amount of Rs 250000  debts Informants: wife and cousins; Wife: Nagamma; two sons (8 yrs; 7 yrs); 2 acres of own land; 5 acres on lease; lease amount is Rs.2500/- per acre; 2 borewells in 2010 and incurred exp 1,50,000/-; cultivated ground nut, paddy and mustard; and loans for cultivation: 1 lakh; total loans: 2,50,000/-; MRO has not visited and no MLVC. Rs.5000 under NFBS; Mr. Raju – cousin; 9652964845;
9 33/2011 Angothu Balya Naik, S/o late Chinali, 38 yrs, C/ST Lambada, Occ: Coolie, r/o Cheruvukommu thanda, h/o Ammapally (v), Peddamandadi (M) 3 daughters and 3 sons two acres of agri land He digged two bore wells,  One succes, second failure. Unbearable debts of Rs 130000 Informant: Mr. Ramulu Naik – cousin; wife and children not available; they are on migration; Wife: Santamma; 3 daughters (6, 5, 3 yrs); 2 acres of own land and 3 acres on lease; migration to Karnataka reported; cultivated cotton, paddy, and groundnut; incurred losses on crop; comitted suicide by hanging; MRO has not visited; no idea about NFBS; Mr. Ramulu Naik; 9676146265
10 74/2011 Vakiti Satyanarayana, s/o Late Manyam, Age: 40 yrs, C/Telugu, Occ: Agril, r/o Mojerla Village of Peddamandadi (m). wife, a son, a daughter deceased has A 3.22 agriculture in Sy No: 469 3 borewells failed + Crops failed.  Huge debts of Rs 319000. They struggled due to Starvation Informant: wife; Wife – Lakshmi; Son (9 yrs) daughter (8 yrs); 5 acres owned by 3 borhters; 2 brothers are residing in Hyderabad; Satyanarayana used to take care of cultivation; cultivated cotton and mustard; 3 borewells failed; crops failed; bought auto; total loan 3 lakhs; no bank loan and all from moneylenders and relatives;  VRO and RI visited the family. Lakshmi (wife); 9505305824;
11 76/2011 Velgonda Padmamma, w/o Parvathalu, Age: 25 yrs, C/Yadava/Golla, Occ: Farmer, R/o Gatlakhanapur (V), Peddamandadi (M) Own land Committed suicide by pesticide poison due to debts and borewells failure. Also depressed due to not having children Informants: Father, co sister and neighbours; 7 acres of land for 3 sons; father Mr. Ramulu was cultivating 2 acres for Parvathalu’s family; Parvathalu and his wife (Padmamma) used to migrate for work by taking advance amounts to the tune of Rs.50000/-. Cotton crop failed; again took advance Rs.20000/- for migrantion but did not go to work; father and co sister did not mention ‘no children’ as reason.  Consumed pesticide. Mr. Ramu (neighbour) 9908822692
Jadcherla Rural
22 Bhoothpur, 20/2011 u/s 174 Cr PC Smt Lotti Shanthamma, w/o Chinna Nagaiah, 60 yrs, Occ: Agril, C/SC Madiga, r/o Kothamolgara (V), Bhoothpur (M) 31.01.2011 own Land Debts for borewell, Poor crop yield, consumed poison Informants: husband and 2 sons; belongs SC; 1 acres of own land; 1 acre on lease; lease amount Rs.10000/- (with borewell) cultivated cotton; spent on failed bore well Rs.30000/-; lost crop; loss incurred 160000/-; sold buffaloes and paid some loan 22500/- (15000 principal and rest is interest in one year). lot of pressure from moneylenders and son ran away from village and has come back just recently; No NFBS: MRO has not visited; Mr. Muttayya (son); 9640802794;
23 Bhoothpur, 129/2011 u/s 174 Cr PC Godugu Venkataiah, s/o Kashanna, 35 yrs, Occ Agril, C/Telugu, r/o Bhoothpur (V &M) 03-08-2011 own land 3 acres Debts, Poor crop yield, Hanging to ceiling fan Informants: mother and relative; 3 acres of own land; borewell dug but failed; cultivated cotton and maize – failed; total loan Rs.70000/-; of this 16000/- from bank and rest from moneylenders and relatives; 3 children (8, 3, 1 yrs); Rs.5000 under NFBS; No MRO visit so far; Narayana (relative); 9849387963
24 Bhoothpur, 202/2011 u/s 174 Cr PC Nandiminti Ramulu, s/o Ramulu, 30 yrs, Occ: Agril, C/Madiga, r/o Kothamolgara (V), Bhoothpur Mandal 30-12-2011 Own land 2 acres Took loans for Borewell and to repair electric motor. Borewell failed. The paddy crop loss due to no water. Informants: Mother and Father; wife is not available – went to work; Belong to SC; 0.5 acres of own land; spent Rs.60000/- on borwell; got this amount by selling 10 oxen borrowed from his sister; cultivated paddy; but harvest was taken by the moneylender/ patel. Now wife Sasirekha is working in Mandal office; got NFBS: MRO not visited; no ration card;