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Right to Homestead Bill: Task force to finalise draft

After legislating the Right to Information and Education — and making a stab at the Right to Work and Food through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and the Food Security Act respectively — the government’s next step seems to be aimed at legally upholding the right to a home of your own. On Tuesday, a task force set up by the Rural Development Ministry — including government officials and civil society members — is expected to finalise a draft of the National Right to Homestead Bill 2013. The Bill aims to ensure that “every shelterless poor family has a right to hold homestead of not less than […]

Hands-off and hug advice Stay off firms, give land to poor: Panel

Calcutta, June 15: A panel has recommended that the state government play no role in land acquisition for private industry other than setting up a minimum-price regulator. The panel also mooted an “own land, own home” scheme which gives Mamata Banerjee an option to chisel her version of Operation Barga that defined the Left Front’s debut in the late 1970s. Private investors should buy the entire land directly from owners at prevailing market rates, according to one of 31 recommendations submitted by the two-member group to the chief minister today. However, it appears to have left some room for manoeuvre on multi-crop land, saying that such agricultural plots should not […]

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