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The Whole Truth On A Grain Of Rice – An international row over a ‘world record’

  TI Sow be it Paddy crop being laid out in Gaya AGRICULTURE: RICE PRODUCTION UTTAM SENGUPTA, OUTLOOK, MARCH 11, 2013 “It’s 120 per cent fake,” Professor Yuan Long Ping (82), hailed as the father of ‘hybrid rice’ in China, had fumed last week in reaction to the claim that five farmers from Bihar had all individually grown more rice per hectare than the ‘world record’ of 19.4 tonnes per hectare in China—the best figure being 22.4 ton­nes. He would believe the claim, he said, only if the record was repeated. He had reasons to be sceptical. With average yield being 6.5 tonnes per hectare in China and only 3.3 tonnes […]

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