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Food justice in a resource-constrained world

http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/papers/growing-better-future.html Read full report (PDF 3.69MB) Read summary (PDF 573KB) Growing a Better Future catalogues the symptoms of today’s broken food system and warns that we have entered a new age of crisis where depletion of the earth’s natural resources and increasingly severe climate change impacts will create millions more hungry people. Summary The global food system works only for the few – for most of us it is broken. It leaves the billions of us who consume food lacking sufficient power and knowledge about what we buy and eat and the majority of small food producers disempowered and unable to fulfil their productive potential. The failure of the system […]

Why India is Losing its War on Hunger

http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/policy/trade/why-india-losing-war-hunger.html Why India is loosing its war on hunger (download) India is home to a quarter of the world’s hungry people. Since the Green Revolution, the country has produced enough food to feed itself, but it has not yet been able to wipe out mass hunger. Currently, 40 per cent of the population is malnourished – a decline of only 10 per cent in the past three decades. Stellar economic growth has not delivered on its promise for poverty reduction and food security. Following a series of neoliberal economic reforms in 1991, India’s GDP has doubled, but despite this, 53 million more people now go to bed hungry every night. […]

UPA neglects Agriculture the most

Submitted by editor on Sat, 10/25/2008 – 18:27 Rajnath SinghIndia today is on the brink of a protracted recession. Almost every economic indicator in the country is putting immense pressure on all economic activities in the country and painting a gloomy picture of our economy. Inflation is in high double digits, GDP growth rate is faltering, Industrial growth rate has touched a record low of 1.3 percent and the growth of our agriculture sector has turned bad to worse. Declining capital formation and steep reduction in public investment in agriculture sector during the UPA rule has led to a complete stagnation of Agricultural growth in India. In other words the […]

MP at bottom of hunger pyramid

BS Reporter / New Delhi October 15, 2008, 0:31 IST http://www.business-standard.com/india/storypage.php?autono=337412 Madhya Pradesh, which reported deaths of malnourished children last month, has the most severe level of hunger in the country and ranks between African countries Ethiopia and Chad, according to a global hunger index released today by the International Food Policy Research Institute in conjunction with Welthungerhilfe (formerly known as German Agro-Action) and the University of California, Riverside. MP is followed by Jharkhand and Bihar, according to the first-ever India State Hunger Index, which was released along with the global index. Punjab and Kerala scored the best. The Indian state hunger index analyses hunger levels in 17 major states […]

Food First Policies needed to tackle hunger in India

Shiva: Food-First Policies Needed to Tackle Hunger in India Shiva blames the increase in hunger on the use of genetically engineered seeds Dramatic price increases have left nearly a billion people hungry worldwide. As World Poverty Day draws attention to the issue, DW’s Dennis Stute speaks with activist Vandana Shiva about India’s huge hunger levels. Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, ecologist, activist and author. In India she has established Navdanya, a movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers’ rights. She also directs the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy. The UN has declared Oct. 17 as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. DW-WORLD.DE: How has […]

Hunger in Indian States "alarming"

BBC online: Oct. 14, 2008.. Hunger in India states ‘alarming’ India has some of the highest rates of child malnutrition in the world Twelve Indian states have “alarming” levels of hunger while the situation is “extremely alarming” in the state of Madhya Pradesh, says a new report. Madhya Pradesh’s nutrition problems, it says, are comparable to the African countries of Ethiopia and Chad. India has more people suffering hunger – a figure above 200 million – than any other country in the world, it says. The report, released as part of the 2008 Global Hunger Index, ranks India at 66 out 88 countries. ‘Scored worse’ The hunger index has been […]

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