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State of ground water in Andhra Pradesh

http://www.thehansindia.com/2013/06/02/real-problem-and-phony-concerns/ Over exploitation of ground waters, falling water tables, pollution of water even at those depths are some of the issues that have been worrying experts and environmentalists for nearly two decades. Of course the governments have been making laws to prevent this and also to improve situation. However experts say not only the laws are not properly implemented, still worse the violations are ignored for various reasons. In this backdrop The Hans India takes a look at the present situation in the State. Realty affecting water tables East Godavari As far as the salinity in most of the areas in Konaseema, oil explorations of ONGC are main reasons. Seismic […]

Restoring groundwater in Punjab, India’s breadbasket: finding agricultural solutions for water sustainability

Author(s): Shama Perveen, Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy, Rajinder S. Sidhu, & et al Source: Columbia water Center Publication Date: July 2012 For Indians, the very mention of the word “Punjab” conjures up visions of lush green fields, rich alluvial soils and water aplenty. Punjab has for years been the breadbasket of India, and since the “Green Revolution” of the 1960s, it has taken on an even greater role in feeding the nation. Comprising a mere 1.57 percent of India’s total geographical area, today the state of Punjab produces 12 percent of the India’s 234 million tons of foodgrain, and nearly 40 and 60 percent of the wheat and rice that buffer […]

‘High pesticide levels in Delhi groundwater’

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/High-pesticide-levels-in-groundwater/articleshow/14224023.cmsJayashree Nandi, TNN | Jun 18, 2012, 06.06AM IST NEW DELHI: The groundwater that most of Delhi relies on when water shortage leaves taps dry is probably far more contaminated than we can imagine. A recent study by a team from the civil engineering department of IIT-Delhi on the groundwater quality in the Palla-Burari region has made some alarming revelations. The water samples tested from this area contain moderately high levels of pesticides; some of them residues of long-banned pesticides, such as DDT. This region has close to 80 borewells and five Ranney wells that meet about 15% of Delhi’s water needs. The team tested the water samples for organochloride pesticides (OCP) that breakdown very slowly in the environment. […]

Punjab: DECLINING WATER TABLE Reduce area under paddy, water board tells govt

http://www.tribuneindia.com/2012/20120225/punjab.htm#1    Another wake call on Groundwater use in Punjab: CGWB says in 84% area the level is going down (in 14% it is too brackish to be useful), 103 of 137 blocks are in over exploited, five in critical and four in semi critical category, 73% of irrigation is coming from Groundwater, not canals and Punjab needs to reduce area under Paddy.   DECLINING WATER TABLE Reduce area under paddy, water board tells govt Sarbjit Dhaliwal Tribune News Service Chandigarh, February 24 Expressing concern over the declining water table in the state, the Central Ground Water Board has recommended reducing area under paddy by more than 10 lakh hectares […]

Coca-Cola and Water Use in India: “Good Till the Last Drop” : The Primate Diaries

Coca-Cola and Water Use in India: "Good Till the Last Drop" : The Primate Diaries The marketing executive who came up with Coca-Cola’s popular slogan in 1908 most likely never expected it would be taken so literally. However, a hundred years ago there probably weren’t many who imagined a term like "water wars" could exist in a region that experiences annual monsoons. On February 25 a complaint was filed in the New York Supreme Court against the The Coca-Cola Company alleging that they knew about and sought to cover up human rights abuses in Guatemala. While that trial gets started, the company’s controversial practices in India continue involving the over-exploitation […]

The forgotten issues of environment crisis in Punjab elections

UMENDRA DUTT Friday, 09 February 2007 It is election time in Punjab. Parties are promising moon to the voters. Every body has started talking about development. Election manifestos are painting a rosy picture of a Developed Punjab. But, none of them is kind enough to tell what will be cost of this development? This so-called development has already taken a heavy toll. Severe ecological and environmental health crises are quite visible in Punjab now. This environmental crisis has eclipsed the very sustainability, livelihood and the prosperity of the Punjab.  But, unfortunately no political party has taken serious note of this. None of the party manifesto has touched the environmental crisis […]

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