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Green revolution never improved farmers’ condition: CD Mayee

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Green-revolution-never-improved-farmers-condition-CD-Mayee/articleshow/15011145.cms NAGPUR: The green revolution increased productivity of all crops and helped developing countries like India feed their populations. However, sadly, it could never improve the farmers’ economic condition, said former chairman of Agriculture Scientists Recruitment Board CD Mayee on Monday. He was delivering the Juwarkar memorial lecture at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Neeri). Mayee said the benefits actually percolated down more to the input industries like seed, fertilizer and pesticide industries. “Also, though the green revolution increased the production of food grains manifold, it destroyed soil fertility to an extent that scientists are now careful while working in the direction of second green revolution to conserve all natural resources like soil, water, […]

Group. The Greed : Mega RevolutionFoundations, Agribusiness Muscle In On Public Goods

Big Agribusiness Influence Threatens to Override Public Interest in Greed Revolution A new 30-page report that documents the growing influence of agribusiness on the multilateral food system and the lack of transparency in research funding has been released today by the international civil society organization ETC Group. The Greed : Mega RevolutionFoundations, Agribusiness Muscle In On Public Goods presents three case studies – one involving the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and two involving CGIAR Centers (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) – which point to a dangerous trend that will worsen rather than solve the problem of global hunger. The report details the involvement of, among others, Nestlé, Heineken, Monsanto, the […]

The Toxic Consequences of the Green Revolution

http://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2008/07/07/the-toxic-consequences-of-the-green-revolution In India, farmers find that benefits of pesticides and herbicides may come at a tragically high cost By DANIEL PEPPER JAJJAL VILLAGE, INDIA—Four decades after the so-called Green Revolution enabled this vast nation to feed itself, some farmers are turning their backs on modern agricultural methods—the use of modified seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides—in favor of organicfarming. This is not a matter of producing gourmet food for environmentally attuned consumers but rather something of a life-and-death choice in villages like this one, where the benefits of the Green Revolution have been coupled with unanticipated harmful consequences from chemical pollution. As driving their actions, the new organic farmers cite the rising costs of seed, fertilizer, and […]

Green Revolution in India Wilts as Subsidies Backfire

Akshay Mahajan for the Wall Street JournalPritam Singh, who farms 30 acres in Punjab, says the more desperate farmers become, the more urea they use. Overuse is stunting yields. SOHIAN, India—India’s Green Revolution is withering. In the 1970s, India dramatically increased food production, finally allowing this giant country to feed itself. But government efforts to continue that miracle by encouraging farmers to use fertilizers have backfired, forcing the country to expand its reliance on imported food. Popularized during the Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, fertilizers helped boost crop yields and transformed India into a nation that could feed itself. But now their overuse is degrading the farmland. WSJ’s […]

Green Revolution: A Blue-Print to Control India’s Agriculture – Indo-US Treaty, New Seed Act

a old but interesting article http://sanhati.com/excerpted/2698/ August 27, 2010 Written by – Dr. Abhee Dutta Majumdar, Dr. Siddharta Gupta, Partha Sarathi Dasgupta, Mrinmoy Sengupta Published by – Lokayata Sahitya Chakra, May 7, 2010. Translated by – Sanhati From the nineties, India opened herself to the world market. As prescribed by the US based IMF and World Bank, India also undertook ‘structural adjustment’ programme. This had a two-fold effect: on the one hand it resulted in diminishing governmental spending, reduction of subsidies in different social welfare projects, divestment and privatization, while on the other hand it eliminated all hurdles to monopolistic capital to take over the production in the country. The […]

Do we need a second green revolution after four decades?

http://www.dailypioneer.com/334548/Do-we-need-a-second-green-revolution-after-four-decades.html April 27, 2011   8:30:50 AM Prescience or perceptual percipience of pathetic predicament of the peasantry could have propelled the authority to pull them out from the pernicious penury. Preposterous perception and perfunctory implementation of policies couldn’t read the presage writ large for the pro-rata increase in woes of the peasants. The perplexing prattles and prophesies without delving deep into the cause of precarious position of peasantry have made our pithy postulates look helpless. The resultant paradoxical position is that while we profess for progress and present a picture of advanced agriculture and improved socio-economic conditions of the farmers, but at the same time we are facing the prang […]

Green revolution's cancer train

  Pesticides and cancer: a murderous concoction, a massive environmental and health disaster, while people are dying in village after village of PunjabBy Sandeep Yadav Faridkot/MuktsarDespite the relentless suffering, 41-year-old Karamjeet Kaur is not scared of death. Member of a proud, landed family in Kotbhai village in district Muktsar, this mother of three has been diagnosed with uterus cancer. The revelation has brought no change in her daily chores, except that she has to travel long distance for periodic check-ups at the Acharya Tulsi Regional Cancer Treatment and Research Centre, at Bikaner, in Rajasthan. Her hair has turned white due to illness and heavy medicines, and her face is weary […]

WSF 2007- Green Revolution? A Warning from India with Dr. Vandana Shiva

Africa Biodiversity Network, Centre for Development Initiatives (Uganda) & Navdanya (India) An initiative funded by US billionaire Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation is pouring millions of dollars into research to bring a “New Green Revolution for Africa” as a solution to hunger and poverty. But will this initiative, bringing more fertilizers, pesticides and Genetically Modified crops, really address the causes of hunger in Africa, or will it only serve to exacerbate the continent’s problems? Renowned Indian Activist Dr Vandana Shiva (Watch Video) will be at the World Social Forum to share the experience of Indian farmers who have suffered under India’s Green Revolution. Genetically Modified crops, expensive agrochemicals and […]

The Great Gene Robbery

The Great Gene Robbery (First published by the Illustrated Weekly of India in its issue dated March 23, 1986 By Claude Alvares In 1982, Dr M S Swaminathan withdrew from his position as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SACC) and deputy chairman of the Planning Commission – he was also earlier secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture – and defected to join the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) based at Los Banos in the Philippines as Director-General. The word ‘defected’ is used here on purpose: in no other country of the world, would a scientist in such a strategically important position, privy to all the country’s […]

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