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Illegal planting of GM corn during field trials by Monsanto in UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka: GM Free Coalition

Coalition for GM-Free India April 9th 2012 To Smt.Jayanti Natarajan, Minister for Environment & Forests ( Independent Charge ) Ministry for Environment & Forests. Dear Madam, Re: Illegal planting of GM corn during field trials by Monsanto in UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka Ref : Letter from the MoEF dtd 12017/10/2012/CS-III dated 19th March, 2012. We appreciate the response from the Ministry’s Gentic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) on the above subject; however we would like to point out that extracts from the minutes of the GEAC meeting 115 on February 8, 2012 does nothing to establish the legality of planting NK603. The GEAC minutes have not addressed or answered our representation about this serious […]

Monsanto’s GM corn Biosafety data raises serious concerns: Report

Greenpeace India demands the Union Minister for Environment and Forest, Jayanthi Natarajan, under whom sits the GEAC, to stop all open releases of GM crops, including those for field trials New Delhi: Jan 29, 2013: In a startling development an independent scientific analysis released by Greenpeace India exposed major flaws in the Genetically Modified (GM) corn biosafety assessment process by the regulatory bodies in India.  Greenpeace India had asked Testbiotech, an independent research agency,  to assess data presented by the US biotech giant, Monsanto, to the Indian authorities ‘for biosafety tests prior to commercial approval’ of its GM corn variety. The stacked gene GM corn (MON89034xNK603 ) with bacterial genes for pest […]

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