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India’s farms report income greater than our GDP! Target them in the war on black money

The opposition is baying for the government’s blood over demonetisation and GST. The first is done and over with. But its effects are not yet over. The second has been modified to assuage large sections of the population. Source: India’s farms report income greater than our GDP! Target them in the war on black money

Does it pay to be a farmer in India?

RUKMINI S http://www.thehindu.com/data/does-it-pay-to-be-a-farmer-in-india/article6713980.ece?homepage=true PTI The average farm household makes Rs 6,426 per month. TOPICS economy, business and finance agriculture What the data shows on farm incomes, and whether farmers can make ends meet How profitable is farming? The answer to this most fundamental question about Indian agriculture can be found in the National Sample Survey Office’s new surveyof India’s agricultural households. The average farm household makes Rs 6,426 per month. Where does this money come from? Farm households do a mix of jobs, the data shows. How much exactly does growing a crop earn a household? The chart below shows the value of the harvested crop for a household that […]

The Living Wage approach in agriculture

This paper explores how to apply the concept ‘Living Wage’ that is used in industry , in agriculture; Use o f t his concept may be useful to arrive at a definition o f ‘fair’ prices the agricultural producer should receive for his products. Based on existing Living Wage definitions, a definition is proposed that can be used in agriculture and rural development. Explained is how the use of the concept is influenced by both an ethical approach and market prices that result from supply and demand. The result of the use of the Living Wage concept in agriculture and rural development may lead to better decisions at policy level. […]

Enhancing Farm Income of Small Holders through Market Integration: NAC Draft Report

NAC Final Draft of recos on Farm Income Government of India National Advisory Council   14th January, 2013     The National Advisory Council had constituted a Working Group of its Members in July, 2012 on the subject of “Enhancing Farm Income for Small Holders through Market Integration”. The Working Group looked into the issues concerning integration of small holders with organized market and has now developed a set of recommendations for policy, legal framework and implementation guidelines to create a favourable eco system that would contribute towards inclusive growth. 02.       The draft recommendations of the Working Group are now placed in public domain for comments. 03.       The  draft recommendations of the Working […]

Farmers find farming unprofitable

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Farmers-find-farming-unprofitable/articleshow/15442483.cms HYDERABAD: A report released by National Sample Survey Organization ( NSSO) reveals that farmers in rural India spend less than Rs 35 a day. The situation in the rural hinterland of Andhra Pradesh is no better with monthly expenditure hovering at Rs 1,234 per person (or Rs 41 per day). This when the monthly income of farmers in rural areas is being pegged at Rs 1,054 and at Rs 1,984 for their counterparts in urban areas. Expressing concern over the widening income-expenditure gap, professor Aldus Janayya of Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University told TOI that the incomes of 84% of the members of the farming community is less than what […]

Green revolution never improved farmers’ condition: CD Mayee

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Green-revolution-never-improved-farmers-condition-CD-Mayee/articleshow/15011145.cms NAGPUR: The green revolution increased productivity of all crops and helped developing countries like India feed their populations. However, sadly, it could never improve the farmers’ economic condition, said former chairman of Agriculture Scientists Recruitment Board CD Mayee on Monday. He was delivering the Juwarkar memorial lecture at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Neeri). Mayee said the benefits actually percolated down more to the input industries like seed, fertilizer and pesticide industries. “Also, though the green revolution increased the production of food grains manifold, it destroyed soil fertility to an extent that scientists are now careful while working in the direction of second green revolution to conserve all natural resources like soil, water, […]

Size-class and Returns to Cultivation in India: A Cold Case Reopened

Authors: Sarthak Gaurav and Srijit Mishra Title: Size-class and Returns to Cultivation in India: A Cold Case Reopened Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between returns to cultivation per hectare and size-class of land cultivated in India, using unit level data from the 59th round National Sample Survey, 2003. The analysis is done separately for ‘kharif’ and ‘rabi’ – for total value of cultivation from all crops at the all India level. The empirical evidence rejects the null hypothesis of no relationship and points to the existence of an inverse association. We argue that the efficiency of the small-holders has to be taken with a pinch of salt because their […]

Estimating Livelihood & Income Losses Due to Flooding – Advice; Experiences.

Summary of Responses Solution Exchange The PDF Version of this Consolidated Reply can be downloaded at ftp://ftp.solutionexchange.net.in/public/drm/cr/cr-se-drm-emp-01081101.pdf (Size: 216 KB) Livelihood is not just a means of earning a living and generating an income but a pattern of asset ownership, availability of required skills and knowledge to deploy those assets into a productive process, and a favorable market mechanism. It is the livelihoods, after human life that disaster prone communities strive most to protect against hazards. Macroeconomic indicators are used for assessing disaster induced damage but disruption to micro, subsistence and livelihood economies is not accounted for with the same level of detail. The query seeking advice for estimating livelihood […]

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