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List of Farmer Suicides in Telanagana since 2nd June, 2014

Farmer Suicides in Telangana State since 2nd June, 2014 #AgrarianCrisis S.No. Name Date Age Sex Village Mandal District 1 PUNDARIKA 11.07.14 42 M Vittol Muthol Adilabad 2 Kodapakoudu 14.07.14 40 M Roadmadiguda Jainath Adilabad 3 Pawar Khinji 28.06.14 65 M Suryamnagar BodhMandam Adilabad 4 Balli Pirajee 09.06.14 40 M Andukurouku Kunthala Adilabad 5 Jadav Indal 04.06.14 32 M Suryamtanda Kunthala Adilabad 6 Jadav Lalithabai 04.06.14 27 F Suryamtanda Kunthala Adilabad 7 Maina Mahesh 28.06.14 20 M Mangurla Jainath Adilabad 8 Purka Mothiram 28.06.14 45 M Mulkaguda Indravelli Adilabad 9 Batti Sayanna 06.07.14 52 M Jaam Sarangapur Adilabad 10 Desetti Anandababu 06.07.14 42 M Pendpelli Bainsa Adilabad 11 Akkala Lachchanna 10.07.14 […]

Over 2,000 fewer farmers every day

P. SAINATH The mistaken notion that the 53 per cent of India’s population dependent on agriculture are all farmers lead many to dismiss the country’s massive farmers’ suicides as trivial. Photo: AP The Hindu TOPICS demographics population and census economy, business and finance agriculture The mistaken notion that the 53 per cent of India’s population ‘dependent on agriculture’ are all ‘farmers’ leads many to dismiss the massive farmers’ suicides as trivial There are nearly 15 million farmers (‘Main’ cultivators) fewer than there were in 1991. Over 7.7 million less since 2001, as the latest Census data show. On average, that’s about 2,035 farmers losing ‘Main Cultivator’ status every single day for the last […]

The farm crisis: why have over one lakh farmers killed themselves in the past decade? Parliament lecture, 2007 by Sainath

070906 Sainath Parlimentary lecture Farm Crisis Speaker’s Lecture Series: Parliament House, Sept. 6, 2007 The farm crisis: why have over one lakh farmers killed themselves in the past decade? P. Sainath Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu We, as a nation, are in the worst agrarian crisis in four decades. It is impossible to cover such a large issue in full. So I am going to be dealing with it in fragments today. I would like to stress that the crisis is so deep, so advanced that: firstly, no State, nobody, is exempt from this and it is not to be seen as the crisis of one State or one Government or […]

Farm suicides rise in Maharashtra, State still leads the list

P. SAINATH, The Hindu | July 3, 2012 sainath@mtnl.net.in It accounted for well over a fifth of the total of 14,027 deaths in 2011 With a figure of at least 14,027 in 2011, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the total number of farm suicides since 1995 has touched 2,70, 940. The State of Maharashtra shows a rise in numbers yet again, logging 3,337 against 3,141 farmers’ suicides the previous year (and 2,872 in 2009). This, despite heavy massaging of data at the State level for years now, even re-defining of the term “farmer” itself. And despite an orchestrated (and expensive) campaign in the media and other forums […]

Reaping gold through cotton, and newsprint: P. SAINATH

http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article3401466.ece?homepage=true A facsimile of The Times of India’s August 28, 2011 page with the ‘marketing feature’ on Bt Cotton. The same full page appeared twice in three years, the first time as news, the second time as an advertisement “Not a single person from the two villages has committed suicide.” Three and a half years ago, at a time when the controversy over the use of genetically modified seeds was raging across India, a newspaper story painted a heartening picture of the technology’s success. “There are no suicides here and people are prospering on agriculture. The switchover from the conventional cotton to Bollgard or Bt Cotton here has led to […]

Farmer suicides: South India leads list of shame

http://expressbuzz.com/nation/farmer-suicides-south-india-leads-list-of-shame/350158.html NEW DELHI: Saving Tamil Nadu, the three South Indian states account for the maximum number of farmers’ suicides in the country in the last three years. Out of the total 3,160 farmers’ suicides reported from 2009 to 2011, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala alone account for about 1,800 suicides, as per the details collated in the Agriculture Ministry. Tamil Nadu is the only state in south India which has not reported any case of farmer suicide. Among the Southern states, Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of suicide cases. As many as 920 farmers have taken their lives  in Andhra alone in the last three years. Karnataka with 469 […]

Australia: Study probes why farmers are more prone to suicides

By Sam Burgess Posted November 15, 2011 09:25:57 A new university study is hoping to uncover why farmers are up to two times more likely to take their own lives. Researchers will interview the next-of-kin of suicide victims to understand why farmers are up to two times more likely than the general population to end their own life. Griffith University’s Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention and the University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural Health and Remote Mental Health are conducting the study. Researcher Dr Allison Milner says other factors, such as the growth of the mining industry, will also be examined. “This is something we hope to look into because […]

Green Fields of Misery

Story on Farmer Suicides in Tehelka farmers suicides in karnataka tehelka story

AP: 5 Ryots end their lives

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/5-ryots-end-lives/articleshow/10721917.cms HYDERABAD: Three cotton farmers were among the five who committed suicide in the state in the last 24 hours. The suicides came in the wake of heavy crop losses and mounting debts on the poor farmers. Lack of rains is considered the main reason for crop failures, especially cotton. Ravi Naik and consumed pesticide to end his life at Nanya thanda in Keshampet mandal of Mahbubnagar district on Saturday evening. He had taken nine acres on lease and also availed Rs1 lakh loan to cultivate paddy. But subsequently, he suffered heavy losses and the crops dried up due to lack of rains. Ramulu committed suicide in Mahbubnagar district, after suffering huge […]

Kerala: Farmers’ suicides: Kisan Sabha to stage fast

The All India Kisan Sabha will stage a 24-hour mass hunger strike from 3 p.m. on Wednesday, demanding urgent measures to end suicides by farmers in Kerala. The sabha, a feeder organisation of the Communist Party if India, is demanding Rs.5 lakh as solatium to the families of the farmers who had committed suicide, extension of debt-relief measures, and grant of low-interest loans to poor farmers. Satyan Mokeri, general secretary of its State unit, told presspersons here on Sunday that a delegation of the sabha had visited Wayanad district to assess the situation. Agrarian crisis had intensified in Wayanad and other districts owing to a drop in the prices of […]

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