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Missing the wood for the trees

By K P Prabhakaran Nair All of a sudden, there is a great debate and agitation going on in the country on the question of setting up industry by private enterprise acquiring land, sometimes fertile and from farmers, who have been tilling it for generations, under the overall umbrella of Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Nowhere else has the agitation gripped the attention of the entire nation as pointedly as it did in Singur, in West Bengal, on the acquisition of about 1,000 acres to set up the “small car” project of the Tatas. Undoubtedly, India has been an agrarian country for millennia: 65 per cent of the population is involved […]

The Question of Displacement and the Call for an United Battle

http://dsujnu.blogspot.com/2007/01/question-of-dis… The natural and legal rights of the people are being trampled on a scale unprecedented in post-1947 India. Successive governments at the centre would call this the needed drive for a New India marching forward in the 21st century as a major power. Development and Security are the twin needs of the Brave New World in which India and the sub-continent of South Asia is a vital cog. This development can only happen with the massive inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in the form of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs), Foreign Institutional Investments (FII). Inequality has been considered as a necessary condition for mobilising savings and capital formation. To envisage […]

No Displacement; No Rehabilitation; Only People's Development

http://singur-singur.blogspot.com/2007/01/no-displ… The following is a press Note released in a Press Conference on 21st Jan 2007 soon after the Anti- Displacement Conclave in Ranchi, Jharkhand attended by scores of organisations from several states. No Displacement; No Rehabilitation; Only People’s Development Today the vast sections of the people have been subjected to the worst kind of socio-economic crisis in the name of development. Today more and more tribals, dalits, minorities and the poorest of the poor are brutally removed from their forests, fields, lands, homes and cultures. They are being evicted in thousands from their lives and livelihoods. The powerful imperialist forces and their lackeys in the sub-continent are on their […]

Now GoM to apply SEZ pill to petrochem hubs

KG NARENDRANATHTIMES NEWS NETWORK[ THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2007 03:08:15 AM] &lta href=”http://ads.indiatimes.com/ads.dll/clickthrough?slotid=1019″ target=”_blank”>ltimg src=”http://ads.indiatimes.com/ads.dll/photoserv?slotid=1019″ border=”0″ width=”250″ height=”18″ alt=”Advertisement”>lt/a> NEW DELHI: After putting fresh SEZ approvals on hold till land acquisition and rehabilitation policies are re-formulated, the UPA government is set to employ similar economy for another economic project — petroleum, chemical and petrochemical investment regions (PCPIRs). The GoM on PCPIRs in its meeting here on January 15 decided to put a cap on the number of PCPIRs and bar use of agriculture land for setting up these regions, official sources told ET. The idea is that there won’t be more than 10-12 such investment regions, although the exact number will […]

Indian Economy: Ready for High Gear ?

[Analysis] Old ways of policymaking unsuited for 21st century development Ranjit Goswami (ranjit) Twenty-five farmer suicides in five days in the small region of Vidarbha — approximately 24,000 square km (9,266 square miles) — in Maharashtra, one of the fastest-growing and richest States in India, made no big headlines in the Indian news dailies. When a news story is repeated day after day, its drawing power subsides (as can be seen from the global press coverage of Iraqi civilian deaths). At best, it will get a cursory mention on the umpteenth page of some local daily. Vidarbha reflects the dilemma and pain of the “India Story,” as the nation continues […]

Singur, Nandigram and industrialisation of West Bengal

http://pd.cpim.org/2007/0121/01212007_nilotpal.htm Nilotpal Basu SINGUR and Nandigram have been dominating the media for the last few weeks. An unprecedented focus has remained riveted to the development discourse in West Bengal. But to us, the fine print was also equally apparent. Discrediting the efforts of the Left Front government in order to undermine the principled struggle of the Left, particularly the CPI(M), in opposing the anti-people economic policies of the central government – particularly its current SEZ policy – was the signature tune of this propaganda blitz. Therefore, unravelling the many myths that this blitz has tried to perpetrate and establish the truth in its proper perspective has become imperative. THE QUESTION […]

Writers buildings governs left front

Leader of one of the major constituents of the Left Front, Mr Debabrata Biswas is the general secretary of the All-India Forward Bloc, the party founded by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in 1939. Holding the party post for the third consecutive term since 1997, sixty-one-year-old Mr Biswas entered politics as a student leader.A Rajya Sabha member for the third term, Mr Biswas hails from Bagnam village, just 10 km from Singur, the Hooghly village where the West Bengal government had to use the police to control protests over land acquisition for the Tata small car project. Singur received nationwide attention and brought Left Front unity under strain. Many Left Front […]

No genuine agriculture vs. industry face-off

No genuine agriculture vs. industry face-off Sandhya Jain The face-off between West Bengal farmers and government, first in Singur and later in Nandigram, is being erroneously depicted as a clash between ‘progressive’ industry and ‘stagnant’ agriculture, when the truth is simply that there is no justification for turning over fertile, multiple-crop supporting land for factories that could easily be constructed over degraded wastelands. What is ignored in the pretended concern for investment and progress in the State is that by seizing agricultural land which is already well-connected to the markets and highways by roads, and handing over the same to rich industrialists, the State Government is giving them huge hidden […]

Corporate carpet bombing

August 22, 2006Corporates from around the world are engaged in carpet bombings oftheir projects in Jharkhand and Orissa, the two minerally rich Statesin India. State governments and the Central governments have beenplaying facilitative roles to this disturbing trend. Disturbing sinceat the receiving end are those who shared intimate relationship withnature – adivasis and nature itself.Casual survey of the projects lined up for the two States investementsrun into billions of crores in terms of mining and industry. Some ofcourse is the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) variety that threatenslabour rights in addition to settlement rights and environmentalrights of Adivasis. The trend guarantees creation of teeming homelessand hungry that will be ‘controlled’ by […]

West Bengal degenerates sign deal with firm whose account books are still dripping with the blood of millions of communists claughtered in Indonesia

By Ajay Prakash25 August 2006Last month, West Bengal’s Left Front government signed India’s biggest foreign direct investment (FDI) deal with the Salim Goup, an Indonesian conglomerate closely linked to the former Indonesian dictator General Suharto.The founder of the Salim Group is Liem Sioe Liong. Reportedly the richest man in Indonesia, Liem owes much of his fortune to privileges granted him by Suharto, whom he befriended in the 1940s.Suharto was responsible for the bloody purge of Indonesian Communist Party members and sympathisers between 1965 and 1966 that resulted in more than a million deaths. But this has not stopped Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI [M]) West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee […]

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