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It ain't only about rain

DIONNE BUNSHAYAVATMAL, MAHARASHTRA:The monsoon, in Vidarbha at least, has washed away an enduring myth. “The age old notion of farmers jumping with glee when the first monsoon showers fall is now merely a delusion confined to primary school text books. The reality here is quite different,” says Suryapal Chavan from Nandgaon taluka in Amravati.Extensive damage to the cotton and jowar crop in this region last year due to unseasonal rains, hail storms and a pest attack shattered the local economy, leading to 60 people committing suicide.“Most farmers here are in a peculiar dilemma. While they want to make up for the previous year’s losses, they are unable to find the […]

Alcoholism also a cause of farmers' suicide

UNIMumbai, January 22, 2007In a shocking revelation, a group of journalism students on a study tour of Vidharba district, plagued by farmers’ suicides, have come to a conclusion that besides indebtedness, another precipitating factor for their tendency to commit suicide is alcoholism, which has affected even minors in a big way. The students of the Department of Journalism and Communication of the University of Mumbai, recently visited some of these villages to understand the social and political structure of the place and their problems. Mr Sanjay Ranade, veteran journalist and head of the department, explained that every village had a unique reason for farmers committing suicide. After going to Waifad, […]

Maharashtra moneylender attacks farmer over debt

http://www.dailyindia.com/show/105666.php/Maharash… Kamanpur village (Maharashtra), Jan 22 (ANI): A moneylender in Maharashtra’s Kamanpur village today allegedly attacked a farmer due to the latter’s inability to pay the interest on a principal amount of 32,000 rupees. The victim, Vinayak Raut, was working in his field in Kamanpur village when at least six persons attacked and assaulted him, allegedly with a sharp weapon. Raut, who was rushed to a nearby primary health centre on a bullock cart by his father, identified a local moneylender for the attack. “It was a 30,000 rupee debt, with an additional 2000 rupees, making it 32,000 in all. I gave back the principal amount, but they insisted that […]

Bankers want government to up small farm loan rates

HT Correspondent New Delhi, January 22, 2007 Advertisement Major banks want the government to make up for losses on small loans to farmers at a concessional rate of 7 per cent. At a pre-Budget meeting with Finance Minister P Chidambaram, chief executives of major banks, including the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Citibank and HDFC Bank, urged the government to raise the interest rate for small loans or hike the subvention. The government had asked all banks to issue small loans up to Rs 3 lakh to farmers at a concessional rate following widespread reports of farmers committing suicides in various parts of the country, partly because of […]

MH: Farmers threaten to suicide

Saturday, January 20, 2007 (15:40:59) MH: Farmers threaten to suicide Palshi village: Hundreds of farmers in Maharashtra’s Amravati District on Friday threatened to commit suicide en-masse over the State Government’s failure to redress the problem of irregular power supply. Farmers of Amravati District’s Palshi village climbed atop a 150-feet high water tank to protest against irregular electricity supply. “We demand that we be provided uninterrupted electricity supply for 12 hours every day, and at a proper voltage. Currently we get electricity for just four to five hours everyday, at low voltage levels,” said Rajendra Marade, Deputy Chief of the Palshi Village Council. They descended after a few hours, but only after […]

Ten per cent growth amid the dance of death

Sunday, January 21, 2007 To revive Indian agriculture from the abyss of low growth and mass suicides, farmers desperately need an income commission as a social security net Devinder Sharma Delhi Forty years after the dawn of the green revolution, Indian agriculture is once again at crossroads. With agriculture becoming unremunerative over the years, and with input-output ratio faltering, growth in agriculture has decelerated. When forests are destroyed, soil fertility is diminished or water table plummets to dangerously low levels, the rural poor often have no option but to migrate to towns and cities in search of jobs. Such inequitable development is leading to serious social disintegration. For a country […]

DC hears woes of ryots families

Newindianexpress Saturday January 20 2007 12:36 IST SHIMOGA: Distressed widows, sons and daughters who were orphaned by the death of their farmer husbands or fathers gathered at the DC office to seek help from the government.Due to the heavy loans the head of their family had committed suicide. But the major question who will solve their problem? A meeting was called at the DC’s office on Friday to discuss their problems.The meeting aimed to identify cases of farmer suicides in Shimoga division and to disburse compensation under the special package announced by the Central Government. The poor condition of the families of the dead farmers was the main issue of […]

The great unravelling; Cotton suicides

The EconomistJanuary 20, 2007 Is globalisation killing India’s cotton farmers? RAW cotton from the fields outside Wardha rolls slowly into town, roped to the back of bullock carts. The animals’ horns are painted as brightly as the trucks that rattle past them. Their cargo is off-loaded in the forecourt of a ginning plant, where it collects in steep white mounds that look much like the snowscape of a fancy Swiss ski-resort. Only one in 12 of India’s farmers has ever heard of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The mostly illiterate cotton farmers of Vidarbha—the north-eastern corner of Maharashtra, where Wardha is located—surely count among the other 11. But even the […]

Money lenders to be dealt with an iron hand

Special Correspondent http://www.hindu.com/2007/01/19/stories/2007011913… Criminal cases to be booked Sections to vary depending on nature of harassment State Ministers appeal to ryots not to commit suicide HYDERABAD: Criminal cases will be booked hereafter against private money-lenders found harassing farmers for recovery of loans advanced at high interest rate. The specific sections of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) under which these cases are to be filed, however, will vary depending on the nature and degree of harassment. First case booked The first case in the State against a money-lender was booked recently in Warangal district where a farmer resorted to suicide unable to bear the harassment. Addressing a press conference here on […]

Farm widows in india fear crop of creditors

Run Date: 01/16/07 By Aparna PallaviWeNews correspondent In the past three years, farmers in a central India region have committed suicide by the thousands following bad harvests. Now, their widows are left to grieve and worry about the arrival of moneylenders and debts they don’t understand. NAGPUR, India (WOMENSENEWS)–A stuffed wildcat still hangs in the little verandah of Chadrakala Meshram’s house. Her late husband, who hanged himself on Oct. 2, 2006, killed and stuffed the animal himself for a local festival, she says, her eyes lighting up. “He would perform at the festivals every year,” she says. “He was a cheerful man. He loved to have fun; never one to […]

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