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The farmer isn't feeling good

http://vkshashikumar.blogspot.com/2007/03/farmer-i… You are Right, Mr. Advani, The Farmer isn’t Feeling GoodTehelkaFebruary 28, 2004Meeting a group of farmers last week, the Deputy Prime Minister said the rural sector had reason not to feel good. Tehelka correspondents fanned out to figure the truth about the condition of our farmers. A report from India’s crisis-ridden rural heartlands put together by VK ShashikumarTo the passing eye, Harikishenpura in Bhatinda is like any other Punjab village. But linger a moment and you will find something unsettling here, something almost surreal. And soon enough you know why. The village of 125 families has put itself up for sale. “We have asked Raja sahib (referring to chief […]

Governor vows relief measures for farmers

http://www.gulfnews.com/world/India/10108367.html By Akhel Mathew, Correspondent Thiruvananthapuram: Farm sector figures as the main thrust area of Kerala’s 2007 budget session that began yesterday. In his policy speech to the 12th session of the assembly, Governor R.L. Bhatia stressed that the crisis-ridden agriculture sector, which reported recently a string of farmers’ suicides due to financial troubles, would top the government’s priorities. The governor also focused on the need to concentrate on agriculture-related areas and “sunrise” fields like information technology and tourism. Bhatia declared the year ‘Haritha Varsham’ (year of agriculture). Aid would be made available to farmers in Palakkad and Idukki districts. A special council would be formed for the welfare of […]

Maharashtra govt. accuses PMO of delay in releasing funds for farmers

http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1941183,000…Satya PrakashNew Delhi, February 28, 2007 The Maharashtra Government has accused the Prime Minister’s Office of delay in releasing additional funds for ex-gratia assistance to suicide-affected farmers’ families in the state.Due to undue delay in release of money from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for this purpose, an amount of Rs 1.80 crore had to be earmarked from the chief minister’s fund for the purpose, the Maharashtra Government said in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court.This component of the package authorised district collectors to sanction Rs 10,000 for a suicide-affected family for health and education related expenses, it said, adding an amount of Rs 50 lakh each was […]

At the margin of economic boom

http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/life/2007/02/2… Rasheeda Bhagat There is a growing chorus against the viability of Indian agriculture. A checklist of concerns and a wish-list for Budget 2007… The tottering Mulayam Singh government in Uttar Pradesh faced another blow last week as 35-year-old Maniram, a farmer from Mahoba district, tried to immolate himself even as the UP Chief Minister was thundering at a rally in Mahoba: “Not a single farmer has committed suicide in UP during my regime and those making such claims are Opposition-sponsored agents. Farmer suicides are taking place only in Congress-ruled states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.” Maniram sustained over 50 per cent burn injuries and was in a serious condition. […]

Cotton prices wrecking Indian Farmers

http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/eo20070220a… By B. GAUTAM Special to The Japan Times MADRAS, India — The western Indian state of Maharashtra, whose capital is the nation’s financial capital Bombay, has made great strides in lifting cotton production. Land dedicated to growing cotton increased from 92,000 hectares in 2003 to 480,000 hectares in 2004, according to government sources. As more and more land continues to be planted in cotton, India has now joined the list of “biotech” mega-nations (those growing at least 50,000 hectares of biotech crop) — along with the United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, China, Paraguay and South Africa. Yet there is no sign of farmer suicides abating. In January alone, 62 […]

India-the land of contradictions

From Alternative Perspective by Madhukar ShuklaNOTE: 1 crore = 10mn; 1 lac = 0.1mn; $1 = about Rs.45India is world’s 2nd largest exporter of rice, and world’s 5th largest exporter of wheatOver past 5 years, on average 15,000 farmers have committed suicide every year (i.e., 4-5/day) due to poverty and indebtness. An Indian farmer household has an average debt of Rs 12,585 – 82% farmer households in Andhra Pradesh, 74.5% in Tamil Nadu, 65.4% in Punjab, 61.1% in Karnataka, 54.8% in Maharashtra, etc. live in debt.India is world’s 2nd largest fruit and vegetables producer, and the largest producer of milkOne third of India’s population goes hungry to bed everyday.India is […]

No government on earth can subsidize 60 % farmers

http://farmdebt.blogspot.com/2007/02/no-government… Dr Sudhir Kumar Goyal, Divisional Commissioner, Relief, Amravati, in an interview, has said that immediate relief had been given to farmers where interest worth Rs 782 cores had been waived off. But the entire loan cannot be waived. “Subsidies are given. But no government on earth can give subsidy to 60% of its farmers.” The Vidarbha farmers have been given fresh loans, which Dr Goel said was three times more than in the past. This is called “singing a tune as per the ears of the listener“. This is a sure indication that Congress political bigwigs are beginning to wake up to the rural crisis in Vidarbha and are […]

India's poor law

http://www.isvarmurti.com/2007/02/01/india’s-poor-… India’s poor politics, Hinders economic development. The Economist magazine, true to its verbal gymnastics, had called India’s much talked about employement guarantee programme (or just a promise on date?) as India’s poor law! In the same typical imperial mindset the magazine goes on to elaborate its wisdom as it see it. Of course what the Singh government is promising seems everyday becoming just hope! The budget’s first impression seems quite positive. On closer look there are some disquieting questions. The critics have ranged from known critics like S.Gurumurhty and theTN CM and some others. The budget doesnt give a specific agriculture development focus.What it gives as rural India development […]

Cooperative farm loans worth Rs. 4,836 crore to be waived

Special Correspondent http://www.hindu.com/2007/01/30/stories/2007013011… My Government will keep the promise: Kumaraswamy `Priority to develop tier-II and tier-III cities’ Government confident of service sector boom continuing PROMISES REPEATED: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy getting ready to address the Janata Dal (Secular) National Executive meeting held at Palace Grounds in Bangalore on Monday. — Photo: K. Gopinathan BANGALORE: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Monday said his Government was committed to its promise of waiving farm loans and said the total outstanding of farmers to the cooperative banks in the State, as on December 31 last, was Rs. 4,836.98 crore. In his address at the national council meeting of the Janata Dal (Secular) here, Mr. […]

Widows of the cotton world

Jaideep Hardikar http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1076687 Sunday, January 28, 2007  22:26 IST A common tragedy binds together the families of cotton farmers’ who have lost their lives. YAVATMAL: It’s a tale of three widows bound by a common thread of cotton; and policies of the state that their husbands vocally blamed for their plight before their death. Savita Ghugul’s husband Dinesh fell to the police bullets in December 2006 at Wani cotton procurement centre, when a mob of cotton growers erupted in anger over delay in procurement of cotton. Dinesh, 35, had left his home in Mendholi village the morning he died; his body returned the next day amid police protection. Sunita Girsawale’s […]

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