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Telangana Cooperatives Act 2016

The Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995 came in response to an understanding  in the state government, that the policy and legislative environment for investment sensitive, investor owned and controlled business was being increasingly opened, while usage-sensitive, user owned and controlled business continue to be very tightly controlled. In order for rural producers and others to engage with labour, financial, commodity markets effectively, it was understood that disadvantages communities needed a more liberal cooperative law. However, the G.O.28 significantly takes away the spirit of autonomy available in the AP Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995. The G.O. assuming that cooperatives as “peoples” institutions – Cooperatives are not peoples’ […]

Cooperatives Vs Corporates

We’re being told by today’s High Priests of Conventional Wisdom that everyone and everything in our economic cosmos necessarily revolves around one dazzling star: the corporation. This heavenly institution, the HPCW explain, has such financial and political mass that it is the optimal force for organizing and directing our society’s economic affairs, including the terms of employment and production. While other forces are in play (workers, consumers, the environment, communities and so forth), they are subordinate to the superior gravitational pull of the corporate order. Profits, executive equanimity and a healthy Wall Street pulse rate are naturally the economy’s foremost concerns. How nice. For the wealthy few. Not nice for […]

Simple Guide to setup farmers cooperatives


Supreme Court’s judgment of 2nd September 2011 in Andhra Pradesh Dairy Cooperatives case: says protection available under Art. 14 & 19

Supreme Court endorses Cooperative Principles and says Protection under Articles 14 and 19 is available to Cooperatives [Supreme Court’s judgment of 2nd September 2011 in Andhra Pradesh Dairy Cooperatives case: A note on from Rama Reddy, Hyderabad] Dear friends of cooperatives, 1. These are the days of the Reddy Brothers of Karnataka, Jagan & Kiran Reddys of Andhra Pradesh, etc. More than proverbial twice, I asked myself whether it was the right time for Rama Reddy of Hyderabad to get into circulation. Since I have to share with you a significant event on a subject of mutual interest to you and me, there is no escape from writing a note, […]

We need to get into mission mode on promoting cooperatives in right spirit: Interview with Shashi Rajagopalan

http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/opinion/interviews/we-need-to-get-into-mission-mode-on-promoting-co-operatives-in-right-spirit-shashi-rajagopalan-board-member-rbi-and-nabard/articleshow/9355597.cms 25 JUL, 2011, 10.45AM IST, M RAJSHEKHAR,ET BUREAU We need to get into mission mode on promoting co-operatives in right spirit: Shashi Rajagopalan With the growing recognition that much more needs to be done to encourage the emergence of self-reliant farmer organisations, reviving India’sco-operatives is back on the agenda. Shashi Rajagopalan, till recently on the board of the RBI, gained hands-on experience in promoting credit cooperatives and farmers’ agri-processing units during a two-decade stint working on the creation of co-operatives. In this interview, Rajagopalan illustrates why India needs co-operatives and discusses how they should be revived. The interview is also a fascinating look into a newly independent India’s early […]

The Amul Story Manthan – mero gaam katha parey

A for AMUL…

Inspiring Story of India’s White Revolution Ajit Kanitkar tells the fascinating story of AMUL – the White Revolution that moved India from being a net importer of dairy products in 1950s to a net exporter in a span of just over 50 years. It was sometime in 1992 that we, a family of three (me, my wife and our three-year-old son), were walking on that road in the town of Anand in Kheda district of Gujarat. It was the only big road that connected the Anand railway station to my workplace, Institute of Rural Management (IRMA). IRMA, where I was a faculty between 1992-1995 was located away from the town, […]

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