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Meeting of Scientific Advisory Council of PM on Biotechnology and Agriculture

 http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=88271  With the growing amount of evidences on the problems of GM crops and the CBD  talking about liability and redress in case of damage….the meetinicg of scientific committee supports GM crops Press Information Bureau Government of India Ministry of Science & Technology 09-October-2012 17:52 IST Meeting of Scientific Advisory Council of PM on Biotechnology and Agriculture Scientific and technological breakthroughs of a transformational nature relevant to economic and social development happen only once in a while. The emergence of such technologies evokes responses according to a pattern: initial excitement, followed by strong expression of concern and then emergence of a balanced perspective. Transformational technologies in the past, such as […]

Cotton crisis goes much beyond Bt and those two villages

 http://beyondmargins.blogspot.in/2012/09/cotton-crisis-goes-much-beyond-bt-and.html  Jaideep Hardikar This one’s not to argue, but debate (which is significantly different a notion than argument) Mr Milind Murugkar’s observations in his piecepublished in the Economic Times of September 27, 2012. First, the two villages Mr Murugkar quotes in his piece – Bhambraja and Antargaon (in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha) – are torn between the Bt cotton-seed producing companies and a section of Bt-cotton critics; more due to the former lobby’s insistence that GM cotton has helped farmers reap a harvest of gold! They have been the showcase villages for Monsanto in a sense that some journalists and writers have been taken by the company in the past to […]

As cotton fields thrive, so do concerns

A decade after Bt cotton was approved, it remains mired in controversy Pramit Bhattacharya  First Published: Tue, Oct 02 2012. 10 06 PM IST Changed preferences: Farmers in Khamba used to cultivate groundnuts, but switched to cotton in mid-1990s. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint RELATED Vidarbha’s tryst with Bt Cotton Vidarbha’s tryst with Bt Cotton The battle of the bourses Untangling the knot between Mumbai and its mills Is India facing another drought? Updated: Wed, Oct 03 2012. 01 03 AM IST Khambha (Gujarat): The farmer in Nanudi village in south Gujarat, roughly 350km from Ahmedabad, is among the overwhelming majority of Indian cotton growers who have sown Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) cotton this year. Unlike […]

Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. — the first sixteen years

Charles M Benbrook Correspondence: Charles M Benbrook cbenbrook@wsu.edu Author affiliations Citations Environmental Sciences Europe 2012, 24:24 doi:10.1186/2190-4715-24-24 Published: 28 September 2012 Abstract (provisional) Background Genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant and insect-resistant crops have been remarkable commercial successes in the United States. Few independent studies have calculated their impacts on pesticide use per hectare or overall pesticide use, or taken into account the impact of rapidly spreading glyphosate-resistant weeds. A model was developed to quantify by crop and year the impacts of six major transgenic pest-management traits on pesticide use in the U.S. over the 16-year period, 1996–2011: herbicide-resistant corn, soybeans, and cotton; Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn targeting the European corn borer; Bt corn for corn rootworms; […]

Vidarbha’s tryst with Bt Cotton

http://www.livemint.com/Politics/ldOqQmHGPlK2asIy0SQY4I/Vidarbhas-tryst-with-Bt-Cotton.html While yields, profits increased initially, rise in input costs, non-remunerative prices have reduced earnings Pramit Bhattacharya  First Published: Tue, Oct 02 2012. 10 09 PM IST In Maharashtra, the second largest cotton growing state in the country after Gujarat, the state government plans to review whether agricultural technologies such as Bt are suitable in rain-fed or non-irrigated regions such as Vidarbha. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint RELATED As cotton fields thrive, so do concerns Indiabulls Power asked to submit water saving plan Untangling the knot between Mumbai and its mills Wardha (Maharashtra): In the winter of 2005, a sleepy village in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra served a wake-up call to the […]

Report: A Decade of Bt Cotton in India 2002-2012

Download the report 2012 A Decade of Bt cotton Workshop report

Constructing Facts: Bt Cotton Narratives in India

http://www.epw.in/special-articles/constructing-facts.html A group of researchers and industry writers have constructed a narrative of technological triumph for Bt  cotton in India, based on an empirical record of superior performance compared to conventional seed. Counterclaims of Bt cotton failure are attributed to mutually reinforcing interactions among non-governmental organisations which avoid rigorous comparisons. However, researchers and the biotechnology industry are also engaged in a similar authentication loop for generating, validating, and publicising such facts. With Bt cotton, the convention of routinely ignoring the effects of selection bias and cultivation bias benefits researchers, journals and the industry, but keeps us from drawing meaningful conclusions about the relative performance of the technology. But as poor as the case for isolating the technology impact of Bt cotton in India […]

MPs’ report refutes TOI’s BT Cotton stories

Buried in a parliamentary committee report is a refutation by villagers of TOI’s controversial stories on BT cotton’s virtues, published in 2008 and reprinted in the paper as paid news in 2011.   PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA revisits the saga Saturday, Sep 01 http://www.thehoot.org/web/MPs–report-refutes-TOI-s-BT-Cotton-stories/6226-1-1-1-true.html Allegations leveled by Palagummi Sainath, Rural Affairs Editor of The Hindu newspaper that its competing daily, theTimes of India, published an article at the behest of Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech without disclosing this fact to its readers and subsequently gained financially from its publication, have been endorsed by a committee of Parliamentarians in a recently-published report. Whereas the report, prepared by a panel of MPs belonging to different political parties, does not mention the ToI by […]

Bt cotton had no significant benefits for the farmers: Report

http://www.tehelka.com/story_main53.asp?filename=Ws140812AGRICULTURE.asp CURRENT AFFAIRS AGRICULTURE A Parliamentary committee report highlights the gaps in the regulatory mechanism for GM crops in India By Neha Saigal ALSO READ Bt cotton kills pests or farmers? The Taste Of Blood The voices of opposition to Genetically Modified (GM) crops worldwide reflected in India since the approvals for field trials of Bt cotton were given by the regulatory system in the late 1990s. They only grew louder and more prominent when the regulatory body in India, the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) took the unthoughtful decision to commercialise Bt brinjal. These voices were not just of the usual suspects – the civil society – but those of […]

Cotton brings doom to tribal farmers

http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/agriculture/article3666980.ece?homepage=true S. Harpal Singh Share  ·   Comment   ·   print   ·   T+ The Hindu A Gond farmer tills a piece of unfit rocky land on Talamadugu hills in Adilabad district. Photo: S. Harpal Singh Desperation seems to have caught up with the normally imperturbable tribal farmers of Adilabad which is evident from the abnormally large number of suicides by them since 2011. As many as 27 of them, all cotton farmers including a woman, from the aboriginal Gond, Naikpod, Mannepu and the Lambada plains tribe, figure in the list of 101 cotton farmers who have committed suicide since January 2011. Giving up life, for whatever reason, was hitherto an unknown phenomenon in the primitive tribal communities which, paradoxically, […]

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