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Bills affecting agriculture before parliament for approaval

friends there are five bills which are pending before parliament and may come up for approval in this session starting from22nd nov. We request you to kindly share the following concerns and suggestions on these bills with your MPs and request them to bring them up while during discussion.  This would of great help. We keep you posted on the developments. Courtesy: Dr. Donthi Narasimha Reddy BRAI Bill-clausewise problems Pesticide Bill-clausewise problems Seed Bill 2010 – Problems and suggestions Suggestions on LA-APKisan ASHA response to National Food Security Bill pls contact ramoo.csa@gmail.com for other language versions

Letters to PM on crop trials

Letters to PM on crop trials OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT Patna, Nov. 7: Three NDA MPs from Bihar — C.P. Thakur of the BJP, Jai Narayan Nishad and Anil Kumar Sahani of the JD(U)— have written separate letters to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing concern over reports of Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill being introduced in the winter session of Parliament. They have sought an intervention to stop the process in the interest of farmers. “I have strong objections to it being infringement on the authority of the state on matters related to agriculture and health,” said Thakur in his letter. He also objected to the fact that the proposed […]

Better (regu) late than never…but watch out, it’s GE!

A critique of the BRAI bill by Shalini Bhutani The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill surfaced quietly in the List of Business for Lok Sabha in August 2011. It did not however make it for introduction in this session of Parliament. Yet the din about it outside the legislature refuses to settle down. The Bill once again sets off discussions in India on what a regulatory regime for modern biotechnology in the country ought to be like. If the Authority does see the light of day, it would do so after the very first decade (2002-2012) of India’s experience with GE crops. So one way to view the […]

Biotech bill against the spirit of Gandhi: M S Swaminathan

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/-Biotech-bill-against-the-spirit-of-Gandhi-M-S-Swaminathan/articleshow/10213483.cms Printed from Karthikeyan Hemalatha, TNN | Oct 3, 2011, 04.47AM IST CHENNAI: On the 142nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, noted agricultural scientist M S Swaminathan told The Times of India that the proposed Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (Brai) bill is against the spirit of Gandhi and decentralised governance. “The bill has a single-window clearance for the release of genetically modified crops. Unlike the National Biodiversity Act, the Brai bill does not consult with people at the panchayat level,” said Swaminathan who proposed in 2003 the idea of an autonomous and professionally led body for assessing the safety of genetically modified crops. “There is also a case of conflict of interest. The […]

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh: BRAI Bill – Bulldozing public opinion

http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/raghuvansh-prasad-singh-brai-bill-bulldozing-public-opinion/449406/ Raghuvansh Prasad Singh / September 17, 2011, 0:05 IST The government has finalised the draft of the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill. A close reading of the draft shows that, on the one hand, this Bill intends to provide single-window clearance to genetically-modified (GM) crops promoted by multinational seed companies; on the other, it ignores the possible risks and threats to our agriculture, health and environment from this controversial technology. The nation saw a widespread debate on Bt brinjal, the first GM food crop to have been considered for commercial cultivation in the country. Public consultations organised during that debate clearly highlighted the objections and concerns of […]

NCPRI opposes the introduction of Biotechnology Regulator y Author ity of India Bill [BRAI], 2011, calls it undemocratic.

righttoinformation.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/NCPRI-Statement-on-introduction-of-BRAI-Bill.doc Press Statement: 7th September 2011 The National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) strongly condemns the anti-transparency provisions proposed in the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill (BRAI) 2011 and the attempt to override provisions of the Right to Information Act by empowering the proposed authority as the final decision maker in matters of release of information. The Bill is in violation of the provisions and spirit of the Right to Information Act. The provisions laid out in section 2, section 28, section 70, Section 77 undermine the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression , and the right to life, by violating provisions and protection of […]

बायो तकनीकी नियंत्रण अथारिटी 2011: बिल और विमर्श

पार्लमेंट के सामने पेश करने वाले बायो तकनीकी नियंत्रण अथारिटी 2011 बिल और विमर्श. बायो तकनीकी नियंत्रण अथारिटी 2011 बायो तकनीकी नियंत्रण अथारिटी 2011 विमर्श

Govt remains non-committed on introducing biotechnology authority bill : Pharma industry complains

http://www.pharmabiz.com/NewsDetails.aspx?aid=64993&sid=1 Joseph Alexander, New Delhi Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 08:00 Hrs [IST] The fate of the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill (BRAI) hangs in balance, with the Union Government remaining non-committal on the time frame to introduce the much-awaited bill in the Parliament. Though the bill was expected to make into the House during the just-concluded monsoon Session, it was not tabled. Without specifying time-frame for its introduction, the Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Ashwani Kumar has stated that a draft bill was ready to establish the BRAI. “According to BRAI Bill, 2011, the Authority will be an autonomous body and statutory agency to regulate the […]

Ministerial shift in govt’s new GM crop regulation

http://epaper.mailtoday.in/epaperhome.aspx?issue=1782011 Ministerial shift in govt’s new GM crop regulation Dinesh C. Sharma/ Delhi IN A major shift in the regulatory regime for genetically modified ( GM) crops, the government has decided to take away regulatory powers from the environment ministry. Instead, it has decided to entrust the powers to a centralised three- member committee that will be housed in the ministry of science and technology which is a funding agency for GM crop development. The chairperson and two members of the proposed regulatory body will be selected by a committee of officials under the convenership of an official of the department of biotechnology, according to the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of […]

Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill to be tabled tomorrow in parliament-read the bill

Friends tomorrow the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill wpuld be tabled in parliament.  Please find enclosed the copy for your reference.  Act quickly alert your acquaintances in parliament. BRAI_Bill_2011 latest draft response to BRAI Bill 2009

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