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To fix BPL, nix CPL : P. Sainath

The Hindu To get the Below Poverty Line figures in perspective, we need to closely monitor the numbers driving the Corporate Plunder Line. One Tendulkar makes the big scores. The other wrecks the averages. The Planning Commission clearly prefers Suresh to Sachin. Using Professor Tendulkar’s methodology, it declares that there’s been another massive fall in poverty. Yes, another (“more dramatic in the rural areas”). “Record Fall in Poverty” reads one headline. The record is in how many times you’ve seen the same headline over the years. And how many times poverty has collapsed, only to bounce back when the math is done differently. Download PDF And so, a mere 29.9 […]

Kaun Banega Scorepati?

Jean Dreze, The Hindu, Op-Ed November 28, 2011 The Socio-Economic and Caste Census is supposed to “rank” rural households on a scale of ‘0 to 7.’ Pictured here are villagers at Maripalle, near Visakhapatnam. Photo: K.R. Deepak The National Food Security Bill makes a futile and counterproductive distinction between ‘Priority’ and ‘General’ households, even after excluding 25 per cent of the rural population. There is no typo in the title of this article, but the term “scorepati” is perhaps confusing. By way of explanation, let me introduce three acquaintances. Meena, age 50, lives in a two-room kaccha hut with her disabled husband Chhote Lal who studied up to Class 2. […]

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