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Impact of Climate Change on Marginalized Women – An exploratory study across 6 districts in Assam

2012 Assam Impact of Climate Change on Marginalized Women  Download the report   This Report has been prepared by the Centre for Environment, Social and Policy Research (CESPR), and Rashtriya  ramin Vikas Nidhi (RGVN) in collaboration with Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC). CESPR is a Guwahati based organization engaged in research and advocacy on various social and environmental issues, which includes climate change, across the North East of India. RGVN is a development support organization, and over the years it has been able to groom and support small organizations involved in various livelihood enhancement programmes. INECC is a loosely structured national network comprising of individuals and organization representatives interested in the climate issue from a micro-macro perspective. It connects […]

Scientist’s warning on farmer suicides: Assam

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/guwahati/Scientists-warning-on-farmer-suicides/articleshow/13749856.cms GUWAHATI: Agriculture scientist GV Ramanjaneyulu on Saturday said Assam could go the Chhattisgarh way in terms of farmers’ suicides if the state government fails to implement concrete measures in protecting the interests of farmers. The scientist was speaking at an interactive session titled “The Current Crisis in Indian Agriculture and the Way Forward” held in Cotton College State University, organized by its department of economics. He emphasized on the comparisons between Assam and Chhattisgarh in terms of production of different varieties of rice and engagement of tribals in farming and agriculture. “What happened in Chhattisgarh was quite unfortunate because the state government had decided to introduce hybrid rice which almost made the traditional varieties extinct. […]

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