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-9% growth suggests agrarian crisis: experts

http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Mumbai/9-growth-suggests-agrarian-crisis-experts/Article1-830070.aspx If experts and policy makers are to be believed, the dip in agricultural growth from 18.8% in 2010-11 to -9% in 2011-12 — as reflected in the economic survey — could be symptomatic of an ongoing agrarian crisis in the state. Picture this. The production of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, cotton and almost all produce in the food basket dipped in 2011-12, the fall ranging from 6 to 24%. The state produced 96.62 lakh metric tonnes of cereals as against our requirement of 132.06 lakh metric tonnes. Dr Ajay Dandekar, agrarian economist, Central University, Gandhinagar, said: “This kind of decline is not one-off. It is reflective of an ongoing […]

Gadkari aims to make agriculture profitable

November 27, 2011 THE TIMES OF INDIA http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Gadkari-aims-to-make-agriculture-profitable/articleshow/10892127.cms NAGPUR: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Nitin Gadkari, who has big plans for making agriculture a profitable vocation in the region, is organizing the second exposition for farmers – Agrovision 2012. Leaders of other political parties have been roped in to ensure maximum participation. The expo will be held from January 27 to 30 at Reshimbagh Ground. Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Gadkari said that the organizing committee had planned to hold a large number of programmes for increasing the income of farmers. “This will have to be achieved by going in for new crops, using the right kind of […]

Agriculture: be like Gujarat

Shankar Acharya: Other states have much to learn from Indian agriculture’s star performer Shankar Acharya / New Delhi July 14, 2011, 0:11 IST   In the 60 years since 1950 Indian agriculture has recorded an average growth rate of 2.7 per cent per year. In the past 30 years, the rate has crept slightly above three per cent, well short of the four per cent target set in successive recent Five-Year Plans. Most analysts infer that it would take great good luck (with weather) or a sweeping revolution in policy design and implementation to achieve and sustain four per cent growth. Is that really so?   For a more optimistic answer […]


http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Study-disputes-Gujarats-miracle-in-agriculture-growth/articleshow/6897547.cms#ixzz158BwAFjL Rajiv Shah, TNN, Nov 10, 2010, 06.12am IST GANDHINAGAR: A new study, meant for “restricted circulation”, is creating ripples among state’s policy-makers, who have, for over a year, cited an analysis by scholars Tushaar Shah and Ashok Gulati for the International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka, to say that Gujarat’s “miracle agricultural growth” since 2000 is a trend-setter for India. The new study, “Gujarat’s agricultural growth story: exploding some myths”, says the talk of “high growth in the early years of the new millennium” of 9.6 per cent per annum is “misleading” and “distorted”. Carried out by M Dinesh Kumar, A Narayanamoorthy, OP Singh, MVK Sivamohan, Manoj Sharma and […]

Games the Centre plays

http://www.downtoearth.org.in/node/1736 States used Essential Commodities Act to lower the price of Bt cotton And states fight back For the past five years, the Centre and the states have been fighting a battle over seed pricing with Delhi frequently changing the rules to outsmart state governments that had decided to clamp down on predatory pricing. Although agriculture is a state subject, the power to fix prices had remained with the Centre—until the states decided to take matters into their own hands. They passed enabling legislation that allowed them to regulate prices as and when required. Andhra Pradesh has been most tenacious in safeguarding its farmers from what it terms the exploitative […]

Seeds of strife

http://www.downtoearth.org.in/node/1737 Author(s): Latha Jishnu Issue: Aug 31, 2010 The Seed Bill takes away states’ power to regulate seed prices, could lead to Centre-state confrontation Photos: Surya Sen IT WAS yet another meeting in a series that began six years ago. On July 28, close to 40 members of Parliament and state leaders met in Room 124 of Krishi Bhavan, the Delhi headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, in what seemed a last-ditch attempt to thrash out the contested points in a proposed law to regulate the seeds trade. The meeting was called by Minister for Agriculture Shared Pawar, who had put together the first draft of the Seed Bill in […]

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