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Dust bowl (1930s) USA video footage

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The Plow That Broke the Plains, ca. 1937

Very interesting documentary regarding agrarian history of the world

Green Village Enebavi-story on ABN Andhra Jyoti

Rice Advice: Videos on Managing Soil Fertility

Watch: More information: Produced by: Africa Rice Center Year: 2011 Language: English Related: Rice Advice: transplantation 14579 Views Rice Advice: Land Preparation 13483 Views Conseils aux riziculteurs: Tri de la semence 13809 Views Rice Advice: Well-dried seed is good seed 9804 Views Rice Advice: Effective weed management 10104 Views Rice Advice: The Seedbed 13211 Views Journey of the Soil 1881 Views The Gathering Storm: Swapping crops 6800 Views

The End of Poverty

The aphorism “The poor are always with us” dates back to the New Testament, but while the phrase is still sadly apt in the 21st century, few seem to be able to explain why poverty is so widespread. Activist filmmaker Philippe Diaz examines the history and impact of economic inequality in the third world in the documentary The End of Poverty?, and makes the compelling argument that it’s not an accident or simple bad luck that has created a growing underclass around the world. Diaz traces the growth of global poverty back to colonization in the 15th century, and features interviews with a number of economists, sociologists, and historians who […]

Over-Fertilized Soil Threatens India’s Farmlands

Popularized during the Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, fertilizers helped boost crop yields and transformed India into a nation that could feed itself. But now their overuse is degrading the farmland. WSJ’s Geeta Anand reports.

Not a very green revolution

Not a very Green Revolution from the source project on Vimeo. We are now witnessing the beginning of the second Green Revolution in India. The Punjab in the north west of India was an experiment to test an oil based, chemically dependent, corporately controlled model. The land, the water and its inhabitants are now testament to a failed system. A system driven not by a desire to enhance an already sustainable system but to destroy it and replace it with one orientated around profit and plunder. The film is from an interview taken with Indian food policy analyst Devinder Sharma​ and the farming communities of Punjab. Produced by Chintan […]

Excerpts of P Sainath’s speech On Farmer Suicides in India at Pondicherry University-The Inquirer

Criminal Waste of Food Grain

Punjab has had a bumper wheat crop this year, the yield touching 135 lakh metric tons. But the storage agencies in the state have only 30 Lakh MT of indoor space, that is already occupied by the stocks of previous batches. Wheat of the older batches is dotting several places in Punjab and Haryana where stocks have rotted long ago, and foul smell now emanates from it making life miserable for the people living in the nearby area. With the arrival of the monsoon, this rot is only going to get bigger. Times Now visited one such outdoor storage facility where over one lakh sixty thousand quintals of wheat has […]

Farmer suicides increase at an alarming rate

A old but interesting news story about farmers suicides in India. Rupasree Nanda, Jan 18th 2011 CNN-IBN New Delhi: January 18: Some alarming revelations have surfaced from a new study. A record 2.5 lakh farmers have committed suicide in India over the last 13 years. Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar’s home state Maharashtra tops the list. It has the worst record for the 10th consecutive year. According to The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, more than 2,16, 000 farmers have committed suicide since 1997. P Sainath, Rural Affairs editor for ‘The Hindu’, says: Add figures for the years 1995 and 1996 and 2010, the total figure crosses 2,50,000! UPA 2 […]

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