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Small (Organic Retail) is beautiful

A booklet brought out by ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture) on small retail outlets. This small booklet, presenting a few successful and inspiring cases of direct marketing by farmers, retail marketing for organic produce and an emerging Community Supported Agriculture model, is meant to showcase the possibilities that exist with such enterprises. The possibilities are related to both production-end issues as well as consumption-end. The objective however is to ensure that agri-producers have a better deal when they negotiate with markets and that consumers have access to safe, diverse and nutritious food, in addition to making informed choices regarding their buying behavior (choices that determine sustainability and […]

Jayati Gosh Commission Report on Farmers suicides in AP 2004

2004 jayati gosh Full_Report_Commission_Farmer_AP Committee report submitted in 2004 by a committee appointed by YS Rajashekar Reddy to look into farmers suicides and recommend solutions.  However, important points of suggestions were never implemented

Hungry for innovation: pathways from GM crops to agroecology

#GMCrops #Biosafety #AgroEcology Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovation David  A.   Quist,   Jack  A.   Heinemann,  Anne   I.   Myhr,   Iulie  Aslaksen   and   Silvio   Funtowicz Hungry for innovation: pathways from GM crops to agroecology Emerging issues | Hungry for innovation: pathways from GM crops to agroecology download Innovation’s potential to deliver food security and solve other agriculture-related problems is high on the agenda of virtually all nations. This chapter looks at two different examples of food and agricultural innovation: genetically modified (GM) crops and agroecological methods, which illustrate how different innovation strategies affect future agricultural and social options. GM crops are well […]

Water in India – Situation and Prospects

The ‘Water in India: Situation and Prospects’ report presents information on the water sector in an integrated, holistic manner. The report  compiles data on the full range of water issues from water hydrogeology to resource use, water quality, health impact, agricultural productivity, livelihoods, governance and gender.    In producing this report, the UN in India hopes to contribute to efforts by the Government of India and partners to manage water resources more effectively during implementation of the Twelfth Five Year Plan.   Improved management of water resources will have a major impact on India’s social and productive progress. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of child health. […]

Bt Cotton Questions and Answers: CICR

Author: K.R. Kranthi, Director, Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur Source: Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI), Mumbai Published Year: 2012 The Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI) has recently released a comprehensive book on “Bt Cotton Questions & Answers” authored by Dr. K R Kranthi, Director of the ICAR’s Central Institute of Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur, India. The book has hundred questions on Bt cotton, time and again raised by farmers, scientist colleagues, parliamentarians, family and friends. Dr Kranthi succinctly answers questions that remain unanswered even after 10 years of Bt cotton journey in India since its commercialization in 2002. The book provides basic information and data to enhance […]

Seed Giants vs US Farmers

As Challenge over Seed Rights Approaches Supreme Court, New Report Exposes Devastating Impact of Monsanto Practices on U.S. Farmers WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 12, 2013 – Center for Food Safety and Save Our Seeds Investigate Role of Seed Patents in Consolidating Corporate Control of Global Food Supply Today, one week before the Supreme Court hears arguments in Bowman v. Monsanto Co., the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and Save our Seeds (SOS) – two legal and policy organizations dedicated to promoting safe, sustainable food and farming systems – will launch their new report, Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers. (download) The new report investigates how the current seed patent regime has led to a radical shift to […]

Karnataka: Budget proposes Farmers Income Commision

Karnataka Government proposes to establish Farmers Income Commission in the new budget The Karnataka Agriculture Budget for 2013-14 is at (go to Part I Agriculture). Some of the schemes and strategies announced, that caught my attention, are pasted below: 14. Creation of basic database of farmers and distribution of pass books: Database containing comprehensive information (land holding, category, address, facilities availed etc) of farmers has to be created with the integration of ‘Bhoomi’ project with the existing “Aadhar” database in the State. This information   will be useful to enable greater attention hereafter for categories and areas which have got less importance till now and for formulating agriculture related policies.   A pass book containing all this information will be provided to the farmers.  A […]

SUSTAINABLE DIETS AND BIODIVERSITY The book presents the current state of thought on the common path of sustainable diets and biodiversity. The articles contained herein were presented at the International Scientific Symposium “Biodiversity and Sustainable Diets: United Against Hunger” organized jointly by FAO and Bioversity International, held at FAO, in Rome, from 3 to 5 November 2010. The Symposium was part of the official World Food Day/Week programme, and include done of the many activities in celebration of International Year of Biodiversity, 2010. The Symposium addressed the linkages among agriculture, biodiversity, nutrition, food production, food consumption and the environment. The Symposium served as a platform for reaching a consensus definition of “sustainable diets” and to further develop this concept with food and nutrition security, and the realization […]


Compiled by Rosemary Mason MB ChB FRCA on behalf of a global network of beekeepers, toxicologists, scientists, farmers and environmentalists. Within it, Georgina Downs, founder of the UK Pesticides Campaign, has given a summary her evidence Global Human Health in the hands of the Pesticides Industry

30 Years of genetically engineered plants – Consequences of commercial growing in the US Munich/ Berlin 01.02.2013 Today in Berlin a new report was published presenting a critical assessment of the consequences of the commercial cultivation of genetically engineered plants in the US. The first genetically engineered plants were created 30 years ago in Europe and the US. Commercial growing in the USA began almost 20 years ago, but in the EU, acceptance of these crops is much lower. Nevertheless, companies are asking for further authorisations for cultivation, including in the EU. In the light of this development, past experience in the USA was assessed and recommendations made for the future handling of this technology in the EU. Some of the principal findings […]

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