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Every Thirty Minutes Farmer Suicides, Human Rights, and Agrarian Crisis in India

Download the report EVERY THIRTY MINUTES FARMER SUICIDES, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND THE AGRARIAN CRISIS IN INDIA A new report on farmer suicides in India from the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University Law School offers a damning indictment of Bt cotton. EXCERPT from interview with the report’s author: The Bt cottonseed, which is — has been marketed by Monsanto, among other multinationals, requires two resources that are already scarce for most Indian smallholder farmers. That’s money and water. Bt cottonseeds cost anywhere from two times to 10 times as much as regular cottonseed, and they also require a great deal more water in order to yield […]

MP committee slams govt's farmer policy

NDTV CorrespondentWednesday, March 21, 2007 (New Delhi): Empty promises, persistent government apathy where even the Prime Minister’s Vidarbha relief package does not take off.This is not an attack by the opposition but a scathing indictment of the government by a Parliamentary Committee.Farmer anger from Nandigram to Punjab over SEZ. The other face of despair is a suicide graph that stains state after state as a recurring shortage of onions and pulses fuels the price rise.As agriculture lurches from one crisis to another, a parliamentary report has slammed the entire government saying these are mere symptoms of a deeper malaise.“The Committee wonders whether the government is waiting for farmers of these […]

Centre serious about implementing Swaminathan report… S. Rajendran Agriculture Minister Pawar says it has been sent to the Ministries concerned for their views Sharad Pawar BANGALORE: Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Saturday said the Centre was serious about implementing the recommendations of the National Commission on Agriculture headed by M.S. Swaminathan. He told The Hindu here that the voluminous report had been sent to the Ministries concerned, asking them to give their feedback in quick time. “Thereafter, I will place the report, with the views of the various Ministries, before the Cabinet for approval. I am confident that this exercise will be completed in about three months. We are privileged that an international agriculture […]

NGOs have not changed the Rural India's face… What hopes NGO would make a change this time? President Abdul Kalam inaugurated a three-day national summit on rural NGOs in Delhi in April, 2006. He spoke with much candour and conviction. What he said is that a large number of NGOs that get lots of foreign funds don’t spend them properly. The funds don’t reach the target groups in the grass-roots. Yes, that is what the President conveyed. What we all know for sure is the fact that all NGOs are no angels. There are rogues and scoundrels as well! Yes, there are many so-called NGO activities that are positively harmful. From being anti-national activities to religious propaganda […]

A study on the prices of major agricultural crops of kerala

(By: Dr. P.Yageen Thomas . Dept of Statistics. University of Kerala) In this study, we consider the prices of nine important crops of Kerala viz. (1) Coconut (Derivatives: Copra and Coconut Oil) (2) Paddy (3) Pepper (4) Arecanut (5) Ginger (6) Cardamom (7) Rubber (8) Tea and (9) Coffee. The price indices are calculated by taking 1983 as the base year for the first seven crops and 1995 is considered as the base year for Tea and coffee as for these crops price data are available from the year 1995 only. To compare the amount of increase in the prices of Agricultural Produces to the extent it is necessary to […]

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