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Cotton Farmers demands C.B.I. probe in to alleged Rs.500 Crore scam of Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran to stop Cotton Bale-Yarn Export

The present cotton crisis in India is result of wrong policies enforced by ex-textile minister of India to protect interest on handful textile mill owners which has denied best available price of cotton to 1 billion cotton farmers of India and resulted in the total losses of more than Rs.20,000 crore to farmers and local ginners and traders as complete ban on export from January to may 2011 has forced to them to offload the cotton or cotton bales at the half price which was prevailing till march 2011 .all decision of putting stringent restrictions of cotton bales export even on cotton yarn and cotton waste was to favor textile […]

Producing Under nutrition-talk by Dr. Veena Shatrugna on 18th June

he  nutritional  status  of  the  poor  in  India maybe  described  as  alarming. Most  of  the  indicators  of  nutrition  status  such  as  adult weights,  heights  BMI,  percentage  of children who  are  severely malnourished, mean  birth weights,  infant mortality  rates,  dietary intakes and unacknowledged starvation deaths confirm this  fact.  Hunger  is as widespread as  it is invisible to the scientific eye.  The question that must be asked is how did India get into this trap of under nutrition with such serious consequences? Chronic hunger as it exists in India can be largely traced to the rapid scientific advances in the area of food and nutrition analysis, and classification. In addition, from 1940s, the dietary requirements of populations was laid out in terms of calories, with the assumption that foods which are culturally and regionally appropriate such as rice, eggs, milk, fowl, pulses, fish, greens, etc. would be […]


The Odisha police have called in heavy reinforcements and are moving into positions all evening around the villages of Dhinkia and Gobindpur in Jagatsinghpur District of Odisha state. These villages form the epicentre of over 6 years of successful peaceful resistance to the scandalous POSCO steel-mining-power-port project – the world’s largest. This project is being pushed through by Odisha and Indian Governments in blatant violation of fundamental rights and a variety of environmental and economic laws of India. According to confirmed sources within the Odisha establishment, the attack on this peaceful resistance is more than likely early morning tomorrow, if the police do not unleash terror overnight. The resilient people […]


REVOKE THE ILLEGAL LEASE GRANTED IN THE KANNEDHARA HILLS: 120 TRIBALS ARRESTED, PREVENTED FROM MEETING A.P. CM by Srinivas Ganjivarapu on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 5:53pm 9th June, 2011 REVOKE THE ILLEGAL LEASE GRANTED IN THE KANNEDHARA HILLS:  120 TRIBALS ARRESTED, PREVENTED FROM MEETING A.P. CM   Brief Background: Who We Are: We, who are protesting against this destructive mining of our hills, are from the Savara andJatapu tribes.  We are culturally, socially and economically bound to the glorious Kannedhara Hills in Pulliputti panchayat, Seethampeta Mandal, Srikakulam District where no quarrying is allowed. We worship the Kannedhara Konda as our deity and temples dedicated to Lord Anjaneya and local deity Polamma have […]

On Health per acre: Organic solutions to hunger and malnutrition: Innovative solutions to the food crisis

Book release Health Per Acre On 26th March 2011 Navdanya’s latest report “Health per Acre: Organic Solutions to Hunger and Malnutrition” by Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Vaibhav Singh was released by Sayeda Hameed, Member of the Planning Commission. India is faced with a triple food crisis – an agrarian crisis, the tragic symptom of which is 250,000 farmers’ suicides, the rising food prices and food inflation and the hunger and malnutrition crisis. All three crises have common roots – a non sustainable, inefficient system of food production and the commodification of food. The report shows how biodiverse ecological agriculture produces more health and nutrition per acre while increasing farmers’ […]

The expression of Bt endotoxin Cry1Ac has detrimental effect on the in vitro regeneration as well as in vivo growth and development of tobacco and cotton transgenics

Press release Download the article There has been considerable interest and activity in genetically engineering insect-resistant crop plants using Cry genes encoding insect toxins from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. The proteins encoded by Cry genes are called Bt-toxins and are thought to specifically affect only certain insects and not other organisms. A paper (Rawat et al., 2011) from the laboratory of Dr. Pradeep Burma (Department of Genetics, University of Delhi South Campus) in the June issue of Journal of Biosciences now reports that expression of the Bt-toxin Cry1Ac in cotton and tobacco is detrimental to growth and development of the plants. Many of the transgenic plants obtained showed developmental […]


Press Release “STOP ALL FIELD TRIALS OF GMOs IMMEDIATELY”: CIVIL SOCIETY New Delhi, May 11, 2011: Representatives of five organizations and networks made a strong presentation to the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) in its 109th meeting here today demanding that all field trials of GMOs in the country be suspended immediately, given the intrinsic uncontrollable nature of GM technology in addition to the amply-demonstrated incapability of our regulatory system to address issues of biosafety and beyond when it comes to GMOs. Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Convenor, Coalition for a GM-Free India; Dr Ramanjaneyulu, Executive Director of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture; Aruna Rodrigues, SC PIL lead petitioner; Rajesh Krishnan, Manager, Sustainable Agriculture […]

Seven Vidarbha farmers suicides on the eve of ‘Dasara’ :Cotton Crisis killing Innocent Farmers

Nagpur-17th October , 2010 The massive celebration of ‘Dasara festival’ in urban India has over showed the on going agrarian crisis in dying feld of vidarbha where seven more debt trapped farmers killed themselves on th e eve of this mega festival thus taking toll 622 in year 2010 Recent victims of vidarbha agrarian crisis are 1.Waman Awari of Borgoan in Yavatmal 2.Vijay Dandage of Ratnapur in Yavmal 3.Dhyaneshwar Choudhari of Eklara in Yavamal 4.Prabhakar Wakte of Kothari in Akola 5.Ladhu Madavi of Chopamguda in Chandrapur 6.Bhiagirath Pathorkar of Sadarabadi in Amravati 7.Raju Lahorkar of Pimpalkhuata in Washim The heavy crop losses and failure of Bt.cotton in more than 6 […]

విత్తన ధర నియంత్రణకు వ్యతిరేకంగా బెదిరిస్తున్న జాతీయ విత్తన సమాఖ్య తీరును ఖండించిన రైతు సంఘాలు

హైదరాబాదు 11 ఏప్రియల్ , 2010: నిత్యం పెరుగుతున్న విత్తనాల ఖర్చు రైతులకు పెను ప్రమాదంగా మారింది. గత దశాబ్దంలో అనేక పంటల విత్తనాల ఖర్చు 400 శాతం పెరిగింది. రైతులకు రావలసిన ధరలు పెరగకపోవటం, దీనికి తోడు పెట్టుబడి ఖర్చు పెరగటం వల్ల రైతుల నికర ఆదాయాలకు చావు దెబ్బ తగులుతూంది. ఈ నేపధ్యంలో ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం విత్తన ధరలనూ రాయల్టిలనూ నియంత్రించడానికి  చట్టంలో తగు మార్పులు సూచించటం, విత్తన ధరలనూ రాయల్టిలనూ నియంత్రించటానికి రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వానికి ఉండవలసిన అధికారాన్ని సూచిస్తూ కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వాన్ని కోరడాన్ని మేము స్వాగతిస్తున్నాము. ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ నుంచి వ్యవసాయ మంత్రి స్రి రఘువీర రెడ్డ్య్ గారి నయకత్వంలొ అఖిల పక్ష రైతు సంఘాలు, స్వచంద సంస్థలు ఈ నెల 3 -4 తేదిలలో డిల్లి లో ప్రధాన మంత్రి శ్రీ మన్మోహన్ సింగ్ గారిని, శ్రీమతి సోనియా గాంధీ గారిని, ప్రతిపక్ష నేత శ్రీమతి సుష్మ స్వరాజ్ గారిని, శ్రీ వెంకయ్య నాయుడి గారిని, ఇంకా […]

16 Vidarbha farmers suicides in a week – VJAS urged for Smt.Sonia Gandhi to save vidarbha farmers

Nagpur-15th march 2010 Unseasonable rains in the last two-three days in the region for vidarbha growers, these have proved to be extremely detrimental as four more farmers suicides reported in last 48 hours taking toll to 16 farm suicides in a week include one women farmer in the on going agrarian crisis in the region which has shown impact of despair and extreme distress forced over 2 million farm families as per official survey, informed Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan andolan Samiti (VJAS) in press note . “In a letter to UPA convener smt.sonia GandhiIndia VJAS has drawn attention toward the fact regarding seriousness of agrarian crises in India that has claimed more than 2,16,000 farmers […]

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