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Scientific Fraud: Coalition demands immediate stopping of all public sector transgenic research & action against fraudulent scientists

INDIA’S “PUBLIC SECTOR INDIGENOUS GM COTTON” A SCIENTIFIC FRAUD:   Coalition for a GM-Free India demands immediate stopping of all public sector transgenic research and an independent enquiry and action against fraudulent scientists. New Delhi, December 30, 2011: 2011 ends with a big blot to the Indian scientific community, as was the case in 2010 too. The much-hyped public sector Bt cotton lines (Bikaneri Narma Bt variety and NHH-44 Bt hybrid) touted as the “first indigenous public sector-bred GM crop in India” developed by Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur (CICR) and University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad (UAS) along with Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) is actually found to have […]

Disappointed with farmer’s Package 4 more vidarbha killed themselves :farm widows blockade NationalHighway protesting the relief package

Nagpur-15th dcmber2011 The shocks of rejection of farmers main demand to give hike to support price in cotton ,soya and paddy has reported four suicides in vidarbha ,identified as 1.Ankush Raut of Wadki in Yavatmal 2Ashok Bhongale of Bhamada in Yavatmal 3.Ramrao Kamble of Gaul in Wardha 4.Shayram Thege of Kesarwada in Bhandara As per media reports published here taking toll to 722 in year 2011 alone,Kishor Tiwari, president of Nagpur-based Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, (VJAS), activist group working for cotton farmer rights in a Press release today. Most of major cotton centre town are completely closed to support ‘Bandh’ called giving by opposition parties and hundreds of farm widows blockade […]

Alarming rise in Farmer Suicides in A.P. – does the government care?

Fact-finding visits from Raitu Swarajya Vedika show disastrous situation Urgent action demanded from the government   As reports from various districts are showing a spate of farmer suicides, organizations that are part of the Raitu Swarajya Vedika alliance have been conducting fact-finding visits to suicide-affected families and concerned villages in a few districts. The data collected from news reports in just 6 districts – Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar, Medak, Mahbubnagar and Anantapur – shows 90 suicides in only the past one month. Since this not an exhaustive compilation, the real numbers even in these districts are certainly much higher, and there are several other districts which are equally affected. While the […]

Should we encourage biopirates to expand their business in India?

Monsanto_Onion_IIHR_Access_NBA_Application_270611 ESG_Petition_Appeal_Monsanto_Biopiracy_060811 ESG_KarBioBoard_BtBrinjal_Petition_120210 An appeal for your URGENT support Should we encourage biopirates to expand their business in India? 06 August 2011 Dear Friends, As you are aware, the environmental release of the first ever Genetically Modified Food (Bt Brinjal – eggplant) in India, promoted by M/s Mahyco (an Indian subsidiary of US TNC Monsanto), was stayed by a February 2011 decision by then Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh who ordered a moratorium on the product’s environmental and commercial release. This decision was the outcome of public opinion gathered in a series of nation-wide public consultations that he held and based also on a variety of scientific evidence and legal […]

Glyphosate based herbicides cause’s birth defects and cancer: Greenpeace Science report

Herbicide tolerance and GM crops download the report PRESS RELEASE – Promotion of Herbicide tolerant GM crops can lead to increased use of these herbicides in India. New Delhi, India – August 4, 2011: A new report launched by Greenpeace, a global environmental organization, states that use of glyphosate based herbicides can pose risk to human health as well as environment(1).  Introduction of herbicide tolerant GM crops which are under field trial stage in India can lead to widespread and intensive usage of these herbicides. The report was launched by Sri. Basudeb Acharia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing committee on Agriculture, here today. The report, ‘Herbicide Tolerance and GM crops-Why the world […]


For Immediate Release Date: 30th July, 2011 2011 LAND BILL MILITATES AGAINST ‘PUBLIC PURPOSE’ Favours Companies, Legitimises Private Acquisitions and Ignores Community Concerns Movements Demand Democratic, Development Planning Act New Delhi, July 30: The much awaited comprehensive draft of the land acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill promised by Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh was put in public domain for comments yesterday. It is commendable that the Ministry has now agreed to reopen the whole process and focus on the pre-legislative consultations and not introduce such an important legislation in hurry in this Monsoon session of the Parliament. However, the proposed draft is NOT a comprehensive draft but mere combination […]

Safety of Monsanto’s Synthetic-Toxin maize to be re-examined

Testbiotech and GeneWatch UK formally request withdrawal of EU market authorisation of Monsanto´s genetically engineered maize Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn with synthetic toxins. 28 July 2011. The non-profit organisations Testbiotech (Germany) and GeneWatch UK have submitted a formal request to the European Commission re-examine market authorisation of a genetically engineered maize produced by Monsanto sold under brand Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn (event MON89034 x MON 88017) that produces a synthetic toxin, intended to kill insect pests. This maize was approved for usage in food and feed by the EU Commission on 17th of June. It produces a combination of three different insecticidal toxins, one of which is synthesised […]

Farmers urge Anand Sharma to lift restriction on raw cotton

Farmers have urged new Textile Minister Anand Sharma to lift all quantitative restrictions on raw cotton and provide export incentives to farmers, so that their economic interest is protected as done by the US govt IT WAS imposing of quantitative restrictions in 2004 for free cotton import by the NDA government, which allowed dumping of cheapest 20 million cotton bales, resulting in economic recession and start of cotton farmers’ suicide spiral in Vidarbha. It was once again re-imposed in 2009 when present UPA government. introduced stringent cotton export measures. The purpose of such measures was to protect the interest of the handful of textile mill owners, who wanted cheaper raw […]

PM’s Address at 83rd Foundation Day of ICAR

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, addressed the 83rd Foundation Day of ICAR in New Delhi today. Following is the text of the Prime Minister’s address on the occasion. My greetings to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research family on the occasion of the Council’s 83rd Foundation Day. It is indeed a pride and a great sense of joy for me to be with you here today. The ICAR has served our country with great distinction for over eight decades now. It has done pioneering work in many areas of agricultural research, leading to very significant breakthroughs in several areas. The contribution of ICAR scientists in the achievement of national […]


Monsanto Quit India Call for a Nation-wide DAY OF ACTION on Aug. 9, 2011 (Quit India Day) & KISAN SWARAJ WEEK, Aug. 9TH to Aug. 15TH 2011 “No food shall be grown, that we do not own” – that is the reported objective of Monsanto, the multi-national seed and agro-chemical company notorious for suing and jailing farmers for the “crime” of reusing seeds they purchased from the company! If you are shocked by Monsanto’s aim of controlling the entire world’s food production system, what is more mind-boggling is how much progress it has already made towards its goal. Monsanto is today the world’s largest seed company, already controlling 23% of […]

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