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Supreme Court appointed Technical Expert Committee Report and GM field trials

Final Press Note GM Crops Supreme Court Tech Committee Report Summary of Supreme Court Tech Committee Standing Committee recommendations on GM Crops As you know, today we had a Roundtable of farmer unions and scientists on GM crops and latest Supreme Court expert committee report at Hyderabad, organized by Rythu Swarajya Vedika. I am attaching the photograph, Telugu press release, the summary of the Tech committee recommendations and summary of Parliamentary Standing Committee report. Main details in English are below. The key participants were: Vadde Sobhanadreeswara Rao (former Agriculture Minister), Dr. G.V. Ramanjaneyulu (CSA), Prof. Aldaz Janaiah (ANGRAU Agricultural University), Dr.A.Prasad Rao (AP Rytu Sangham CPM), Kirankumar Vissa (Rytu Swarajya Vedika), […]

Report of the Committee on Regulation of Sugar Sector in India: The Way Forward

2012 Rangarajan committee report D. Narasimha Reddy 1. The Committee mentions that sugar industry is has Rs.80,000 crore turnover, and hope that it would double to Rs.160,000 crore in the next four to five years. But this is not possible without farmers support and the benefits they should be seeing for themselves in such a growth. This Report does not mention how farmers would benefit from its recommendations. 2. The Report has conveniently ignored the industry of jaggery, which is a huge informal processing industry in India. Except a mention in one place, the Committee completely bypasses as a factor in balancing the farmers and consumers interests. It also ignored […]

Guidelines for taking up Mini Hydel Schemes on Irrigation Canals, Head Regulators, Streams and Vagus

As you may be knowing, the Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and CAD Department issued:“Guidelines for taking up Mini Hydel Schemes on Irrigation Canals, Head Regulators, Streams and Vagus”(Please see: sometime in June/July this year. The guidelines, though exhaustive, make no mention of social and ecological impacts of Mini Hydel Projects (Hydel projects upto 25 MW), which are huge. Please find attached a letter we have drafted, addressed to the Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation and CAD Department, AP, which elaborates the impacts of Mini Hydel Projects and the need to regulate the sector, prior to sanctioning such projects. As we have seen in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh, once the sanctioning process starts, hundreds of […]

Paper for Discussion on Open Source Seeds Netowork

The draft paper for discussion on 27-28th August, on Open Source Seeds Network for your comments Open Source Seed Systems 1.0

Seed Bill: Analysis and suggestions by CSA

SEED BILL 2010 an analytical view Central Government is trying to bring in a new seed bill replacing the existing Seed Act 1966 and Seed Control Order 1983  The first draft was released in 2004 and after the suggestions from various groups and parliamentary standing committee were taken into account a new draft was released in 2010. Earlier Minister for Agriculture Raghuveera Reddy led a deligation to meet Sharad Pawar and Manmohan singh While the centre has agreed on several suggestions but now it got stuck at a point of ‘State having powers to regulate prices and royalties over seeds’  Sharad Pawar is adamant and not agreeing on that. Please […]

Draft Policy papers on Farmers Income Security and Price compensation

These are draft papers on Farmers Income Security and Price Compensation. for your reference analysis on Paddy price policy is also enclosed. send your comments to or or also please indicate if you want to be the group working to finalise this.

Draft Policy papers on Farmers Income Security and Price Compensation

These are draft policy papers on Farmers Income Security and Price Compensation.  your comments are welcome. pls write to,, if you are interested in the deliberation and contribute in the process please do let us know Towards a Kisan Swaraj Policy 9.0 ASHA-FarmersIncomeGuarantee Price Compensation system for cultivators Pricing Policy for rice 2.0

GO MS 133: Contract Farming: Boon or Bane?

Download: 2012 GO MS 133 Government of AP Contract Farming (CF) is the new subject to be watched in the State. With the issuance of a GO recently, doors are open for the entry of Indian and foreign companies to have direct agreements with farmers to finance them, provide quality inputs and buy their produce at pre-decided prices. With this, the CF activity which has been at a low level so far is expected to go up, and as and when FDI gets into retail, it will pick up even more. While governments, companies and economic reformers assure the CF will benefit Indian agriculture and farmers, critics warn of various […]

Kisan Swaraj Policy

Towards a Kisan Swaraj Policy 9.0 This is the draft Kisan Swaraj Policy and your comments are welcome


2010 draft A. Mission Objectives • To devise strategic plans at the agro-climatic zone level so that action plans are contextualised to regional scales in the areas of research and development (R&D), technology and practices, infrastructure and capacity building • To enhance agricultural productivity through customised interventions such as use of bio-technology to develop improved varieties of crops and livestock, promoting efficient irrigation systems, demonstration of appropriate technology, capacity building and skill development • To facilitate access to information and institutional support by expanding Automatic Weather Station networks to the panchayat level and linking them to existing insurance mechanisms including the Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme and the National Agriculture […]

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