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GM Free Coalition urges MoEF to bar any move by the GEAC to promote field trials in various States which objected

Coalition for a GM-Free India New Delhi, 7th May 2012  To,  Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan The H’ble Minister, MoSEF (Independent Charge) Government of India. SUBJECT: YOUR STATEMENT IN PARLIAMENT ON 27 MARCH 2012: ‘DELAY IN NOCS FOR GM CROPS TRIALS’ Dear Madam Minister, Greetings from the Coalition for GM-Free India.  In your statement in the Rajya Sabha on 27 March 2012, you stated that “the GEAC has been approached by the Seed Industries, Ministry of Agriculture and Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation (RCGM) to reconsider its decision on the need of NOC from the State Government prior to the conduct of GM crop field trial.” Consequently, the GEAC has apparently decided to make presentations to State […]

Farmers’ suicides tripled in 2011: Attention of PMO sought

Government figures of farmer suicides in Vidarbha’s agrarian crisis hit cotton belt of western districts for year 2011 has shocked the local media and civil society after a national daily reported that figures compiled by government at Yavatmal district in Maharashtra- the epicenter of the agrarian crisis. THE SHOCKING figures completely contract earlier reports of the Government of India and Mahrashtra Government in 2011 – as suicides commited due to agrarian crisis tripled as compared to the last year. In Yavatmal district as against in 2010 administration confirmed 35 farmer suicides due to agrarian crisis, and all are eligible for government compensation whereas in 2011, 76 suicides were declared – which is […]

కౌలు రైతులు సమస్య పరిష్కారానికి సూచనలు

కౌలు రైతుల సమస్యకి సుస్తిర వ్యవసాయ కేంద్రం మరియు రైతు స్వరాజ్య వేదిక తరుపున సూచనలు కౌలు రైతుల సమస్య కు పరిష్కారాలు download

Prevent GMO contamination, blacklist erring company, and please take action against monitoring officials and regulators for inaction

6th February 2012 To Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan Minister of State (Independent Charge) Ministry of Environment and Forests. Respected Madam, Re: Prevent GMO contamination, blacklist erring company, and please take action against monitoring officials and regulators for inaction – reg. I am sure you are aware that it has been confirmed officially that Monsanto has violated GM field trial norms during the field trial of its GM maize in Karnataka. In the recent past this is the third instance of field trial violation which has come to light by Monsanto and its affiliates. Such repeated violations by a company and its affiliates need to be treated very seriously and immediate action taken […]

Rajasthan scraps seed pacts Comments Author(s): Latha Jishnu Issue: Nov 30, 2011 ICAR tells Rajasthan to wait for guidelines on benefit sharing, biosafety Photo: Amit ShankarON NOVEMBER 4, the Rajasthan government called seven seed companies to its offices in Jaipur to give them the bad news: the memorandums of agreement (MoUs) signed last year to collaborate on agriculture research had been scrapped after being in limbo for 15 months. The public-private partnership (PPP) envisaged in the agreements was comprehensive and of far-reaching significance, at least in the case of one, that with Monsanto Company of the US, the world’s largest purveyor of seeds and biotechnology. The MoUs had been inked over six weeks, starting July […]

NCPRI opposes the introduction of Biotechnology Regulator y Author ity of India Bill [BRAI], 2011, calls it undemocratic. Press Statement: 7th September 2011 The National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) strongly condemns the anti-transparency provisions proposed in the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill (BRAI) 2011 and the attempt to override provisions of the Right to Information Act by empowering the proposed authority as the final decision maker in matters of release of information. The Bill is in violation of the provisions and spirit of the Right to Information Act. The provisions laid out in section 2, section 28, section 70, Section 77 undermine the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression , and the right to life, by violating provisions and protection of […]

Open letter to Prime Minister on Anna Hazare-Shiv Vishwanathan

Dear Mr Prime Minister, I am writing this to you as I always assumed you were a decent man. I was waiting for your speech on August 15th, hoping you would somehow say something meaningful on corruption that would redeem your long silence. Your speech was disappointing. What you said was inane and trite, while you held on to the tenet the corruption cannot be fought with hunger strikes. I think you did more to insult the Indian independence movement which fought through reason, fought through faith, fought through the reasonableness of the fast and the hunger strike. Hunger strikes do not threaten you. They only ask you to look […]

The world’s biggest Baingan Bharta -click to add a baingan

Dear friend, Click here to keep your food safe Are you ready to make a World Record to save your food from genetic modification? The government is gearing up to table the suspicious Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill.[1] If created, BRAI will become an absolute authority, easing the approval of genetically modified (GM) crops in our country. Then we will not be able to stop them. We need to persuade the Prime Minister to protect our food and to do that we need to make the demand against GM food more visible. We can do this by making the World’s Biggest GM Free Baingan Bharta.[2] The size of […]

Should we encourage biopirates to expand their business in India?

Monsanto_Onion_IIHR_Access_NBA_Application_270611 ESG_Petition_Appeal_Monsanto_Biopiracy_060811 ESG_KarBioBoard_BtBrinjal_Petition_120210 An appeal for your URGENT support Should we encourage biopirates to expand their business in India? 06 August 2011 Dear Friends, As you are aware, the environmental release of the first ever Genetically Modified Food (Bt Brinjal – eggplant) in India, promoted by M/s Mahyco (an Indian subsidiary of US TNC Monsanto), was stayed by a February 2011 decision by then Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh who ordered a moratorium on the product’s environmental and commercial release. This decision was the outcome of public opinion gathered in a series of nation-wide public consultations that he held and based also on a variety of scientific evidence and legal […]

Govt’s food bill a “mockery” of food security: civil society

open letter to PM on final version of Food Security ACT Right to food campaign activists write to prime minister GN Bureau | New Delhi | August 02 2011 Civil society groups have come together to reject the draft national food security bill recently approved by an empowered group of ministers (EGoM). Writing to the prime minister and his council of ministers, members of the Right to Food Campaign have criticised the draft bill calling it “a complete mockery of the idea of food security for all and dilutes even existing entitlements obtained through the supreme court.” The letter accuses the UPA government of betraying the expectation of the aam admi and instead of […]

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