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Farmers’ suicides tripled in 2011: Attention of PMO sought

Government figures of farmer suicides in Vidarbha’s agrarian crisis hit cotton belt of western districts for year 2011 has shocked the local media and civil society after a national daily reported that figures compiled by government at Yavatmal district in Maharashtra- the epicenter of the agrarian crisis. THE SHOCKING figures completely contract earlier reports of the Government of India and Mahrashtra Government in 2011 – as suicides commited due to agrarian crisis tripled as compared to the last year. In Yavatmal district as against in 2010 administration confirmed 35 farmer suicides due to agrarian crisis, and all are eligible for government compensation whereas in 2011, 76 suicides were declared – which is […]

English Translation of P. Sainath on ‘Farmers Suicides and Way Forward’ during the Round Table in Hyderabad

Students of XIMB, Bhubaneswar Mr. Borra Srinivisa Rao, Adithya and Suma have done a wonderful job of transcripting and translating P. Sainath’s speech into English 120108 Sainath ramoo

Farmers’ suicide on rise in Bengal; parties blame each other

by Manogya Loiwal January 04, 2012 Farmers’ suicides have come back to haunt the West Bengal government. Unable to handle the rising inflation, several farmers have committed suicide recently. In some parts the agriculture produce is being set ablaze due to lack of basic storage facilities, pointing at the abysmal condition in the state. However, despite the crisis the state government has turned a blind eye to the farmers’ problems. Food and Supplies Minister Jyotipriyo Mullick said the recent suicide in the state was not due to falling crops but due to mental depression among the farmers. He claimed the farmers in Bengal were rich enough to buy high […]

Over 290 farmers died in past three months: HRF HYDERABAD: The Human Rights Forum has urged the state government to formulate a comprehensive Drought Relief Code to provide effective drought relief and mitigation. “Such a code is imperative because governments continue to exhibit an adhoc nature and tokenism in providing relief towards droughthit people,” HRF general secretary VS Krishna and secretary Anwar said in a statement on Sunday. The HRF teams which visited 47 villages in nine droughthit districts, where farmers have committed suicide, have estimated that not less than 290 farmers have ended their lives over the past three months. “Over 90 per cent farmers taking their own lives are from the rainfed districts of Telangana and […]

TV9 Rytu Swarajya Vedhika Round Table on Farmers Suicides-Part-1

Watch discussion on ‘Farmers suicides and Way forward’ on TV9 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on sunday 8th January

Watch discussion on Farmers Suicides and Way forward on TV9 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm live from Jubilee hall, Hyderabad on this sunday 8th January.  Participants include leaders of various political parties, Journalist P. Sainath, Farmers and Rytu Swarajya Vedhika members. The Round Table is jointly organised by Rytu Swarajya Vedhika and TV9

Rising farmer suicides in West Bengal appalling: Left The frequency of incidents of farmers committing suicides is “unimaginable” in West Bengal, State Left Front chairman Biman Bose said here on Friday. “The government had fixed a target of 20 lakh metric tonnes for procurement of paddy from peasants in the State. According to reports, it has only collected 2 lakh metric tonnes so far,” Mr. Bose, who is also the State secretary of the CPI(M), told journalists. Stating that paddy procurement was “meagre,” compared to that of other States, Mr. Bose said: “farmers are being driven to distress sales and are not being able to repay their loans. The way farmers’ suicides are taking place in Bengal, […]

Farmer suicides: NGO points to Punjab reporting fewer numbers

SANGRUR: The number of farmer suicides in Punjab seems to vary according to the source providing information about that. An NGO,Movement Against State Repression (MASR), has stated that Punjab is a glaring example of neglecting the factor of farmer suicides when it comes to determining the amount of funds that should be spent on assisting agriculturists. MASR’s convener Inderjit Singh Jaijee said, “As per information we collected, a Punjab policereport says that only seven farmers committed suicide from the period of 2002 to 2006.” In 2008, state revenue department had mentioned in a report compiled on the basis of details provided by deputy commissioners that 132 farmers committed suicide during five years […]

95 farm suicides in a month in Andhra Pradesh Author(s): M Suchitra Issue: Dec 29, 2011 State authorities hide actual number of deaths Farmers in Jangaon administrative block have been given no relief despite crop failures and scanty rains because of the skewed criteria used by authorities (Photo: M Suchitra) Allam Sattenna, a 35-year-old farmer from Perkalaguda, a small hamlet near Utnoor in Andhra Pradesh’s Adilabad district, owned farms spread over 0.8 hectare (ha). He took another 1.2 ha on lease by paying Rs 6,000 per acre (0.4 ha). Motivated by the high prices last year, Sattenna planted cotton  in all of the 2 ha which is rain fed. But he could not harvest even one quintal cotton from the […]

Agriculture, food security and nutrition in Vidarbha: Household level analysis – A special article in EPW

By Amita Bhaduri, India Water Portal This special article in Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) is based on an assessment of agricultural practices and livelihoods of people in Vidarbha, one of the most distressed regions in India. Using the data generated from a baseline survey on a sample of 6,990 households covering six districts, this paper attempts to assess the relationships between agriculture, food security and nutrition for children, adolescents and married women of reproductive age. The study indicates that Overall under-nutrition amongst children, adolescents and married women in the study area is substantial and it does not differ significantly between different socio-economic groups. Severe under-nutrition amongst all the groups […]

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