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ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook

Offers practical and up to date information on ICT in Agriculture focusing on rural development BACKGROUND Realizing the profound potential of information and communication technologies in developing country agriculture, the Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARD) of the World Bank in collaboration with infoDev (part of the World Bank Group) embarked in an effort to explore and capture the expanding knowledge and use of ICT tools in agrarian livelihoods.  In November 2011, the World Bank released an electronic Sourcebook (e-Sourcebook) to initiate further (and better) investment in this sector. Called “ICT in Agriculture”, the e-Sourcebook provides practitioners within and outside of the World Bank Group with lessons learned, guiding principles, and […]

Walmart Effect: for those who are batting for FDIs in retail sector

We are hearing Manmohan Singh and his gang, Saharad Pawar, Jaiprakash Narayan and others batting for FDIs in Retail oector and saying that FDIs in retail sector will increase employment opportunities and provide better prices to farmers.  In US the organised retail sector led by Walmart has successfully pushed down the prices for the farmers and killed all the small time shop keepers.  Read from various sources, Universities on the ‘Walmart Effect’. Unfortunately in India no Academic institute is interested in this.  Fortunately the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce has made a critical analysis on this. Understanding Wal-Mart Effect Wal-Mart and Local Enemy The new Wal-Mart Effect: Role of private contracting in […]

‘Virtuous circles’ can help secure food supplies and address climate change

Submitted by Mike on Tue, 22/11/2011 – 00:01 A book published today by IIED paints a vivid picture of an alternative future in which food, energy and water supplies are sustainable and in the control of local communities. The book show how the linear systems that shape our world are flawed as they assume a limitless supply of resources and a limitless capacity for the environment to absorb waste and pollution. The global food system’s dependence on fossil fuels that contribute to local pollution and global warming is just one example of an unsustainable system. The authors call instead for circular systems that mimic natural cycles to produce food, energy, […]

Genetically Engineered Food An Overview

Since the 1996 introduction of genetically engineered crops — crops that are altered with inserted genetic material to exhibit a desired trait — U.S. agribusiness and policymakers have embraced biotechnology as a silver bullet for the food system. The industry promotes biotechnology as an environmentally responsible, profitable way for farmers to feed a growing global population. But despite all the hype, genetically engineered plants and animals do not perform better than their traditional counterparts, and they raise a slew of health, environmental and ethical concerns. The next wave of the “Green Revolution” promises increased technology to ensure food security and mitigate the effects of climate change, but it has not […]

The Monsanto files: Ecologist special issue on Monsanto-Sept-Oct-1998

The ecologist has published a special issue on Monsanto exposing its deeds in 1998 after the major controversy broke about Terminator Seeds.  The company is believed to have purchased all the copies of the issue from the printer and destroyed. The soft of the issue is worth reading and a collectors edition. you can read it at

The analysis of Bt brinjal biosafety data submitted by Mahyco

Open publication – Free publishing – More biosafety

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