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Farmers’ Suicides in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka-NIRD study

Debt Trap Or Suicide Trap? By RM Vidyasagar and K Suman Chandra 20 June, 2004 About 3,000 Andhra Pradesh farmers committed suicide in the past five years owing to debt trap, drought and crop failure. After the government of Y S Rajashekhar Reddy announced free electricity for agriculture , waiver of electricity dues and a Rs.150,000 financial assistance for the relatives of the farmers who committed suicide , there is a spate of suicides, on an average 70 farmers a week. Desperate farmers are committing suicide with the hope of getting the relief package. Here is a study conducted by RM Vidyasagar and K Suman Chandra for Centre for […]

Adopt bottom up approach to revive agriculture: Experts

ASHOK B SHARMA Financial Express, January 19 2007 NEW DELHI, JAN 18: Farmers and experts have told the Knowledge Commission that top-down approach in planning has damaged Indian agriculture. It is time to initiate the process of bottom-up approach and recognise the knowledge generated by generation of farmers over centuries as the tool for resolving the present crisis. Knowledge Commission was set up Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh in October 2005 under the chairmanship of the telecom czar, Sam Pitroda to suggest generation, dissemination and use of knowledge in all sectors of the economy. The commission recently met exclusively for agriculture and the meeting was presided over by the panel’s […]

Amarinder's Farm Menu: Sweet: MSP, BT cotton Sour: Land Acquisition… Fifty-six-year-old Darshan Singh Tabiba, a farmer from Hiatpura village, is a poster boy for the progressive farmers’ clique. Owner of 22-acre farm, of which 13 acres are under fish farming and on rest he grows rice and wheat, Tabiba is an enterprising farmer. He also tried his hand at agro forestry, when he shifted three acres of his land under poplar. But Tabiba is not happy. Despite tall claims made by the Congress regime on its steps to alleviate the pain of farmers, farmers are not happy. A farmer says, “i cannot say who is to be blamed, but the fact is that the Jats in Punjab are dying […]

YSR land issue: congress and TDP in Andhra put Communists to shame

YSR Land Issue – Congress and TDP in Andhra put Communists to shame This post was written by yossarin on 18 December, 2006 (13:45) | All News, Asian News, World Politics, India News  —OffStumped For All Things Right of Center, Bringing a Right of Centre Reality Check to Indian Politics, News Media Reporting and Opinion now in Hindi अब आप के लिये हिंदी मे.—      So what is going on down south in Andhra Pradesh. What started with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on last Tuesday announcing the surrender of 618 acres of surplus land he possessed in his Kadpa district, saying his holding violated a land reform law, […]

Pitfalls of the second green revolution

By Devinder SharmaA wide range of policies—and the second ‘Green Revolution’—that the government is introducing in conjunction with Indian corporate houses, American agribusinesses and food multinationals, will have a catastrophic impact on Indian farmers, on sustainability and on food security. The effects are already evident in states like Karnataka and Andhra PradeshForty years after the first Green Revolution, Indian agriculture is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. Unmindful of the destruction caused by the technology used for the ‘revolution’, the impact of which is being felt all over the country – drastically declining yields, soil gasping for breath – India is preparing to introduce a second Green Revolution that […]

Rajya Rait Sangh to launch strike on January 25

Monday January 15 2007 11:16 IST BIJAPUR: Rajya Rait Sangh will launch an agitation on January 25 in all district places in the State preceded by an awareness programme to be launched from January 16 to protest against certain proposed amendments to APMC Act in the State and its Agriculture policy.Addressing a joint press conference here on Sunday, Manapade and Basavaraj Tambake of the Sangh said that the proposed changes would make way for the contract farming which would be detrimental for the small and marginal farmers in the State.Manapade said that Andhra Pradesh land lords entered Karanataka in a big way and its adverse effects were showing now.Expressing his […]

The Damage dne: Aid, death and dogma, Christian Aid

Christian Aid Report The damage done: Aid, death and dogma Christian Aid Week report exposes the devastating impact unrestricted ‘free’ trade is having on poor communities in developing countries and calls on the British government to end its support for a ruthless orthodoxy that stretches back quarter of a century. • Download the full Christian Aid Week report (759kb PDF) – this is a large file and may take time to download • More about downloading PDFs ‘The Damage Done: Aid, Death and Dogma’ shows how: • in India, unfettered liberalisation policies backed by the British government have led to a crisis in agriculture, spiralling rural debt and an epidemic […]

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