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858 farmers committed suicide this year: MoS Agriculture

New Delhi, Dec 19: The Centre on Friday said 858 farmers in four states have committed suicide this year but ruled out the receiving any report confirming that any peasant has ended life despite the debt waiver relief provided by it.In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Agriculture Kanti Lal Bhuria said that, according to the latest report furnished by the states, 112 farmers have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh, 152 in Karnataka and 21 in Gujarat this year.Maharashtra accounted for the highest number of farmer suicides at 573 during the year.However, the minister said no state government has submitted that any farmer has committed […]

More men committed suicide in India than women: Report

Technorati Tags: farmers suicides,data 16 Dec 2008, 0135 hrs IST, Vishwa Mohan, TNN NEW DELHI: India reported 122,637 suicides last year — an average of 336 every day — with more men ending their lives than women, the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed.Although suicide was a nationwide phenomenon, five states — Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka — registered consistently higher number of suicidal deaths during the last few years. Overall, 2007 recorded an increase of 3.8% over the previous year’s figure of 118,112.Poverty was surprisingly not the major reason for suicide with more people ending their lives due to family […]

16,632 farmer suicides in 2007

P. Sainath Broad trends remain dismal; Maharashtra crosses 4,000-mark MUMBAI: Suicides by farmers of Maharashtra crossed the 4,000-mark in 2007, for the third time in four years, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). As many as 4,238 farmers of the State took their lives that year, the latest for which data are available, accounting for a fourth of 16,632 farmer suicides in the country. The national total represents a slight fall, from 17,060 in 2006, but the broad trends of the past decade seem unshaken. Farmer suicides in the country since 1997 is now 1,82,936. Worst-affected States Yet again, the five worst-affected States — Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, […]

185 farmers committed suicide in State in first half of 2008-09

BANGALORE: The number of reported cases of farmer suicides in the State touched 185 in the first half of this financial year (2008-09). The State’s agricultural sector has been facing a plethora of problems. Apart from the erratic monsoon this year, the shortage of fertilizers disrupted kharif sowing, leading to a delay in sowing operations in several districts. The global economic slowdown is likely to depress the prices of cotton, while sugarcane growers are threatening an agitation seeking higher support price for their produce. Sugarcane growers are unhappy with the procurement price (Rs. 811 a tonne) offered by the Government. The State has not been able meet the sowing target […]

Maha tops list of farmers' suicide

Press Trust Of India / New Delhi November 03, 2008, 0:09 IST Maharashtra tops the list of farmer suicides with over 5,000 peasants under duress from crop failure and indebtedness ending their lives in the last four years, a study by the Agriculture Ministry said. About 5,045 farmers have taken their lives in Maharashtra, while in Andhra Pradesh about 1,313 have killed themselves between 2005 and 2007, the study said. The ministry, which has taken data provided by state governments, said a total of 1,003 farmers in Karnataka took their lives since 2005-06 till August 2008. There were about 905 cases of suicide by farmer registered in Kerala, 387 in […]

4,850 farmer suicides in last four years: VJAS

31 Oct 2008, 1749 hrs IST, PTI NAGPUR: As many as 4,850 farmers have committed suicide during the four-year tenure of the Congress-NCP Democratic Front (DF) government in Maharashtra from 2004 to 2008, though the trend is on the decline, an NGO said today. From 456 farmer suicides in 2004 to 660 in 2005 which grew to 1,886 in 2006, the number of suicides has gone down to 1,213 in 2007 and further dropped to 635 in 2008, Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti President Kishore Tiwari said in a release here. Admitting that suicidal tendencies among farmers in the Vidarbha region was fast reducing, Tiwari said that mounting debts, crop failure and […]

Manufacturing food crisis

Walden Bello, the Nation When tens of thousands of people staged demonstrations in Mexico last year to protest a 60 percent increase in the price of tortillas, many analysts pointed to biofuel as the culprit. Because of US government subsidies, American farmers were devoting more and more acreage to corn for ethanol than for food, which sparked a steep rise in corn prices. The diversion of corn from tortillas to biofuel was certainly one cause of skyrocketing prices, though speculation on biofuel demand by transnational middlemen may have played a bigger role. However, an intriguing question escaped many observers: how on earth did Mexicans, who live in the land where […]

Debt Waiver necessary but not Sufficient-Jadhav Committee

Kumud Das The Narendra Jadhav committee, constituted by the Maharahstra government on various farmer-related issues, has said that debt-waiver cannot be a permanent solution to farmers’ woes. Also, the committee has pointed out a host of issues related to the scheme in the light of its implementation in Maharashtra and other related issues like farmers’ suicide and the cropping pattern in the state. The report, which has been submitted on July 29, has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi as well. Under the prevailing circumstances, the debt-waiver is absolutely necessary but not sufficient. It would be inappropriate to assume that the debt-waiver scheme would be […]

For food security, farmer, not the scientist, should be our focus

By Bhavdeep Kang Sops are easily handed out. Strategies for the empowerment of the small farmer are far harder to implement. Since 1967, the grey eminences who presided over the Green Revolution and its fallout— cancer epidemics, poisoned water and debt-drive suicides—have pushed agricultural policies that serve the interests of industry and hurt those of farmers.The discussion on food productivity focuses exclusively on quantity with quality given the go-by. That sustainable agriculture produces better quality food is beyond argument. The “NPK” approach to agriculture has failed; similarly, the calorie-count approach to food does not address the issue of nutrition. The wheel has turned full circle and we must now look […]

Anatomy of a health disaster

By P Sainath Janreddy’s family survived crop failure. But debts of Rs 300,000 to cover health costs have nearly destroyed them. Loans taken to cover health costs have been a major contributor to the debt-suicide cycle in Andhra Pradesh Janreddy sat wracked with pain, a picture of ill health. “Why isn’t this man on his way to hospital,” we asked the neighbours crowding around his bed. “Well,” they said nervously, “we just brought him home from one. He was there for days. This family has already lost all its money on hospitals.” Janreddy died hours after we met him. His daughter-in-law, who became a bonded labourer to keep the family […]

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