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A visit to Subhash Sharma’s organic farm, Chhoti Gujri, Yavatmal, Maharashtra

 (Source: India Water Portal) This presentation by Sultan Ismail, deals with the experiences of Subhash Sharma of Yavatmal, Maharashtra in organic farming. As he watched the decline of his soil and agricultural yields he let nature be his teacher and tried to understand the agro-economics of agriculture. He abandoned insecticides and chemical fertilisers and relied instead on the cow, trees, birds and vegetation with remarkable results. Click: Economics of agriculture under natural farming – Research paper – Subhash Sharma – Yeotmal – OFAI SAC (2009) 62.29 KB)

The mystery of the boom in farm credit

The spurt in farm credit by commercial banks, including regional rural banks, has interestingly not led to any let-up in distress in the agrarian economy—a mystery that continues to baffle academics, policy planners and, more recently, bankers Capital Calculus | Anil Padmanabhan Last week, a clutch of bankers and policy wonks gathered in Bangalore to review recent trends in farm credit. On the face of it, credit to the farm sector is on an unprecedented spiral and, hence, logically should not be cause for worry. That is precisely the point. The conclave was convened to attempt a candid review of some disconcerting trends in farm credit, which could potentially point […]

Data for national-level pesticides consumption

Data for national-level pesticides consumption shows no dramatic decrease in pesticide use after Bt cotton came in unlike the popular claim. 2001-02 (first year of illegal Bt cotton cultivation?): 47.02 thousand tonnes of TG materials; 2002-03: (first year of approved bt cotton cultivation): 48.30 2003-04: 41.00 2004-05: 40.67 2005-06: 39.77 2006-07: 41.51 (mealybug first appearance?) 2007-08: 44.77 2008-09: 43.86 OFFICIAL FIGURES SHOW NO DRAMATIC DECREASES IN PESTICIDES CONSUMPTION AS CAN BE SEEN ABOVE. THIS INCIDENTALLY IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE NUMBERS THAT EVERYONE CITES, ATTRIBUTING IT TO KESHAV KRANTHI, CICR, WITHOUT MENTIONING WHERE IT WAS PUBLISHED! The value-related data in crores of rupees is available from CICR as quoted […]

Bt. Cotton area UP from 66.69 Lakh hectare to 93.36 Lakh hectare in Two Years

  The sown area under Bt. Cotton has increased from 66.69 lakh hectares in 2008-09 to 93.36 lakhhectares in 2010-11 and in 2011-12 it is expected to increase to 95.04 lakh hectares.   The demand for cotton seeds has increased from 1.95 lakh quintals in 2009-10 to 2.30 lakh quintals during Kharif 2011.  The availability position against the requirement in the country is as under:                                    (Quantity in Lakh Quintals) Year Requirement Availability 2009-2010 1.95 2.43 2010-2011 1.99 2.60 Kharif 2011 2.30 2.62   Under Technology Mission on Cotton, Government provides assistance for cotton seed production and distribution as under:   (i)         50%  of the cost or Rs.50/- per kg. whichever is less for foundation seed production.   (ii)        25% of the cost or Rs.15/- per kg. whichever is less for certified seed […]

Farmers Suicides

—Farmers’ suicides in the country since 1997 has now touched 1,82,936 by December 2008 (2009 no data was collected being an election year) —16,632 farmers have committed suicide in the country in 2007 —Since 2002, the annual average of suicides has increased to 17,366 —Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh– account for just about a third of the country’s population but two-thirds of farmers’ suicides (11,026  in 2007) —8 million people quit farming between the two censuses of 1991 and 2001 Farmers suicides reported between —1997-2001 – were 78,737 (or 15,747 a year on average). During the next five years 2002-06 the numbers rose to 87,567 (or 17,513 […]


New Delhi, October 21st 2009: Terming Bt Brinjal as a Trojan Horse of the biotech industry for the take-over of Indian farming, farmers’ unions across the country called for a rejection of this biotech brinjal and put out a call for the boycott of the agencies seeking to bring it in. This Bt Brinjal is the guise to enslave poor farmers of the country yet again, they said, and demanded that the Indian government stand by the side of ordinary people in this onslaught on our resources and livelihoods. “This is a product that is both unneeded and undesirable. It is meant to increase the markets of the biotech companies […]


Sep 3, 2009 — KZeese By Vandana Shiva | IPS The privatisation of the earth’s resources is a recipe for famine and desertification, violence against women, hunger, and, as happens in India, the suicide of farmers, writes Vandana Shiva, author and international campaigner for women and the environment. In this analysis, Shiva writes that until recently water and biodiversity have been commons. Women have been the seed keepers and water keepers in communities. This is the system that privatisation is threatening. Common access to seed is being destroyed by laws that make it illegal for farmers to manage seeds as a commons and grant the state the power to approve […]

Farmers suicides in Karnataka

BANGALORE, AUGUST 29: Like other states, Karnataka too showing signs of severe agrarian distress in the current financial year. More than 50 farmers committed suicides in less than five months in the current fiscal year. The BJP government has already declared 86 taluks in 20 districts as drought hit. Standing crops on 16 lakh hectares got damaged on account of deficit rains since June 1. The crop loss in rainfed areas has been estimated at Rs. 720.20 crore and horticultural crops on over 60,000 hectares have been ruined due to scanty rains. In fact, more than 3/4th of lands in the state is rainfed. Only 23 per cent the sowing […]

Hunger pangs

Vandana Shiva Monday, July 20, 2009 21:23 IST  The proposed introduction of a Food Security Act by the UPA government is a welcome step. The Right to Food is the basis of the Right to life and Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees the right to life of all Indian citizens. Given that India has emerged as the capital of hunger, given that per capita consumption was 178 kg in 1991, the beginning of the period of economic reforms, to 155 kg in 200-2003, and daily calorie consumption of the bottom 25 per cent of the population has decreased from 1683 kcal in 1987-88 to 1624 kcal in 2004-05, against […]

A hidden truth of farmer’s suicide

BY CHENNAIVISION AT 27 APRIL, 2009, 2:29 PM Ludhiana, A glaring and sad aspect of suicides in the agriculture sector in Punjab is that the families of the victims not only had to sell land, but also other assets such as farm machinery, gold to repay their debts. A government-sponsored study conducted by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in Bathinda and Sangrur districts came across 2,990 suicides in the farm sector from 2000 to 2008. Of these, 1757 were farmers and the remaining farm labourers. Of these, 1288 farmers and 671 labourers ended their lives because of debts. As many as 227 families in Bathinda district sold land worth Rs 7.36 […]

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