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Book on farmers suicides released in Chandigarh

The plight of debt ridden farmers seems to have found an ear which resolved to shake the illusion of many a self-congratulatory eye. The paradox is painful. You are hailed as one of the building blocks of the nation, shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers. A slogan like Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan establishes your glory for posterity. But when the illusion breaks, reality hits hard. That is the paradox our farmers have to face. If they are not rich landlords, they can be doomed to a life crushed by debt and penury. For those who cannot face the prospect of a lifetime of servitude, death is the next best option. […]

Green revolution and Climate change

the book looks at issues of agriculture in terms of quality & quantity of production and food security under climate change perspective. We can achieve the goal of meeting the healthy food needs of ever increasing population along with protecting the environment by organic farming under cooperative farming setup using farmers’ localized innovations under better water management practices. This also revitalizes animal husbandry component. The author termed such a system as green revolution technology. The book analyzes the issue in this direction. . Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

Growth of Cotton in India: 1847-48

We are all told that Indian cottons are not of quality and American cottons were introduced in India in early 1900. Please see the REPORT from the SELECT COMMITTEE on the Growth of Cotton in INDIA: together with the MINUTES of EVIDENCE. REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES 1847 – 48. EIGHTEEN VOLUMES:— CONTENTS OF THE THIRD VOLUME. Growth of Cotton 1847-48 Committee Reports download

Shankar Acharya: Agriculture: be like Gujarat

Other states have much to learn from Indian agriculture’s star performer Shankar Acharya / New Delhi July 14, 2011, 0:11 IST In the 60 years since 1950 Indian agriculture has recorded an average growth rate of 2.7 per cent per year. In the past 30 years, the rate has crept slightly above three per cent, well short of the four per cent target set in successive recent Five-Year Plans. Most analysts infer that it would take great good luck (with weather) or a sweeping revolution in policy design and implementation to achieve and sustain four per cent growth. Is that really so? Click here to visit SME Buzz Also Read […]

Thirupporur and Vadakkuppattu: Eighteenth Century Locality Accounts

by M. D. Srinivas, T. G. Paramasivam, T. Pushkala The Chengalpattu Survey of 1767-1774 was perhaps the first effort that the British made to understand the ways of the Indian people before devising modes of effectively subjugating and administering them. Accounts of over 2100 localities of the Chengalpattu region of Tamil Nadu were collected as a part of this Survey. These accounts present the most detailed picture available anywhere of the functioning of Indian society, economy and polity at its basic level, before it was disrupted and transformed through the instruments of British administration. We have so far been led to believe, on the basis of rather tenuous historical evidence, […]

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