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11-point agenda for resurrecting Indian agrculture and restoring the pride in farming: Devinder Sharma

 Time to usher in “Acche din…” for the Indian farmers. Indian agriculture is faced with a terrible agrarian crisis. It is a crisis primarily of sustainability and economic viability. The spate of farmer suicide and the willingness of farmers to quit agriculture if given a choice is a stark reminder of the grim crisis. What should be the agriculture agenda for the new government? I am being asked this question time and again. Here is my 11-point agenda: 1) Providing a guaranteed assured monthly income to farmers. According to the Arjun Sengupta Committee report the average monthly income of a farm family is Rs 2,115. This includes Rs 900 from […]

Bees Dying at an Alarming Rate Is Glyphosate the Cause? [Video] Added by Reivin Johnson on May 18, 2014. Saved under Bees, Reivin Johnson, Science Tags: bees Bees are dying at an alarming rate, and scientists are doing everything they can to figure out if the main ingredient in Roundup®, glyphosate, is the cause. Monsanto’s most successful product is its Roundup Ready® seeds which have stirred a global commotion about the safety of animals and humans who ingest food that comes from GMO crops like soy and corn. Natural News, conducted a poll where 51 percent of readers expressed their disdain for Monsanto. Readers polled in the Natural News survey must really care about bees, because they went as far […]

Linux for Lettuce: On Open Souce Seed Initiative Revolutionizing American agribusiness from the ground up, one seed at a time. From a distance, Jim Myers looks like an ordinary farmer. Most autumn mornings, he stands thigh-deep in a field of wet broccoli, beheading each plant with a single, sure swipe of his harvest knife. But under his waders are office clothes, and on his wrist is an oversized digital watch with a push-button calculator on its face. As his hand cuts, his eyes record data: stalk length and floret shape, the purple hue of perfect heads and the silver specks that foretell rot. At day’s end his broccoli goes to the food bank or the compost bin—it […]

Children exposed to toxic pesticides

by kim willsher Kids being poisoned: Pesticides sprayed in French farms and vineyards are being absorbed by children living nearby, claims the group Generations Futures. -AFP A study shows that several children from agricultural areas in France have been exposed to harmful chemicals. French children in agricultural areas are being exposed to a dangerous cocktail of pesticides, some of them banned, a French health and environment group has claimed. Generations Futures carried out independent analysis of the hair of young people living or studying near farms or vineyards after parents expressed concern about their children being exposed to poisons that could disrupt their endocrine system. The group, a non-profit […]

International Shifts in Agricultural Debates and Practice: An Historical View of Analyses of Global Agriculture

International Shifts in Agricultural Debates and Practice: An Historical View of Analyses of Global Agriculture by Feldman and Biggs – 2012 – 

YSRC Poll Promise: SHG loan waiver is impractical

YSRC Party has been promising loan waiver to DWRCA women self help groups immediately after coming to power.  In this regard we would like to bring to your kind notice that these promiseRs. 22,922.59 cr will be a burden on the budget of the total budget (Rs. 1,83,129.00 crores) proposed for the year 2014-15. The YSRC leader is also asking women self-help groups not to repay the loans as he would waive all of them when comes to power. This will also affect the credibility of women SHGs and effect their Credit worthiness.   Loans to DWRCA/Women Self Help Groups Total loans to Women SHGs in Andhra Pradesh are Rs. […]

TDP poll promise: Farm Loan and Women SHG loan Waiver is impractical

Telugu Desam Party has been promising loan waiver to farmers and DWRCA women self help groups immediately after coming to power.  On 24th March, TDP leader has released the Manifesto for 2014 local body elections and promised to waive the loans of Farmers and SHG women.   These promises Rs. 90,146.87 crore (Rs. 67,224.28 cr of farm loans and Rs. 22,922.59 cr of Credit to Women Self Help Groups) will cost about 50% of the total budget (Rs. 1,83,129.00 crores) proposed for the year 2014-15.  While indebtedness among farmers itself is high, institutional credit to agriculture is only around 21%.  Most of the institutional credit only goes to land owners […]

‘Climate Smart’ Farms Key To Feeding The World Beth Hoffman, Forbes | February 7, 2014 A family in Orissa, India plants ‘climate smart’ rice using a System of Rice Intensification. Photo by Beth Hoffman.   The bad news is that it looks like climate change is here to stay.  The good news is that there are a number of cost effective, sustainable methods farmers can adopt immediately to lessen the blow.   I talked with Sonja Vermeulen, Head of Research for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security about what farmers can do in the face of a changing climate. [See “With Climate Change, What’s Better For The Farm Is Better For The Planet” […]

Unemployment among rural youth at highest level since 93-94

Unemployment among rural youth at highest level since 93-94 In rural areas, Kerala had the worst record with 21.7% of its youth unemployed followed by Assam with about 15% Kirthi.V.Rao Rural unemployment was about 4.7% for both rural males and females in 2009-10. In 1993-94, 3.5% of rural young men in the labour force had no jobs. The corresponding figure was 1.9% for young women in rural areas. Photo: Mint New Delhi: Joblessness among the youth aged 15 to 29 years in rural areas has hit the highest level since 1993-94, official five-yearly survey data shows, raising potentially difficult questions for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government just months […]

Myths and realities of Gujarat Agriculture: various articles

  Agriculture_in_a_High_Growth_State_Case_of_Gujarat_1960_to_2006 Agriculture_in_Gujarat gujaratEconomic_Liberalisation_and_Indian_Agriculture_A_Statewise_Analysis Growth_and_Structural_Change_in_the_Economy_of_Gujarat_19702000 Labour_and_Employment_in_Gujarat Labour_and_Employment_under_Globalisation_The_Case_of_Gujarat Modis_Gujarat_and_Its_Little_Illusions Regional_Sources_of_Growth_Acceleration_in_India Gujarat’s_agricultural_growth_story_IRAP_2010 Gujarats_Growth_Story Secret_of_Gujarats_Agrarian_Miracle_after_2000 Sources_of_Economic_Growth_and_Acceleration_in_Gujarat Temporal_and_Spatial_Variations_in_Agricultural_Growth_and_Its_Determinants

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