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Bees Dying at an Alarming Rate Is Glyphosate the Cause? [Video] Added by Reivin Johnson on May 18, 2014. Saved under Bees, Reivin Johnson, Science Tags: bees Bees are dying at an alarming rate, and scientists are doing everything they can to figure out if the main ingredient in Roundup®, glyphosate, is the cause. Monsanto’s most successful product is its Roundup Ready® seeds which have… Continue reading »

Linux for Lettuce: On Open Souce Seed Initiative Revolutionizing American agribusiness from the ground up, one seed at a time. From a distance, Jim Myers looks like an ordinary farmer. Most autumn mornings, he stands thigh-deep in a field of wet broccoli, beheading each plant with a single, sure swipe of his harvest knife. But under his waders are office clothes, and… Continue reading »

Children exposed to toxic pesticides

by kim willsher Kids being poisoned: Pesticides sprayed in French farms and vineyards are being absorbed by children living nearby, claims the group Generations Futures. -AFP A study shows that several children from agricultural areas in France have been exposed to harmful chemicals. French children in agricultural areas are being exposed to a dangerous… Continue reading »

‘Climate Smart’ Farms Key To Feeding The World Beth Hoffman, Forbes | February 7, 2014 A family in Orissa, India plants ‘climate smart’ rice using a System of Rice Intensification. Photo by Beth Hoffman.   The bad news is that it looks like climate change is here to stay.  The good news is that there are a number of cost effective, sustainable… Continue reading »

Unemployment among rural youth at highest level since 93-94

Unemployment among rural youth at highest level since 93-94 In rural areas, Kerala had the worst record with 21.7% of its youth unemployed followed by Assam with about 15% Kirthi.V.Rao Rural unemployment was about 4.7% for both rural males and females in 2009-10. In 1993-94, 3.5% of rural young men in the labour… Continue reading »

Myths and realities of Gujarat Agriculture: various articles

Myths and realities of Gujarat Agriculture: various articles

  Agriculture_in_a_High_Growth_State_Case_of_Gujarat_1960_to_2006 Agriculture_in_Gujarat gujaratEconomic_Liberalisation_and_Indian_Agriculture_A_Statewise_Analysis Growth_and_Structural_Change_in_the_Economy_of_Gujarat_19702000 Labour_and_Employment_in_Gujarat Labour_and_Employment_under_Globalisation_The_Case_of_Gujarat Modis_Gujarat_and_Its_Little_Illusions Regional_Sources_of_Growth_Acceleration_in_India Gujarat’s_agricultural_growth_story_IRAP_2010 Gujarats_Growth_Story Secret_of_Gujarats_Agrarian_Miracle_after_2000 Sources_of_Economic_Growth_and_Acceleration_in_Gujarat Temporal_and_Spatial_Variations_in_Agricultural_Growth_and_Its_Determinants