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Farmers suicides

From Vandana Shiva The Indian peasantry, the largest body of surviving small farmers in the world, today faces a crisis of extinction. Two thirds of India makes its living from the land. The earth is the most generous employer in this country of a billion, that has farmed this land for more than 5000 years. However, as farming is delinked from the earth, the soil, the biodiversity, and the climate, and linked to global corporations and global markets, and the generosity of the earth is replaced by the greed of corporations, the viability of small farmers and small farms is destroyed. Farmers suicides are the most tragic and dramatic symptom […]

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) dangles better land deal

Express News Service SAS Nagar, January 8: Former Punjab Finance Minister and general secretary of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) Capt Kanwaljit Singh today said that if voted to power in the coming assembly elections, his party would change the land acquisition policy to bring respite for the state farmers. While addressing the farmers of different villages of Kharar constituency, who are directly affected by the present acquisition policy and are on a chain hunger strike for the last 965 days, Capt Singh appealed to the Kisan Hit Bachao Committee to extend their whole-hearted support to the SAD candidate from Kharar and his son, Jasjit Singh. The farmer leaders announced in […]

WSF 2007- Green Revolution? A Warning from India with Dr. Vandana Shiva

Africa Biodiversity Network, Centre for Development Initiatives (Uganda) & Navdanya (India) An initiative funded by US billionaire Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation is pouring millions of dollars into research to bring a “New Green Revolution for Africa” as a solution to hunger and poverty. But will this initiative, bringing more fertilizers, pesticides and Genetically Modified crops, really address the causes of hunger in Africa, or will it only serve to exacerbate the continent’s problems? Renowned Indian Activist Dr Vandana Shiva (Watch Video) will be at the World Social Forum to share the experience of Indian farmers who have suffered under India’s Green Revolution. Genetically Modified crops, expensive agrochemicals and […]

Development or Developmental Terrorism

By Prof Amit Bhaduri 07 January, It has become a cliché, even a politically correct cliché these days, to say that there are two Indias: the India that shines with its fancy apartments and houses in rich neighbourhoods, corporate houses of breath taking size, glittering shopping malls, and high-tech flyovers over which flows a procession of new model cars. These are the images from a globalized India on the verge of entering the first world. And then there is the other India. India of helpless peasants committing suicides, dalits lynched regularly in not- so- distant villages, tribals dispossessed of their forest land and livelihood, and children too small to […]

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Headline Singur

Report by Amitadyuti Kumar (28 December 2006) It was the 3rd week of May, 2006 – the 18th day to be exact. The Left Front Government was sworn in for the 7th time in a row. Almost immediately Singur, an otherwise non-descript rural area in the Hooghly District, suddenly made the headlines. On that afternoon, the Chief Minister Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharyee, sitting alongside Mr Ratan Tata, the chief of a dominant Indian capitalist group – the TATA’s, announced in a press conference that Tata Motors had made an agreement with the state government to set up a factory for small cars at Singur. In the press conference  it was also […]

The rich got richer, the poor took their lives

MUMBAI: If India vs Bharat clash is for real, then Maharashtra was unmistakably its epicentre in 2006. The year saw the industrially progressive Maharashtra regain its leadership position by bagging a slew of big-ticket investment commitments, including a record number of SEZs, whereas its rural underbelly kept bleeding. When urban Maharashtra was chanting the makeover mantra, its rural hinterlands were in the throes of an agrarian crisis. And all this, notwithstanding the Union agriculture minister representing the state. The worst-hit was the cotton belt of Vidarbha-Marathwada-Khandesh, which reported more than 1,500 suicides in 2006. In relatively prosperous western Maharashtra, sugar-cane growers fought a losing battle for better prices from sugar […]

The Great Gene Robbery

The Great Gene Robbery (First published by the Illustrated Weekly of India in its issue dated March 23, 1986 By Claude Alvares In 1982, Dr M S Swaminathan withdrew from his position as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SACC) and deputy chairman of the Planning Commission – he was also earlier secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture – and defected to join the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) based at Los Banos in the Philippines as Director-General. The word ‘defected’ is used here on purpose: in no other country of the world, would a scientist in such a strategically important position, privy to all the country’s […]

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