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The Damage dne: Aid, death and dogma, Christian Aid

Christian Aid Report The damage done: Aid, death and dogma Christian Aid Week report exposes the devastating impact unrestricted ‘free’ trade is having on poor communities in developing countries and calls on the British government to end its support for a ruthless orthodoxy that stretches back quarter of a century. • Download the full Christian Aid Week report (759kb PDF) – this is a large file and may take time to download • More about downloading PDFs ‘The Damage Done: Aid, Death and Dogma’ shows how: • in India, unfettered liberalisation policies backed by the British government have led to a crisis in agriculture, spiralling rural debt and an epidemic […]

5 more farmers ended their lives in Vidarbha

Pradip Kumar MaitraNagpur, January 13, 2007 Five more farmers have given up their lives in Vidarbha region in last 48 hours. This takes the toll of farmers’ suicides in the region to 25 this month alone. Among five farmers, who ended their lives in last 48 hours, two were from Amravati district while one each from Wardha, Nagpur and Bhandara district. They were identified as: Sudhakar Lonare of Nipani, Gajanan Thakre, Pardi (both in Amravati district), Ramesh Madke, Dohangaon (Nagpur), Vasant Salunke of Bhuiwar (Bhandara) and Kiran Sathone of Paunar in the neighbouring Wardha district. Incidentally, Paunar is the place where veteran Gandhian, Acharya Vinoba Bhave launched Bhudan movement. With […]

India Dying the suicide crops

INDIA DYING – The suicide crops December2006. One farmer commits suicide every height hours in the Vidarbha, region in east of Maharashtra, cotton belt of India. Outward sign of a deep land crisis unequalled since the Green Revolution of the 70s, the disastrous situation went from 122 suicides in 2002, 622 in 2004, to more than 1300 in 2006… leaving behind it entire families in a deep despair and hundred of villages very worried. A crisis with pure political origins.Monsanto, the american multinational company of biotech business receives in 2002 New Delhi’s authorisation to cultivate and put on the market its genetically modified seeds called the Bt Cotton. This […]

13 more farmers commits suicides

TIMES NEWS NETWORK Not much has changed for the farmers of Vidarbha. In the first week of the new year, 13 of them have committed suicide. As many 1,050 farmers ended their lives last year, the highest in any year so far in the region that is reeling under agrarian crisis of unprecedented proportion, according to farm activists. The 13 farmers who embraced death till Sunday were identified as Devidas Dahat (village Anadoha , Wardha), Ramrao Khuje (Pipardara, Nagpur), Vishnu Satpute (Karanja, Wardha), Omprakash Bhoge (Dongarpavli, Amravati), Shankar Sawant ( S aw a r g a o n – K a n h o b a , Washim), Namdeo Bhirad […]

Beyond Borders: Question mark on SEZs

Piyush TiwariPosted online: Friday, December 15, 2006 at 1103 hours ISTUpdated: Friday, December 15, 2006 at 1238 hours ISTThe question that has confused the debate regarding SEZs is whether these are greenfield real estate development activities or incentive led industrial (including service sector) promotion related development activities? Who among the private sector is spearheading the development developers or industries? The scale is big. There are 14 operational SEZs. Up till June 2005, there were 53 approved SEZs but since then government has gone into an overdrive mode. Board of Approvals (Department of Commerce) has granted formal approvals to 237 SEZs by October 2006 and additional 166 have received in-principle approvals. […]

Predatory Growth

(source unknown) AMIT BHADURIOver the last two decades or so, the two most populous, large countries in the world, China and India, have been growing at rates considerably higher than the world average. In recent years the growth rate of national product of China has been about three times, and that of India approximately two times that of the world average. This has led to a clever defence of globalisation by a former chief economist of IMF (Fisher, 2003). Although China and India feature as only two among some 150 countries for which data are available, he reminded us that together they account for the majority of the poor in […]

Special Economic Zones

Along with the issues of forcible and involuntary deprivation of land to farmers, we have to consider the most critical aspect of food sufficiency and food security. Per capita land ratio to humans is already low for our population exploding at alarming rate. As such the per capita land availabvility is lower than 0.2 ha minimum recommended for survival of humans if the country was totally vegetaian. Per capita land need increases substantially due to more than 85% of population now being non-vegetarian. Another onslaught on the land quantum for food has come from the government supporting increase of biodiesel and ethanol to support motorisation. India has turned to be […]

Corporate carpet bombing

August 22, 2006Corporates from around the world are engaged in carpet bombings oftheir projects in Jharkhand and Orissa, the two minerally rich Statesin India. State governments and the Central governments have beenplaying facilitative roles to this disturbing trend. Disturbing sinceat the receiving end are those who shared intimate relationship withnature – adivasis and nature itself.Casual survey of the projects lined up for the two States investementsrun into billions of crores in terms of mining and industry. Some ofcourse is the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) variety that threatenslabour rights in addition to settlement rights and environmentalrights of Adivasis. The trend guarantees creation of teeming homelessand hungry that will be ‘controlled’ by […]

West Bengal degenerates sign deal with firm whose account books are still dripping with the blood of millions of communists claughtered in Indonesia

By Ajay Prakash25 August 2006Last month, West Bengal’s Left Front government signed India’s biggest foreign direct investment (FDI) deal with the Salim Goup, an Indonesian conglomerate closely linked to the former Indonesian dictator General Suharto.The founder of the Salim Group is Liem Sioe Liong. Reportedly the richest man in Indonesia, Liem owes much of his fortune to privileges granted him by Suharto, whom he befriended in the 1940s.Suharto was responsible for the bloody purge of Indonesian Communist Party members and sympathisers between 1965 and 1966 that resulted in more than a million deaths. But this has not stopped Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI [M]) West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee […]

CPM cadres raid Nandigram

8 dead; TMC, Cong call for bandh todaySubhrangshu GuptaTribune News Service Kolkata, January 7A group of CPM cadres, armed with automatic rifles and other weapons and wearing police uniforms, raided Nandigram village last night and gunned down at least six farmers in accordance to the party’s suddenly adopted policy of applying force against the Krishi Bachaoo Committee, opposing the land transfer to Indonesia’s Salim group. In the clashes that followed between the two groups, two CPM workers were also killed. Over 12 were severely injured either by gunshots or blasts and they had been admitted to different hospitals in Midnapore town and Kharagpur, where the condition of seven was stated […]

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