Organic Agriculture worldwide 2017

Biofach Global report 2017 on Organic Agriculture

Globally India Ranks 9th In Organic Farming Outlook – BW Businessworld

Globally India Ranks 9th In Organic Farming OutlookIndia by the ye Source: Globally India Ranks 9th In Organic Farming Outlook – BW Businessworld

2017: Parliamentary Standing Committee Report on GM Crops

Here is the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests on GM crops, presented to the RS Chair on 25th of August. This is A UNANIMOUS REPORT, AND 11 OF THE 31-PARLIAMENTARIANS COMMITTEE ARE FROM THE BJP.,%20Env.%20and%20Forests/301.pdf The main gist of what they are saying is carried in these media reports:  2017 renuka chowdhury panel report on GM crops

GM: Parliamentary panel flags severe loopholes in existing field trial system of GM crops | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Just as when the government is readying its response in favour of genetically modified (GM) mustard for submission in the Supreme Court, a parliamentary panel on Friday flagged severe loopholes in existing methods of field trials of transgenic crops and asked environment ministry to examine the impacts of such crops “thoroughly” before taking its final call. Source: GM: Parliamentary panel flags severe loopholes in existing field trial system of GM crops | India News – Times of India

a new movement is born A new movement is born Yogendra Yadav Over 150 farmers’ bodies have come together on a common agenda TWIN AGENDA: The focus is on fair and remunerative prices and freedom from debt. Yogendra Yadav IS the farmers’ movement in India entering a new phase? Six weeks is too short a window to answer this question with certainty. But the nature of farmers’ protest across the country since the beginning of farmers’ strike in Punjab shows signs of something new. This impression is confirmed in a two-week journey connecting farmers, organisations and movements across six states. This journey, Kisan Mukti Yatra, began on July 6 at Mandsaur, exactly a month after […]

Three years of Telangana Agriculture

  170603 Total Sown area, Production estimates of major crops Review of Telangana Agricultre 2014-2017

2016: రెండేళ్ళ తెలంగాణా వ్యవసాయ రంగం: సవాళ్ళు పరిష్కారాలు

తెలంగాణా విద్య వంతుల వేదిక సెమినార్ లో సమర్పించిన వ్యాసం 160605 two years of telangana 2.0 సెమినార్ లో సమర్పించిన ఇతర వ్యాసాలు TVV Final  

In water-stressed Andhra, farmers sign pact to share ground water

 KumKum Dasgupta, Hindustan Times, Anantapur Ram Chandru Reddy, a 67-year-old agriculturist, has been farming his three-acre plot at Kummaravandla Pally, a hamlet in Anantapur district, for as long as he can remember. “Farming is in my blood. But I nearly gave it up couple of years ago because of water crisis,” says Reddy, who grows rice, groundnut and red gram. “But the crisis was averted because we decided to share groundwater”. Anantapur is the second-most backward and drought-prone district in India. Over the past six months, 22 farmers have committed suicide in Anantapur. Till 2010, the water shortage was manageable. “We did not have to dig deep; we used bullocks […]

Telangana Cooperatives Act 2016

The Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995 came in response to an understanding  in the state government, that the policy and legislative environment for investment sensitive, investor owned and controlled business was being increasingly opened, while usage-sensitive, user owned and controlled business continue to be very tightly controlled. In order for rural producers and others to engage with labour, financial, commodity markets effectively, it was understood that disadvantages communities needed a more liberal cooperative law. However, the G.O.28 significantly takes away the spirit of autonomy available in the AP Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995. The G.O. assuming that cooperatives as “peoples” institutions – Cooperatives are not peoples’ […]

Farmers Tax Exempt—So Is Company With Rs 215-Cr Profit

It’s reasonably well known that income from agriculture attracts no tax in India. What isn’t quite as well known is that of more than 400,000 taxpayers claiming exemption for agricultural income in the assessment year 2014-15, the biggest were seed giant Kaveri Seeds—it claimed Rs 186.63 crore exemption and made a profit of Rs 215.36 crore before tax—and multinational Monsanto India, which claimed Rs 94.40 crore as exemption from agricultural income and earned Rs 138.74 crore profit before tax. Agro-companies growing crops are allowed the same tax relief as individuals in states levying no agricultural income tax, although some states do indeed tax some kinds of farming. “Allowing big farmers—individuals […]

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